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Orange Blossom
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Love Real Estate!!!

Turning a zero into my HERO (property), engrave rocks, yard work,DG books.

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Half employed
No Children
Completed High School
In a Relationship

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Mainly Just This One


Help!!!!! to purchase Short Sale

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First deal accepted by owner, had partner who got dead feet. So now need plan B. Offered $48,000. appraised @ $90,000 needs only TLC (like a rake)!! Bank will proble counter, see what happens but need Help with funds so we both Win,Win!

Short sale offer accepted:))))$48,000.

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Have half of what I need now what?
Have $200,000 in equity in other property but no one to refi or buy.
Help!!!! dead line 6-20-2010

Purchase short sale property

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I will be signing to purchase short sale property on July 26, found person and money to work it out! it's been a long haul but finalllly coming to a close. Learned along the way some small but usefull info. Smells like a orange blossom Smiling

I can say this about Dean he

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I can say this about Dean he has encourage me. I have always been around people who tell me I'm loco in the kolo for investing in property, your inter self knows what you can accomplish, I had fear of the unknown
but found away! I was persistant,no matter what obstacle befell me, You Can do IT!! Believe in yourself.
Enough of that, I have a rental with income not much but mission accomplished, write down your
Goal, thats what I'm gonna do when I get off right Now. Orange Blossom Out.

I have 3 buyers looking for lease to purchase, 5 k down

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One wants a small commerical building the other wants 4/2 pool. 3/2 yard. Plan to start Hunting, any suggestions?

Credit Repair -

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I have been helping people clean up their credit. So we can do business together. Have done this for a partner and now we have purchased two properties. Was Not Easy BUTTTT We did it. So Clean Up your Credit and see what a Charge and Power you GAIN from just having the better Fico...takes time but like I said HELPFUL!!!!We got approved for 190K Shocked)

I charge $50.00 for every deletion. But you can do it yourself. Just takes time,time,time.