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I am ready to create my wealth! I am ready to make a difference!! Go fight win!!!!!

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I got the ball rolling last night. Now I just need to keep it going each week!

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Hello Rusty I'm reading Dean's new book and stoped at the 1800#s section and I see that you have a great system.
I called your number and liked the format you used clear and simple. How you corolated the tabs on your webpage to be the extentions on your 18772540976 number. Could I use your format? and another question how are the 25 offer coming along? Greatly appreciate your feedback!!

Hi Rusty!

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, i used to live in Utah but made the move here three years ago due to other business avenues. However, i travel to Utah quite often and have two properties there right now. I'm still planning of investing there and please keep me posted of any great deals that may come your way. Thanks!