Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #317 – What is happiness?

In this week’s Weekly Wisdom Dean discusses why it’s SO important to find your purpose… to find your happiness.
Dean wants to discuss what drives you… what motivates you… what makes you want to be a better person… and ultimately how you can be THAT person.
So watch this week’s video, and listen to Dean’s very important message.

Hey Dean!

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Yes! We create our own happiness! Thanks for the outstanding WW!

Make it great week!

I would say I am happy

At least as happy as I can be under the circumstances. I am working hard to move forward knowing that if I don't make some changes and take some massive action I could have big trouble ahead which would lead to some unhappiness. I've been struggling with parts of my past for one thing and then yesterday I had a reality meeting with myself and I need $38,000.00 to set things straight. So, I reviewed my "why" and find that it isn't all out in the future but is in fact immediate and in the now. I need friends, support, and money. The answer is wholesaling real estate. It is the number one priority and I will have to put everything else on hold until I have that necessary deal.
Someone I know here locally is an entrepreneur and business owner and his name is Taro. He shared his facts to be happy.
F forget the past
A accept the mistakes
C cry and move on
T thank God
S SMILE always
So, for me it is about taking initiative and getting uncomfortable.

my past

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Some years ago i was delivering Chinese food in a caravan. i had 6yr,3yr,and a 3 month old with me. so i was babysitting and delivering food from 4-10 at night. whatever i choose to do, i do it like no one has ever done it before, when i get the chance. So because of that mind set, the owner of the Chinese restaurant let the other two delivery drivers go and offered me to delivery food for everyday at 4-10. My kids were still in the car, but the owner DID NOT know. I had my car tinted so that no can see them while i deliver. I was making pretty good money to live comfortable. My wife worked the front desk of the restaurant. Together we made that restaurant stand out. I was making money but my kids were in the car everyday from 4-10 at night, eating, and sleeping late. Some days they get sick but they tell me they are fine. my kids are now, 8,5, and 2 yrs. Everyday and night for more than three years, i did that to my family. Real estate will be my way to a comfortable living for my family. I quit the delivery job, because i realized that my kids did not deserve to be in that caravan.
So that image of my kids ever suffering like in the caravan and hiding them DRIVES me towards happiness and success. Im happy everyday i see my kids play pass 4 and sleep around 9-10.
This is my "WHY" Dean. Thank you for the weekly talks.

Inspiring story

Inspiring story, but the numbers don't really add up. The 3 month old should be well above 3 now and the other two are at least a year shy from their actual ages. Anyway, success to you and your family.

Dean You're On Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You speak the TRUTH. Today as I was working with some brand new RE Recruits at Applebee's my "Purpose In Life" hit me like a hammer. I am the happiest in my life when I am helping people achieve their dreams and goals. When I see that light go off in their head. It's a great feeling. Waiting to be happy is absolutely wrong, we can feel and live that happiness we seek now, each and every day. Thanks for the encouragement.

Report: 30 Day Challenge 1)Haven't completely cut out the sugar, but have substantially reduced my carbs and have dropped 6 1/2lbs (Current Weight is 205 1/2 lbs). Target is 200 by 12/31/2014. I also work out at Planet Fitness (elliptical 20 mins) 5 days a week, which really helps accelerate the weight loss. I'm well on my way. 2)I have successfully not judged anyone since the challenge began and it has been very difficult, but I needed that challenge for more growth.

The years

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The years when they were 6,3 and 3 months, was when i had the vision and recognize that it was time for a change.


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Such a small word with such a big meaning.That is what life is all about is that inside gut feeling that gets you up everyday to face the your world no matter what that day might be like for you.

Dean's right....

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It's easy to lose sight of what's important, including my own happiness. I worry so much about keeping others happy I forget about myself. But it doesn't have to be that way. Choose HAPPINESS everyday.

Happiness is Key.

How true!
Happiness is within all of us. As we find peace and tranquility within ourselves and end up knowing who we truly are, HAPPINESS is right there next to our soul. Find that piece and tranquility.
Great message Dean!

My best,


This is the really beautiful story and example what are you capable to do is you have to and want to. He is a great inspiration for us. Why are you so picky on the number instead focus on the real meaning and lesson of the story?

I'm happy for you

I'm so happy for your success in business/coaching and also in your personal achievement. Congratulations on dropping your wait and having healthier life style!
Just keep going! Smiling
I wish the best of your coming year!

Thank you Dean!

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for another inspiring WW!

I am happy when I'm at peace within myself; and after listening to Tony Robbins teach us how we are in control of our state of mind, I constantly feed my mind with positive information, and if at any moment I am not feeling happy, I snap myself out of that mindset by immediately thinking of things for which I'm grateful, or by going for a walk or exercise, or by listening to or reading something that inspires me, or by simply calling a friend Smiling

Feeling blessed!

Well, Hello "Dean G"

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I like the new signoff/name! Sounds very upbeat and friendly!
Happiness is a decision, all you say is true. "Things" wear off. Happiness comes from appreciation and gratitude. In a google hangout I did on IE, I talked about being present and aware in what you do - even eating an apple. It's so beautiful and smells great, crunches for my ear, juices explode. When we note and appreciate the riches in every bite, we are happy. If we can't find happiness in an apple, we probably won't find it anywhere.
I'm reading "Thrive" by Arianna Huffington. She makes similar points. We have to redefine success - money and position do not make you happy. Though, ya! I like money - nothing wrong with that - it just can't be the definition of who we are.
(Talk to you next time - this is "Gena H" signing off.
"Dean G" has a better ring.)

What is happiness?

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Hi Dean,

Another weekly wisdom topic to think about......Smiling

Money can't buy love or only buys us the material things......

Having a clear mind and soul, and a good heart comes from within.....Smiling

Thank you for all you keep on doing for your DG family.......xo


Better and Better :-)


You are growing in so many ways.
I see that the money doesn't make the man, the man makes the money.

You have everything that money can buy.

But, More Importantly.

YOU Have What Money Can't Buy... and That's Priceless.

I Wish You and Yours...
Good Health, Happiness and Prosperity, In that order respectively.

Jose Smiling

Beautiful Weekly Wisdom Dean

How can you possibly do a one up on that weekly wisdom??? Dean raising your kids to understand things like the value of finding real happiness and not from what they may get from someone, puts them in a whole new mind set!
Way to go Dean your truly blessed with two wonderful kids who can grasp this concept for sure!
Phil L.

Absolutely. If you

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Absolutely. If you constantly look for happiness in exterior things, you will never find true happiness!

Am I happy? You betcha ;)

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Great message Dean.
After struggling for so many years, I can truly say that I am happy now. I live how I want to live. I do what I love to do on a daily basis. It pays the bills that so many struggle to pay. I am currently setting up another business for my true passion. So how can I not be happy? I get to go from what I love to do to what I LOOOVVVE to do. Laughing out loud

Many have asked me " How can you be so happy without....? " "I just am" I say. I don't need the this or that that I am without because they are just things. Yes, I may be archaic, "old school" if you will, but I am in touch with what's important to me and THAT is what makes me so happy. Money is a thing. Many are happy without it while many with it are unhappy. It goes back to something you've said in a previous WW, you need Balance. I think I finally found mine.

Happiness, I believe, is a choice. Since we have no idea just how long we are on this Earth, why not choose to be happy every day that we are? ( Just something I think about...Eye-wink )

Wishing you & yours, Dean, and the whole DG family a very happy holiday season. Smiling

'Till next week.....
Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE member
2013, 2014 EDGE Alumni Laughing out loud


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Dear Dean, I believe you've hit the nail on the head. We need to look inside first and find comfort with who and what we are. You sell the
idea well--keep it up.
Happy Holidays,


Dean this is a cool weekly wisdom on happiness.It is good to hear from a successful person like yourself what your happiness is.I will keep in mind that happiness comes from the inside out.Thx.Dean.

Inside of my happines

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That was a great video dean well said too. My happiness is my goal. I really wish god would just lay out my happiness. Thanks Dean

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