Improve Your Credit Score once and for all. Killer Webinar!!

The event went amazingly well. I read your comments and I realize some of you couldn't get here on time and others that had the webinar lock up right in the middle. So sorry about that, we had many more people watch tonight then expected and the servers got a little jammed. GOOD NEWS!! We jumped on Philip to get the replay available right away so watch it as soon as you can. So click the link below and watch it as soon as you can.

Stop wasting money, not getting loans and letting banks and credit cards take advantage of you because of a low credit score. It's your time to fight back and win the credit game!!

Click Here to Watch the Instant Replay of the Webinar!

credit webinar

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It would be great if you were able to record this webinar and could play it again. I was all set to go, action guided printed and my computer crashed. I reconnected three times and by the third time the webinar was over. So disappointed! It been one of those days, everything goes wrong ,but I keep pushing though, thus if you could it would be greatly appreciated.

14 day challenge

do I have the website correct:

It is not working.

14 day challenge

never mind. It works now.

Credit Webinar

Signed on and printed material started listening to the presentation. The presentation stalled out at the rental property four times. Is there any way to receive the whole webinar. I feel that the webinar would have been a real useful tool.

Brad Oldham

4/7/11 Webinar with Philip Tirone

It started out good untill it stoped , I have DSL and all my other web's go all the way through. ???what Happend???

Credit Webinar

I had problems with the webinar stalling out at first but then I refreshed the page and it went completely through. I answered all of the questions on the guide. I am still motivated and not even upset that I could not take advantage of the great deal tonight. I do, however, will take advantage in the future even if I do have to pay the $1000.00. I don't mind investing. When you're at the bottom, there's nowhere else to look but up. So on to find the finances to get started.

Thanks Dean


Is there any place I can get a copy or something so I can here what he said? I printed off the Action Guide And thats when it stoped. I refreshed it and it stoped whare the was looking at his laptop

Webinar re-play

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To all of those that experienced difficulties watching the webinar this evening, you may watch the re-play here: We apologize for the inconvenience. Have a great evening.

if you lost the contact tonight

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If you read the posts tonight, a lot of us did get booted off, but Luiz did have all the info for ordering, and I did put their number on to customer service, ( hope that was okay) as I did order it and they sent me a confirmation. But if you go back to your email, and click on the webinar again, mine did go back to it and re started it from the beginning. It really is a good idea to order tonight and save some money.
But this was really good tonight....thanks Dean!
I also could not print out the download they sent, it refused to open for me.

Credit Scoring Webinar

My internet connection slowed =- took 2.75 hrs to get to 2nd point of 1st question answered and then the internet connection died so i did get to hear rest of webinar - Do you have transcript of the webinar you can send me?
Sincerely, Roger L. Wever

Credit Scoring Webinar Replay

Tried to do that, but I guess my internet speed is not fast enough to hear such webinars in "real" time FYI Sad


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Hi,everyone Dean you did it again you amaze me this was what i was looking for.WHY! to start INVESTING in REAL ESTATE. I have check my credit but it just said NO CREDIT!!! I really don't know what that means.I'm looking forward to ordering Philip Tirone program....Thank you DEAN

Webinar keeps booting off at the same spot

This webinar will not play. I was on the site last night my webinair ran for 15 to 20 minutes then locked up. I have tried to watch it four times. I have clicked on the webinar from four different locations they each lock up at the same point. I have wasted over an hour trying to get this webinar. Why can't someone fix this prblem. Why can't there be a schrol bar so we can skip over the part we have seen four times already and move ahead to see if this is one that will run. This is a big problem I hope someone works on this and gets it fixed.

Thank You

not last night,

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I couldn't get to it last night, had my daughter's first talent show at school, and it was at the same time as the webinar, but listened to it this A.M. and it looks like I am also going to take advantage of the special offer, cause I know I can save hundreds if not thousands. Thanks as always Dean for doing all the work for us and getting us the best deals for our money. Can't compare you to anybody, you're one of a kind!
Never say die!

Link to webinar file

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According to Firefox the webinar is 231MB in size, here's the link to the .mp4 file:

Action Guide Link:

I don't know how long they'll keep the links up.

About the credit program....

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I just finished listening to the webinar and it seems like it would be a great program for most people. However, I don't have any errors on my reports, I don't have any bankruptcies, liens or judgements and no late payments either. What I do have is a high debt-to-credit ratio.
I spent several years cleaning up my reports by removing the errors that were there, waiting out the 10 years to remove my bankruptcy and paying off the few collections that I had.
Right now it seems the only thing I can do is pay off my credit cards (I have about 23 cards with a balance - most are maxed out) and the only way to do that is to get my card companies to lower my interest rates and they don't seem to want to do that at all. In fact, they were extremely rude when I called about it.
I did like the info about companies that don't report your limit and so now I'm going to look at my reports and see if there are any that are doing this. I hope I find a bunch!
Well, best wishes to everyone who buys the program.


Credit webinar

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I had the same problems as those above so I just listened to the replay. I have broadband and it was very difficult to listen to this because the of all the starts and stops while loading. It was frustrating. I don't have this problem with other webinars I attend.
What I was hoping was that we could have asked Mr. Tirone some questions in real time. I don't have errors on my report and I have a decent score. I wanted to know WHY I shouldn't have more than 5 cards if they bring my debt to credit ratio higher?
I only have bank cards...Would that matter? I strategically use each card to maintain continuity...Does THAT matter?
All in all, I'm a little disappointed in the show. My suggestion to DG, do webinars live first then have someone there to answer questions on a pre-set replay or if anyone misses these, just post the Q&A somewhere in the future replays.
Just a suggestion.


Credit Webinar

This credit webinar will assist my clients in improving their credit scores to purchase homes at lower interest rates

Can I get A 2ND Chance

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I Missed It!! Can Dean's Students get a 2nd Chance.


14 day Credit Challenge

Thank You Dean!
For allowing us to benefit from the information presented.
I hope to be able to take advantage of the program before the end of the month.
It is appalling to think that the financial system is geared to legally rip us off.
I listened to the webinar and loved the information that was presented. I look forward to reestablishing my credit because I know that over the years I have over paid for everything!

I am new and learning, thanks for posting past webinar

Trying my best to play catch up here. So, interisting all the information out here. Thanks Dean, God Bless you

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