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weekly wisdom #198

very motivated couple, i wich i was there. i started about a month ago. i gat couple of set backs but i steal in track. i hope in a few month i will be there with you.

It's a journey

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I'm glad to see that you are still making those decisions (like staying tuned in here) that will boost you along the path to your goals. Remember, success is a journey. Success is made up of many small decisions that we think up. We write the decisions down and we make them goals. When goals are written down they become magic. Writing goals down allows us to "see" what we desire, not just "think" about what we desire. When we have a desire, we are prompted to take action! Ah yeah, action, the other thing success is made of. Keep making decisions that will bring you closer to your goals.
To Your Successes,
Freedom Seeker,