Hard Money Lenders and Private Money Investors

I've been combing through the internet looking for hard money lenders for NJ or Nationwide that will deal with NJ. I have found a lot of websites on lists that have possibilities.

Has anyone had any luck with hard money lenders that will give out a loan to an LLC with using the rehab property as the collateral, rather than your own home? That is what I want to locate.

I have found bank owned properties, residential single family homes, and have gone to them, taken high resolution digital photos of everything inside and out, and video clips as well. I've also had price estimates done on what would need to be repaired and updated to increase the value of the home's, and ready for rental. Flipping them at this time, wouldn't work because of the amount of time properties are sitting on the market. Renting them out would be a better option at this time. Let the renters pay the mortgage/taxes on the homes. Hold onto them and possibly sell them later on when real estate goes back up again.

I'm also looking to find investors with cash that want to make 15% compounded monthly on their return within 6 months.

Some hard money lenders want to see cash. I figure if I had some money (from the private investor), I know the properties I want. I can get a very fast closing on the deals, start rehabbing right away after closing, fix it, and rent it within 30 to 45 days after the closing. Start collecting rent on the property to pay for mortgage and taxes. Then apply for a refinance, pay off the HML, pay off the investor, and still have cash left over to put in the bank, and have money ready for the next deal and HML.

Has anyone done this successfully?

Lets discuss and keep hope alive.

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Sounds good

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I'm told to find the deal & if they want skin in the game use another lender for that part.
All the lenders that I have called want skin in the game until you build the relationship with them. They want to know you can pay them back if something goes wrong even if the numbers make since.
Hard money is fine to start, but eventually you need to find some private lenders. If you think about it, If you use 5 HML's on 5 deals through the year, you just forked over a ton of your profit because your paying the middle man.
Also in San Diego, you can rehab the property and flip it & get top dollar. Pristine homes are flying of the shelf here.

You are

You are better off try to look for private money.
Also you can partner on deals with some of hardmoneylenders and private. You can even ask an investor in your buyers list if he would partner on deals or do hard money.And also you can find private money almost anywhere friends, family, your doctor, your lawyer,your neighbor,and in real estate auctions.

Private Money

Hi All DG Family, I am looking For PM also Anyone found any and is willing to share ifo call 4072920882

Private or Hard Money

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I am looking for both. Thanks Rick for the good advice.

I am very new at this investor thing. Any advice is always appreciated.


I have HML's in the Atlanta area.
Still no money down programs, up to 70% LTV>
How can we work together???
Best Regards, Spencer

Funding S

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Can you share info that will help me create a funding strategy for acquiring investment property in

Way to raise money

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Send me a PM. What email are you using? Yahoo? Gmai??
I have a way to raise money for you.

Would appreciate your help

Hello I am new to DG family and notice you in several of the groups and was wondering if we can partner up or if you are able to share with me some ways for me to raise the funds to become a true an investor in this game. Thank you


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I have 4 investment properties total mortgages
$723,000,00 total rents 5,645,00 monthly
amount requested for funding 1,000,000.00
I just don't know where to start with this

raise money

Hi Tom , Iam iam interrested in your ways to raise money .I have a property id like to get an it has much to offer .It had an offer on it but it fell through an its back on the market . thanks , sincerely , jim ( I need funding an ill split the profit the profits we make )

Raise money

hey jbischoff, i think you wanted to ask bluesummerventures the question of raising money. also did you ever get the deals. i want to know if the money raising technic worked


Could you tell me what your criteria is and where you want to invest? Thanks

Funding in Atlanta

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I found a multiunit investment in Atlanta that I want to secure. I am open to Hard money, private money, etc. Any wisdom or strategy that help me close would be appreciated.


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Hi Donna

Have you found any lenders that can help me reach success in the Atlanta area?

Looking for 30-40% ARV loan

After rehab, house will sell for $800K – strong neighborhood and demand . Rehab and house cost $550. Seeking $265K loan – offering first mortgage and no other encumbrances. What can you do for us?

Hard Money lender

I am a HMLer for "fix and flippers" in NY,NJ, Eastern PA, Western CT. We are located in Hoboken NJ. If I can be of assistance for your deals contact me.

100% Funding

Looking for help on some properties that need Rehabbing here in CT can you help me or can you point me in the right derication. . Please email me at cmrjr32@****

we will consider funding your flip....

We will consider funding your next flip and flip. We do not fund 100%. We will fund 80% of the purchase price and 80% of the rehab cost.
If that works for you email me direct at:
KC @ abl1.net
or call me directly to discuss:
201-723 0550

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