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Carlton Joiner
Cleveland, Ohio
About Me: 

Hello, I'm a Real Estate Investor in Cleveland, Ohio and I invest and assist sellers/buyers with properties using just about which ever strategy that gets the deal done. I'm also a Commercial Real Estate Consultant and I assist investor with getting their projects funded in the range of 1 million up to 500 million nationwide.

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Real Estate Investor/ Commercial Real Estate Consultant
Have Child(ren)
Completed High School



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Hi. My name is Mike and I am a local Real Estate investor in Illinois. I saw your ad for funding for Dean Willy for some land you were going to purchase. I was thinking of borrowing money from him as well. I am just a little skeptical about revealing certain information to a private party. Can you please let me know if in fact you received the funds for you transaction ,or was that a scam of some sort? Thank you and have a great day.


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Hi. I was skeptical also so I asked Dean Willy where was he located and for a address and phone number if I need to contact him. He replied that his office is in "****" and gave me one of those long phone numbers(RED FLAG). My first thought is how is this guy in **** and got a DG account and lending money to people in the US. Just dont feel right to me ! So Ill pass on that loan offer. Then I heard from another member that Dean Willy will eventually ask you to send him a few hundred first before you get the funding. HAS SCAM WRITTEN ALL OVER IT !

I'm Looking to Deal in Ohio

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Hello Carlton,

My name is Gerald I am a investor in Providence, RI. I'm looking to do business in the Cleveland Market. Hit me up if you are open to working together. I need eyes on the ground in Cleveland.


Deals in Cleveland, Ohio

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Hello Gerald, Im just now seeing this. If you still need assistance in the Cleveland area I can help. If so what are you planning ?