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Richfield MN
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I'm a single mom of six, now....I recently gave up everything I worked my whole life for in order to gain my physical, mental and emotional freedom. After 22 years of hell, 17 of them married, I am free to make my own choices and carve my own path for my kids and myself. My immediate goal is to live in a home big enough to allow us each to have our own space and own beds, a place we can call home. A place we can feel happy to come home to. The place we have now is not even close, but it is a roof and I am grateful.

When I was married I didn't struggle for material things, I had an awesome job, a decent credit score and my kids never wished for food or clothes....the price of freedom is high!! Then came the commercial at 3am that gave me hope for our future and that is how I came to be here. Dean has given me hope for a better future for my kids and myself,not to mention those I love. I believe all things happen for a reason and I am sure to be victorious.

I am not sure, i'm just finding myself as a person I guess discovering who I am is my main interest.

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