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This one is for birddogs to stop by and list their desire to help investors from their areas of interest. Be a BIRDDOG for investors, get paid.

Plz refer those you see who are willing to be birddogs. Please be aware that your email addresses are not showing as written.

The group name is now called "300++ BIRDDOGS" and, it's still growing!!

If you still want to reply here, great! Just remember to back out of here to the group home list, find the group named "300++ BIRDDOGS" and join! That way everyone looking for birddogs can find you, since sometimes the replies get lost in the mix of all the postings. Thanx.

Meantime, enjoy the free e-book attached so that in the event you want to know about receiving money for life, long after you have worked for it once, read and re-read. Also contact us with your questions.

Plus, Just let me know where I can be of support.
And please let me know if you know someone who would be interested in taking a look at a system that does all investing steps for them.


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Bird Dog in Twin cities

Hello my RE Investors i'm currently located in Minneapolis, Mn, 55412 area ready to work and search the Twin Cities area High and Low in this currently bouncing market of residental real estate. Caldwell & Family LLC. ready and motivated to locate properties with good deals for RE investors. Please contact 612-584-9068 or s.r.investors@****

Bird dog fee

I have question
how to guarantee payment of bird dog fees???
does bird dogger need to have contract???
what contract to use with the REI?
Thank you


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There is a sample on the 1st page of this group forum.
It's advisable and a good idea to have one in place.


Northeast Birddogs

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Live here in Central Massachusetts. If you do know this area, we consider everywhere in new england around the corner. It is a lot smaller than states we have been in. a four hour drive can lead us through all the New England states.
Let us know what you want to find and we will Smiling

Thank you and let make some deals Smiling

Birddog group available in Mass

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We attack the market with offers throughout our state. We are an aggressive bunch following Dean's Inner circle program and are commited to find great deals for our buyers.

please PM for direct information and your ROI requirements.

smiling Smiling
Dan & Brendalee

Bird Dog available in Richmond Virginia

Experienced bird dog available in Richmond Virginia. PM me,

Pearl river County Ms.

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Anyone ned a Birddog in Pearl River county Ms.?.
Contact me..
Thank you..
Jimmy Smith

Pearl river County Ms.

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Anyone need a Birddog in Pearl River county Ms.?.
Contact me..
Thank you..
Jimmy Smith

Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix area birddogger

I live in Mesa, Arizona and am looking for buyers/investors for Phoenix and surrounding areas. Please contact me with your criteria or basically what you are looking for in property/house. Can email at evangelinepalmerton@****. Thanks

Missouri / Kansas City and Area Bird Dog

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I am building my buyers list and have been able to find amazing deals within the Kansas City and surrounding areas. I am here to match you up with the properties you want and the cash flow you need! PM me as I am more then happy to work hard to prove myself to you!

Bird Dog in Phoenix and surrounding areas

Looking for:
1. partners
2. buyers/investors
3. Meetings to network
4. Properties for investors

Thank you,

Extra Cash

I'm Available for Birddog in Memphis , Tn

I am an available birddog in Memphis , Tn
Are there any serious investors out there who would like to work with me? Please reply. To my inbox .
Thank you

Bird Dogs in Inland Empire Needed

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make 500-1000 per lead. Looking for 3/2 and up.
fee depends on amount of info you can collect.

PM me if interested.

In California.

Philly Bird Dog Services

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Contact us for bird dog services, and JV's in Philadelphia and South Jersey.


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Whats up Jeff, Just touching base with you. Do you currently have any leads on property?


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Whats up Jeff, Just touching base with you. Do you currently have any leads on property?


Let me know what areas and ARV



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Whats up Jeff, Just touching base with you. Do you currently have any leads on property?


Looking for investors who want to invest in the Richmond, Chesterfield, and Petersburg, Va areas. "Old Town" Petersburg is making an upswing and is full of historical homes. Looking at one now that would make a great B&B. I also have quite a few homes in the Chesterfield area just waiting to be had.

Seneca County NY State

Hi all,
Very new to this and looking to get started birdogging in this and surrounding counties in central NY.
Looking for $3-5,000 fee from investors. Many disounted and upside down properties in the Finger Lakes NY area.

PM me now. Let's get started and have a great and prosperous summer!! Smiling


Investors Needed

I am looking for Investors who want to buy properties in Southern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, as well as Maryland & Delaware. Please send me a PM.

IA City,Iowa Birddogs

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I'm looking to add a few more birddogs to my team.
Preferably in the Iowa City,IA area.



I am looking to birddog in the state of Florida. Please let me know if you or anyone you know want to invest in the state of Florida. Thank you.


Investors Needed

Looking for investors interested in properties in Southeastern Wisconsin. Send me a PM if interested.


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Any bird dogs towards Indiana, northwest Indiana?

Bird dogging

I specialize in shopping for real estate nation wide that is profitable for my clients. You tell me what you consider a good investment and I will search for you. I work hard because I only get paid if you get a great deal.


I will Birddog and/or co-wholesale

Is anyone looking for properties in Kansas City MO or in Oregon. I have a great property under contract right now in Kansas City. Please let me know if you are interested. mckenziepropertyventures@****


Cash Buyers Wanted!

In need of some cash buyers in any state! If you are willing to do some joint ventures please leave your email. I will be in contact with you shortly.

locking in properties as Bird Dog

I am new at bird dogging. Please clarify--are you locking in properties for your investors before continuing with a deal or just working up properties to present?

Thanks for any help!

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