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Reading, PA
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I live in Reading, SE of PA, originally I'm from Ukraine, back there I was a RE agent, and I think Real Estate is my passion. I live in this country for about eight years and I love it! I joined DG in 2009 but didn't do a lot. Now I've got started, slowly but surely I'm moving forward.

Reading books of psychology,self-improvement; arts, travelling.

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Hi Greg thank you, and good

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Hi Greg thank you, and good luck to you too.
I'm sure open to any type of cooperation. But I'm just starting... So,I might not interesting for you for now LOL.
But we'll see... You never know...


Hi Veta, i hope that your finding the DG site helpful, along with all the great people here. Dont be afraid to ask questions, Mike..

Hi Mike, I do like the DG

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Hi Mike, I do like the DG site but do not feel comfortable to ask somebody about anything. As I mentioned,I'm just getting started, and I'll defenetly have some questins. So, thanks so much Mike!

New to real estate investing?

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I am a new real estate investor. I am looking to networking with fellow real estate investors. Let me know if you would like to work with and/or teach each other.

Thanks and respectfully,



Partnering is great for new investors like us. The teams we build definitely
include other investors.
My area is PA and NY.


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Hi, I live in Reading, PA. Originally I'm from Ukraine, I was a REA over there but here it's completely different thing. But I think RE is my passion. I'm just getting started, I've been waiting my husband to help me with a RE but he's too busy with his two jobs, one of them is driving truck by the way. I would like to build team and I'm open to any cooperation. Just tell me what are your thoughts and ideas about how to do it.

I'm new in RE investing

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I'm new in RE investing either, just doing my first steps. But I found this site very helpful, read as many posts as u can and ask questions. I'm open to any cooperation.