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Welcome Ralph

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Glad to have you here and I hope you will soon get your first real estate deal.

I fill like a total failure.

I've purchace alot of info and dean is my favorite. I purchased sfl and a domain name but really computer stupid and I spend most of my time fighting my computer. It may be time to scrap this computer thing until I can afford a computer with more memory. I was truly up for these task and my computer has destroyed my plans. I purchase a domain name and cannot get to the free buyers list of 2 county's and sfl is not operating as it suppost and I'm sure alot is operator error.tried to get help but don't seem to get anywhere and always involves more money and that is gone. Need help where to turn now?? OVERWHELMED

Looking up and not looking back!

Through all these up's and downs Things are begining to turn around and I was about to give it up and now good things are starting to happen.Now I can focus on my first deal and my buisness cards are on the way. Working on getting a buyers list and sellers that need to sell are abundant. I'm beginning to like this market. Just saying Thanks to all for all the help and I know I'll need more and Sorry for some of my frustrations but I guess that is part of taking those many steps.Thankyou Lord for getting me through and Thankyou DG for existing!!!