Call REPLAY! Thursday, June 18 @ 9PM EST - What to do this week to make money as an investor!

The replay includes the complete call (those listening live on the web missed the end).

The number for success academy is below, give it call right now to get more information how you can be Dean's next success story!


Mark you calendars! We have scheduled the next conference call for Thursday, June 18th at 9:00PM ET. (Remember, this is Eastern Time, so make sure you have the right time for your timezone)

As always, this conference call will be streamed live on this page using the player below when the call is active so you don't even need to pick up the phone!

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Replay: Available After The Call

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Great News, we look forward to it!

Indiana-Joe's picture

Thanks for posting the news about the next conference call on 06-18-09. We will be looking forward to it. We really enjoy the calls and videos and look forward to hearing additional tips and information. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

good news

thank's that's what i need... more tips, we look forward to it!!!!!

Great opportunity

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i look forward to getting all my questions answered. I really hope this jump starts my goals. I really hope so. Thanks for the opportunity.

Great opportunity

Looking forward to getting anwsers to my questions Thanks.

Very Cool!!!!

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I hope I hear answers to my questions!!


buying my first investment house

I am not sure of what I just signed up for, are these questions for the conference call on june 18 I am confused please straightn me out. Thx

Short sales

This is the first time I have posted on this site, but I constantly follow the comments and feedback.
Let me introduce myself. I am Deborah,live in Tucson, Arizona.
As an investor I sought to find my place in the market. I began studying short sales and loved the process that involves helping homeowners,dealing with banks,agents, attorneys, negotiating, and processing information.

I am in the process of putting my team together and will open my service in one month.
I hope to service Arizona, and would like to ask investors and agents in Arizona to use my service or recommend my service to those in need of a short sale specialist whose expertise and team will work hard to get desired results.

For more information feel to seek information or share your information with me at dokojie@****


error 587 too

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Hope I can still get into the call ...

Conference Call

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So looking foward to my first live ( "HEY LUBERTHA WAKE UP" ) conference call with Dean. Nothing like hearing his advice. Continued success..........Lubertha

keep getting error 587

will i still be able to get in on this conference call?

when is it for me? My

Real Estate Master's picture

when is it for me? My computer said my time zone is Arizona....real helpful lol

Conference call June 18th

This is my first conference call with Dean's group. I am looking forward to it!

Conference call

SAME HERE 587 error ????

error 587

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Smae here...I keep getting an error message when attempting to register.

mine went right through

i entered my email and first and last name and it thanked me for registering. i did this at 906pm today June 11 2009 hope this helps.

Error 587

I had been getting the error message for hours each time I tried to register but was just able to get through. You might want to keep trying.

error 587

I went to my e-mail at firefox I.P. and downloaded adobe flash driver on Dean's webb page....after third try.... no error 587...It went thru.

talk to ya'll on the conference call.


error 587

LOOKING forward to the first call!!!

ERROR SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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you have to sign in first

you have to sign in first


i tried to regester an got error587, than i loged on the site and tryed again and i got regestered,

Conference call June 18th

This is also my first conference call and look forward to it!

Cannot Wait

I am really looking forward to this conference call. To those who have not yet registered, be patient and keep trying. God Bless.

Conference call

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I am sure this will be much needed information to get me started in the right direction and most likely many others Smiling

Can't wait....

Another Step on the Road to Success !

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My Mantra:

"The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfillment." - Earl Nightingale


p.s. Thoughts Become Things !

My First Call

I am really looking forward to a good kick in the rear and some excellent direction to get me moving in the right direction.

First Conference Call

Hey Everyone,

I just registered and this is going to be my very first conference call as a member here on the Board. I'm so excited, I can't wait!

Will we actually get to talk to Dean and/or each other? If not, I'm still excited. Heck, I'm excited just for being a member of this board, LOL Smiling

SuperMoneyMan Cool

First Call (New Hampshire)

Looking forward to this. Just starting out and looking for investors. Hope I can ask some questions. Hope to hear from sucessful students in the N.H. and Mass. areas. I need help. Thank's Mike

Burning Desire to Succeed in Real Estate...

ForSaleByWholesaler's picture

Should you have that desire and understanding of what and where you want to be...not only in real estate, but in full-filling your life's purpose...then join the call and put reminders everywhere so you don't forget. I sure am and everyone that I want to make a difference in their lives will be as well.

New here

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Hi Guyz,
This is the first time I'm writing here. I just read both books that Dean wrote and I'm really looking forward to the live conference call...Agnes.

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