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Shonna A. Gray
Columbus, Ohio
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I'm new to real estate, and extremely excited. I am ready to put in the time and effort that is needed. Currently I work almost 100 hrs every two weeks to support me and my children. I am tired of trying not seeing my kids and being able to provide for them beyond the immediate need and barely doing that. I'm ready to provide a better life for me and my children. With a one income household and no support there is no room for error. I have been told I cannot do this for several reasons. However, I believe that I can do anything through Christ that strengthens me. I just need help in getting started the correct way. Feel free to lend a helping hand. I need immediate cash. So I am asking to be taught how to fish do not give me a fish. I need to build a legacy for my family other than debt. I read Deans books Profit from Real Estate Right Now! and Be A Real Estate Millionaire and unable to purchase the Rock Bottom Blue Print/30 Day-Quick Cash Formula. That may fill in the missing portions for me. But I am determined to do this. The future care for my children depends on it.

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Shonna, you will do just fine

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I see can you have serious motivation.
People will tell you over and over again, you can or can't do this or that.
Just move on. Those kind of people have never learned to have the mindset, "How can I do this?" I would suggest starting with assignments of contract and double closings, though you could do just about anything if you have private money partners.
Good luck and best wishes on your real estate journey!

You Are doing Great

You are diong great. Keep up the good work.

shonna Welcome

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I love your determination and will to get things done. Wishing the best for you and your family. Let me know if I can assist in any way. Also go and type in 30 days to quick cash if you haven't already. Tammy


Looks like you are doing great so far. I see you posting deals already, good for you