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Tracy Murray
El Paso, TX
About Me: 

I just finished reading Dean Graziosi's book, Profit From Real Estate Right Now and I am just full of inspiration. I dont have any support from any friends or family when it comes to investing in real estate. None. Despite the negativity I am badgered with daily I still manage to muster up the will to dedicate every spare minute of my time to re-reading Dean's book or rummage through Its not easy in my current situation but Dean Graziosi's words of encouragement and certainty of his system have me sitting on the edge of seat.

Through many ups and downs in my life, I am currently way far down. I am a server at a restaurant and very close to a $0 balance at the bank. I lived in a fifth wheel trailer not too long ago. Yes, a fifth wheel. not a mobile home-- a hook on the back of your truck fifth wheel trailer that people use for camping or road trips, but I called it 'home'. I am less than two months away from calling that tiny piece of tin with wheels my home once more.

The story of how my fiance and I got here is one all its own but we now live at my Mothers place. Its no picinic. Its a small duplex from the '50's in a rundown part of town. Living here is my mother, her husband, my brother, my sister, my fiance and myself. 6 people, 3 rooms, ONE bathroom. Oh, and did I mention a total of 6 dogs, 1 hamster and 4 cats? Its insane! Its sad. You see, we had 5 cats. Four of which were mine. Now I have three. My Moms 4 backyard dogs managed to attack and kill one of my cats recently. I am so tore up over it and no one seems to care. Its overcrowded and so negative here.

As I type this I am bunched up in a corner of the room that I share with two other people and 4 animals. A very small room. My computer sits next to a TV that someone is always watching or playing games on. There is never any tranquility in any part of the house. I am constantly teased when I come to the site or get caught with the book in my hands. Its hard to concentrate but I try to block out their nonsense with soundblocking head phones. No music or sound in them but it does muffle the noise a bit. Silly isnt it?

So the thing I said about having to resort to the fifth wheel in less than two months is because my mothers contract with the landlord has expired and the month to month is being cancelled. So without any money I have no where else to go. Sad

I am truly motivated and honestly inspired with sincere thanks to Dean Graziosi and his team. I worked three full days (two shifts a day) in a row just to get internet installed so that I could get online to this very site. I got the internet up and running yesterday and Ive been on this site ever since. Well, this one and a few credit card sites reccomended to me by Deans team over the phone so that I can afford the coaching I desperately seek.

Though i'm filled with excitement all I taste is fear. Any help or advice would greatly be appreciated. I desperately crave success through investing in real estate. I will be on daily obsessively looking for messages, tips and advice.

I dont know who reads these, but thank you for reading. I know it was long but I needed to get it out.

Now that Im much more comfortable with the site I post daily in my journal:

I would love to hear from you there too! Smiling

Thank you once again and I look forward to hearing from you. Smiling

I love photography! I sold my equipment not too long ago just to get by :( So now my only hobby and interest is Real Estate Investing. :)

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Server at Olive Garden.
My Pets Are My Kids
Completed High School
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Mainly Just This One


Hang in there !!

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Keep reading, both the book and all the threads on the site. Read your Bible, focus on the Psalms, some of them are comforting and encouraging. Philippians, Colossians. Lots of good stuff - to help you stay focused.

Start watching when you are driving thru town and see if you can spot the ugliest house in the nice neighborhood and start researching it - see who owns it and if they wanna sell it. Keep plugging away. I hope that some other REI in your area pops up soon, I understand how lonesome it is to be the only one in your perimeter who thinks this is a good idea.

You are not alone Tracy Lynn, we are all here for you and plugging along too.

Thank you Daria

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Thank you so much. It really does make me feel so much better to hear you say that. It is so lonely doing all this. Well, I know I havent really done much of anything but Im really really trying. I can understand my friends saying, "oh thats a bad idea" but when it comes from family, my fiance and the people closest to me... I dont know, it just really weighs down on me. But your support really means so much to me. I will definitely take your advice and hopefully be posting some good news soon. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Smiling

Success In-Sight

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Hi Tracy,

I saw that you were on line and I just wanted to say hello. I don't have time to say much now, but I will write more later---I know how you feel and I think you could use some encouragement. I got no support from my family only ridicule, until I got that 2nd deal done and I actually began making money doing nothing. That was 7 years ago and today I use my family's money to fund most of my deals. Success is the best equalizer. More later, I would like to know more about your RE market.

For now I will pray for you and your family. Please take care.


you can do it and thanks.

thanks for your reply to my post and the info in your journal is helpful. i understand what you mean about being excited about the success but only feeling fear. i hadn't thought about the option of getting a credit card to buy myself time and then pay it off when i get my first deal done. take care tracy I'm rooting for you!


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Hey just wanted to stop by and say Hi, hope your on the right path and not letting anyone be a dream stealer to you!!!

Remember you only fail if you do not try!!
Good Luck

Hello Tracy

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You are inspiring. I totally understand how you are feeling. As dar4him stated, red your Bible and STAY FOCUSED. I have been taking my books to work with me since I've gotten them and read them daily. It is all I can think of. I am currently renting a room in a house in Florida and am looking to do assignments. No money down, no credit involved. Tune out the naysayers. there will always be someone who will be quick to point out the negative. As Dean says.....Are they qualified to give you that type of advice? In short, keep doing what you're doing. Be patient, stay focused, follow the recipe using the right ingredients and success is inevitable. Oh and some of the people closest to me have given me the "Are you serious...?" comments also. But whatever I believe i can do, I CAN DO. I WILL DO. Then watch and listen to the naysayers then. You'll be able to hear a pin drop on feathers, lol.




County foreclosure listings

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Can you tell me exactly what to look or search for when trying to find your county foreclosure sight?

I believe in you!

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I believe in you. Keep reading and working it out.

I too am in Texas (San Antonio area). I just bought the books and am still reading them. No one at my place is on board with this either. That's OK, because when I close my first deal, the money will speak for itself.

I have to finish reading the "Right Now" book and then read the other, then take notes and get started.

Best of luck to you!


Thanks Tracy

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Unfortunately, my county does not have a public website for foreclosures, you have to go to the county building. You would think seeing that it is such a huge metropolitian area it would be, but I also guess that could be why there is not. But, again thanks I still found some other interesting things anyway.

Hi Tracy

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Just wanted to drop in since you got to post on my page so I wanted to return the favor. Keep posting on your adventures and wishing you all the best in your efforts.

John A.

just read my book too

I finished my book two days ago and am going out today to look at three homes.I am scared but printed out an inspection form and I am on my own also.I have great credit but not a lot of capital but I will see how this goes. Dont really understand a lot of what the book is teaching me but it did inspire me to get out and look.

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wanted to say hello,and see hows it going...

Hi Tracy

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Hi Tracy,

I am also from El Paso, Texas and currently looking for an investment property over there. I currently live in Wichita, KS. and travel often to El Paso to visit family. I am also well aware of the influx of soldiers to Ft. Bliss. Nice to know someone from El Paso learning about his stuff. Nice to meet you!


Tracy, send me a PM with your Contact Info...

Hi Tracy!

I am going to help you to sell your first 2 houses there in El Paso. OK?

I tried to send you a PM with my Contact info. But somehow this forum's system did not work...

You should be able to reach me through my Profile too.

In the meantime, Hang in there!
The Money WILL speak for itself, as Mark (in San Antonio) said truly.

I am in Austin, Texas.

darryl dean

My apartment complex mortgage just went up

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I am making zero profit from it right now. In bankrupcty so my interest is at 11.5% and I make 1,480.00 in rents plus for utilizites my mortage went up to 1,470.00 supposedly due to escrow needs. What do I do now?


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Hi Tracy, I'm Rudy. Horizon is a nice area but it's too far from main highways and shopping malls. You would want to invest in areas where they have all that and more. I specialize in fixer-uppers and have made money doing it by sticking to a more centralized area from the patriot freeway to George Dieter and either direction North or South. I did buy a house on the west side in 2007 but I spent 1800 on gas alone, you get the picture, that said, I would buy there again if the same deal came my way so be open to different options. Deans always said it. Action is the one thing that gets things done. So take action. "I can do all things through CHRIST which strengtheneth me" (philippians 4:13). Good luck.

Hi Tracy

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My name is david and i too am in el paso i would love to work with you if you are interested i have yet to do my first deal but i am anxious to start feel free to email me at alvinmcbroom@gmailcom or on here.


Hey Tracy

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Just wanted to see how things are going for you?! Hope to hear from you soon!



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hi tracy, how are you doing? im in your area and im looking for more people to make deals with, im just about to close on my first 2 deals, with a few strong cash buyers. so if your interested call or tex me 915.373.1915 talk to you soon...


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hello, i saw your post and i just want to say, not all your best deals are from the foreclosures list, im about to close on two deals this week, and they were for sale by owers. so make sure you keep your eyes open on all deals.... good luck, BENJAMIN


You are inspiring!

I am looking for bulk REO'S in Texas for a Consultant seeking properties in bulk for VA Veterans. Really, we need to find Asset Managers for Financial Institutions. Highly profitable!

About Horizon- Since growth in El Paso is booming Toward the East, Horizon is getting closer, now maybe 15 minutes away. It used to be about a 45 minutes drive. If you are looking for peace, quiet and low priced properties Horizon is the place to go. However, I would keep in mind the input from RV, since he does live there. Fabens is still a little too far. I was born and raised in El Paso. My job required that I conduct home visits for many years in El Paso and many other areas in Texas, so I am extremely familiar with the city and outer counties.

I remain in Dean's realm of positive thinking! Gloria