$500-Bird Dogs--$500

Private company and investor group:
Looking for serious bird dogs who can help to find newly purchased homeowners, and those who want to own (lease options ok), both that want to own the home free-n-clear in just ten years, vs. the typical 30 or even ----never..if you know what I mean.

For every one that closes, $500 to the one who brought them. Increases with positive track record. Will work with multiple bird-dogs.Serious inq.
PM with info. Homes purchased with loans up to 450K.

Bird Dogs $500 !!

I am out of work and am learning about finding homes. There are a lot of homes in my area that I keep finding vacant and then a month or two down the road I find them with bank signs in the window.
Please tell me"
What type of deals you are looking for?
Are you doing deals in my area? Prescott Arizona's Quad City area of Arizona?
Do you have any tips for me to find more homes for you.
I need cash immediately.
Lost employment possibilities due to a accident (severely broken leg) two years ago.. and I am finding it impossible to find work.
I am willing and able to work and can't find a position.
If this sounds like a good fit to you, please let me know and I will get busy for you in this area.
I hope to get into wholesaling some day.. if I ever learn what I am trying to read. I am not a good book learner.. I am more hands on - so it is slow for me.
That being said, I have survived by swap meets and garage sales to feed seven (now grown) kids. So I know a real deal when I see one.
Later created a home business on my kitchen table that purchased my lot and mobile, which I paid off 6 years early to the note holder. I hate debt.
Let me know if you think I can help you.
Thanks Barbara Rae

Hello BarbaraRae

MxChica's picture

How are things going for you?
Let's get in touch!

Wisconsin Birddog


Are you interested in a Wisconsin Birddog? If so, what areas? Please let me know. Thanks:)

Hello Wisconsin

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I'll need you to help me out with your area, but sure! Let's get going!

Boston Birddog [Eastern Massachusetts]

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Hi. I'm new too the group and I need to say that I am inexperienced, but willing to get it done buy birddoging my way until I can elevate to a comfortable level and move up to assignments and finally, purchase a rental for my new company.

You have my attention, now someone write back with any comment.

It starts with communicating.

Happy Hunting!

Hello Boston

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I'll need you to help me out with your area, but sure! Let's get going!

Birddog - CA. home

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Hi MxChica,
How do you feel about Short Sales deals? In California?


Hello California

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Not a problem, used to live there. What part of the Bay Area do you live?

Pinal County AZ

I am always on the road in San Tan Valley AZ. I see empty homes all the time.I am in L.E and chase kids out of empty homes all the time. Let me know if you are looking here and what you are looking for. I just went to Dean's 3 day in Scottsdale and am looking to get involved.

Pinal county

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I'll scan some ideas and areas, get back with you. Same state so it works

bird dogger

are you looking for Bird dogger in Miami, florida?

buyer, owner

I have buyer looking to own property in Miami Florida
before new year 2012-2013
if you are interested in Bird dogger in Miami Florida, let me know please


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Miami works too. What do you typically see there? Are you in touch with private sellers?


New York & New Jersey

Are you looking for Bird dogger in New York & New Jersey?


MxChica's picture

What areas are you working in?

Bird dog


I'm new to this so lots to learn... I live in Kennesaw, GA NE of Atlanta. I am ready to start making money and get out of debt. So do you need a bird dog in my area?

Atlanta, GA Birddog Ready ASAP at your service


We are ready for you! My partner and I are in Atlanta, GA. My partner is in Covington, GA and I'm in Marietta, GA. We are jumping, steady and ready full time, any time, all the time. Just let us know your exact criteria.

Thank you for your post



Good Morning,

I would like to learn more about your birddog opportunity, I am in the Bellingham Wa area.

do you have a cash buyer in Aberdeen, WA

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Aberdeen, WA cash buyers needed

Birddog in NE Ohio

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Newbie in Mentor Ohio. really ready to dig in.

bird dog I am in PA

Hello I am in PA this is all new to me. I went to Dean 3 day seminar. I would like to also pursue in to becoming an investor. So i think this is a start being a bird dog. If intrested let me know if you need a bird dog in PA.

Grand Junction CO

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I have found properties before but could not find a buyer. I am willing to BirdDog and eager to begin.


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And to all,you should find a REI Club in your area and go check it out. CL is another great place to find buyers.
Another little trick is to drive around and when you see a house being rehabbed stop and ask if its being done by the owner or an investor, if done for an investor ask if you can talk with the investor and thank the contractor or sub, get his card also for your future deals.
Good luck.


BirdDog - Know How

Do anyone know Where is the best info ref: learning how to Birddog to include steps, etc? I am definite interested in Birddogging. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Top left box

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On the website look at the top left corner box will say search. Type bird dog in and you will get every post that has info or words on bird dog.


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Jay has the answer for you above...The DG.com site has a plethora of info for you..there's always the google site for the same Q..members at DG.com (Free) have much to be thankful for..if you'd like to ph me u can @ 920-912-0617

Bird Dog

I am in the Four Corners area; where 4 states come together but specifically in Farmington,New Mexico. Contact me at 505-427-2206

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