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los angeles
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Investor .. business owner .. father of 3

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Have Child(ren)
Completed High School

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Thanks for the recent posts. I hope your plan of action is going well for you. Good luck on all your current and future real estate deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Hi Rick

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I'm also from Southern California, Redlands in fact, where about are you located and what clubs are attending. Because I'm looking for a club around here myself.

Congrats Rick

I just recently moved to Corpus Christi, TX to start my career in REI. The area is booming, and I am eager to jump start asap. I was wondering if you could email me some tips, or must-do's. I've heard that getting tips from active REI's is the best!

Thanks and good luck,

Andrew G.

Hi Arn

Im actually in Los Angeles area close to West LA
I go to the one in Glendale and some times in Long Beach and in canoga park
Check your sunday paper they usually put and ad on there on when they are going to meet

Hi Rick

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Thanks for that info. I'm on it right now!

Short Sales

looking to make money with short sales? if you need help let me know. we get great discounts from Banks.

Hi everybody


Congrats to all New Members

I to have just received my books just the other day and have been reading info on the website prior to recv'g them and reading all of msg blogs and video blogs like crazy from those who have been successful at it for a little while making things happen. I'm soaking in all of the information like a sponge. Reading diligently each and everyday. Working on putting my team together and gather my list of REI's. My goal to have things rocky and rolling when the new year begins. Much luck and God speed to all.

Hi Rick,

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I'm here in LA near OC! I may need your help! Could really use a mentor! I'm really enjoying the Success academy but I haven't done a first 'official' deal yet. I have bought many houses and sold one FSBO, but the ones I buy have been buy and hold. Looking forward to utilizing the fast cash strategies. Take care!