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Rick Springer
York, PA
About Me: 

Love my family:
Married 16 years
14 year old son & 12 year old daughter

Love Motorcycling~
Sport Tour rider (Yamaha FJR1300)
Completed an 8 day camping trip up into Nova Scotia with 3 friends...simply AWESOME!
Motorcycle Safety Coach for MSF of PA

Love working with my hands~
Aviation mechanic (A&P) for 10 years
Construction~finished my basement, built 16'x25' wood deck, 16'x22' stone deck with spa, rehabbed several properties while in CA.

Wannabe Musician~
Play guitar & bass for local church (like classic and modern rock music)

Secondary public educator~
Special Ed & Social studies certified

Interested in making REI full time!

Sport/Tour Motorcycling

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Public Educator
Have Child(ren)
Completed Post Graduate

Sites I Visit

Mainly Just This One



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What's good Rick? Good to see people wanting to enhance there real estate investing knowledge. It's not hard once you stay involved in it everyday. Start by reading Dean's book and absorb the strategies laid out & this website... This is such a good website, to me one of the best. Very informative in many topics. Research this website throughly if you haven't done yet! Wish you the best in your REI journey!

welcome Rick !

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good luck in your rei career Rick!! way to take action from the get go!! everyone here wants you to succeed as much as you want it so keep at it and we r here to support you!!

Success Academy


My name is Andrew, saying hello from south Texas in Corpus Christi. Nice and warm down here during the winter right now, hope all is well wherever you and your family reside as well!

To the point,
I am on the brink of joining the success academy, was reading through a discussion topic and saw one of your posts, and it noted you were a success academy member. I was wondering if you could outline the pros and cons of the academy, if it truly provides the hands on help, or just emphasizes staying on task and acts more as a guide. I think I would like to join it to JUMPSTART my REI career, but have not had any first person feedback, and hoping you can give me some insight.

Thanks and much luck,

Andrew G.

Success Academy

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If you have NO experience in REI, then you could benefit from this program. However, I think reading all the posts here on this site could help you understand what needs to be done. The course is an online read,/workbook that requires you to take certain 'action steps' which aid to building your portfolio. The phone hotline is also beneficial as you get direct answers/suggestions to specific questions. My biggest complaint is that it itself is a marketing scheme and tries to sell you on a bunch of other RE 'needs'. For example, I was receiving a tele-marketers approx each week trying to sell me something else I supposedly needed. I complained and the calls have stopped.
let me know if I can help further.

Your Journal

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Hey Rick,

I wish to follow your activities as a student and I wish you all the best. Looking forward to Networking with you so please keep in touch.
I'm wondering, how does one locate the URL when they make a post or use the Forums, like yours....

How do you find out what that URL is so that it can be listed in a PM, an EM, a profile to send to a friend, etc.?



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1st, Create your Thread. Copy the URL of your thread.
Go to 'My Account' located on the left side of the page.
Click the 1st 'Edit' tab
Click the 'Account Settings' tab just below the Edit tab
Scroll down to 'Comment Settings'

Paste your URL there.

Hope this helps.

Welcome Rick

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Rick: Belated welcome to the Success Academy ! My wife and I joined in Oct.09
Hope to hear how it is working for you.

Andrew & Marian


Hello Rick,

I am a new person on the DG site, and I was looking through the Rei groups to see if I could find anyone in the Lancaster, PA area.

That is when I found you! I have just finished reading Deans books, I have purchased the Set for Life system, and have really just become overwhelmed with everything. So, I am going to reread Deans books and see if I can create some sort of list of how I should get started. I believe the route I would like to begin on is wholesaling, to earn some capital, and once I have more money, then I can delve into other avenues.

I would really like to find a mentor, and if you have any free time, I would really appreciate any advise you could offer. Mostly how you started out, and any idea's you might offer a newbie.

Thanks for your time

Marti Cannon