Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #27 - No Silver Spoon

If You Looked In My Mouth You'd Find No Silver Spoon

In this week’s blog, Dean returns with another very personal message.

Would it be trut to say all of us have differeing levels of difficulty and pain in our lives?

You may have been enduring extremely painful circumstances for months, or years and are on the brink of giving up...

If so, Dean encourages you not to.

On the other hand, if you have been riding the wave of success and everything is just peachy for you now, what will you do when difficulty comes along?

Will you cave under the trials and tribulations, or will you stick with your dreams and believe in yourself and your capabilities?

It is possible to get blindsided by an event or a circumstance, and be thrown totally off balance. Nevertheless, finding something to focus on will get you through.

In this segment, Dean shares with you what he is holding on to and what that does for him on a daily basis. Especially during difficult times.

Watch and listen now...and have a tremendous week!

Dean's Proof - Hard honest work leads to the American Dream!

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Thanks for sharing another weekly blog with us. I look forward to viewing it every Monday. I know you enjoy doing it but you must always think "I can not believe another week has past and it is time for another blog". This blog helps so many of the DG members.

I want to congratulate you on working hard and living the American Dream! So many people want to come to the USA because of the American Dream. I read an article several months ago that discussed the passion for the American Dream may fade out in the next 1 or 2 generations. I could not believe this. It is an inspiration to see how you have lived the American Dream and you have not forgotten where you have came from. It is so great that you take the time to help other people and investors. People want a mentor, but they do not realize you are their mentor through the DG website, your books and your videos mentor us everyday!

I hope whatever the issue is going on for you will work itself out. Hopefully, the answer will come very soon or the problem will go away. Problems make us stronger people and sometimes we do not understand why we go through certain things, but they usually have a way of working out. You help so many people and have changed so many families lives, I hope the people that are close to you are there to help you through this situation.

Thank you for taking the time to share part of your week with us. All you do is greatly appreciated by all the DG Members. This is the best website for investors, period.

Good luck with all your real estate deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe & Stacey

thank you...

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For making me remember my life just a year ago. God is good Dean.


For whatever is going on in your life, prayers and blessings from my house to yours.

Just A Confirmation Dean!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Dean,

Thank you so much for being you! Thank you for wanting to make a difference in our lives. You are a gift from God. Your innersole shines bright! Your foundation is unbreakable! It has made you such an inspiration to so many. What ever was said or done was only for the sole purpose of creating the level of space for you to continue achieving your goals in your life. I realize that this opportunity is not only going to allow me and my family to see financial freedom, but it is also a spiritual healing opportunity that is taking place for me. This once in my life time opportuity has given me back hope. Most of my life, I have always looked at myself as being creative, giving, and honest. Without going into details. Like so many people, have gone thru many finacial and health changes in the last 10 year's. Somehow I have allowed people or situation's to rob me of my hope, my passion. Many, many times I fell asleep crying on my coach watching tv. Asking God how did I get to this point in life. With all that I have seen or done. How? Why? One morning, I was awaken to the sound of your voice around 5:30 am. God heard my cry! I had a choice to keep crying every night or begin taking full responsibility for what has happen to my life. Start by placing me and my family in a positive enviroment. Even if it meant dis-owning certain family and friends. I realized I had to get out of the way of myself. Letting go of fears. I didn't even have the money for your book. So I did a check by phone, knowing it wouldn't clear for a couple of days. That morning I got up and took somethings I felt I could do with out back to Home Goods. (AH.....My Candles!) And was able to get the cash to cover the check. When there is a will, you find a way. Desire! Who knew that for just $29.95. It could feel like Christmas in May!!!!! I am truly inspired and ready to take action. I hear your hearts intention loud and clear! This is such an awakening! Other peoples impression's of me will no longer be my reality! I feel like I am back from some bad dream. No worries. A new direction. All I have to do is repeat what you have proven! How simple is that? Again, thank you so much for being you. There are no words that can explain how I feel about this life changing opportunity. It has been along time since I've felt this ray of hope. This site is amazing! The level of motivation and knowledge is like no other. Indianna-Joe isn't he motivating? Go Joe is all I can say when I read his comments everyday. He is truly an inspiration to me. I see the advancement that he is making with your leadership. This time I feel I have made the right connection. The right place and the right time is now. There is nothing more powerful than a mind already made up! Looking foward to being your biggest success story! Continued Sucess from my family to yours...........

Food for the soul

Of all your Blogs, Dean this is the most touching. Your words of encouragement gives us hope of a brighter future. You understand what we are facing, because you experienced it. Some of us face more challenges than others. Like Dean says, he understands but we cannot give up.


Lubertha, you moved me too!

What you said touched me as well as Dean's video today. I can totally feel that, nothing can stop a determined mind and strong will.





Hang in there. You will strive...

Hi Dean,

I just saw your video post. Thank you for sharing.
Hang in there. You will strive from what ever is affecting you now.

And thank you for keeping us on track in believing we can.



Thanks, here's something for you!

colossians 3;23...that ought to help you get through!

Dean - Thanks for the Inspiration/Recognition

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I am "in it, win it" and I will keep the promise that I made to My Mother !! Whatever you may be faced with, has already been "worked out" - Walk in Faith !

In Gratitude,


My Mantra:

"The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfillment." - Earl Nightingale


Indiana-joe!!! You totally got a shout out!!!! niceeee, just another one of the many lil things that are on this website to show you how Dean takes the time and goes the extra mile to actually follow up on and see how he can help us all....I come here everyday, read many posts and an trying to build up the gumption to actually go out and do this!! Everybody seems to want it so bad!!! and some are changing their lives at this moment...I just hope and pray and with some footwork to be successful in this niche of the real estate industry!!! Thanks everybody for the positive attitudes you bring to this community!!!! Some of us who read the posts, at least I know I do, take away from conversations with other people!!!!


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Thank you once again for sharing so openly and giving hope to ALL when you could be quiet with your own struggles. It never fails to move me that you choose to connect so personally and be there no matter what for your family and your students. It is humbling, too, hearing the stories like Lubertha shared, of people who have been awakened from despair by hearing YOUR voice on TV! (God bless you, Lubertha).
Dean, just know that WE are all behind you and, whatever is happening, you are in our prayers. You are a hero and a mentor, but we know that you are also a friend with a tender heart.
Thank you for never giving up. We, in turn, will never give up either, and will always be here as a reminder of the wonderful impact you have had on so many! God bless you, Dean..


Hi Dean, I loved this

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Hi Dean, I loved this week’s blog. I’m not sure what’s going on in your life at the moment but you already know you will get through it some how.

Last year was probably the worst year of my life. My only daughter Chelsea got Hoskins Lymphoma. I was so mad at God for doing that to me. At the time I did not know a lot about cancer. Most everybody I new that got cancer did not make it. Even through I have a new wife and a successful Environmental company I would not want to live if my daughter was taken from me. We are very close. My x wife and I split when she was five but even through my daughter did not live with me, I never missed one single thing, from school to her sports not one. Her mom moved fifty miles away so it was not easy to make special events in the middle of the day. I had a new business at the time which mad it even harder, but she came first no matter what. So when she got cancer I thought how I;m I’m I going to go through this.

After a year of driving one hundred and twenty miles back and forth to the hospital doing Chemo and radiation we are finally done. She is clear and has been for four months. God came through after all.

Dean I love real estate. I lost my first house I bought when I was twenty-three in the last drop in the early ninety’s. I bought another house in 2003 for 275,000 and sold it in 2005 for 640,000. Took that money and purchased a new house thousand feet from the sand. I told my self I will buy a house at the beach before I’m thirty. Well I was close 38.

Dean everybody was telling me not to buy your book. Well I’m glad I did. I love the sight and all the people. I wish your weekly blog was longer but I understand. Thanks for everything and I would love to meet you some day. Good luck with the newest problem and never give up but you already know that.

Rick Corgiat

Silver Spoon Blog

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thanks for all of the blogs Dean. It is always so refreshing! our business has taken a nose dive these past few months and we have been down to our last is not fun. But, because i can keep a positive thought process and be thankful for my family, health and the great USA! (that sounds corny, i know) but it is true. we live in a country that promotes and encourages people to start their businesses and fuels creativity. i have been very lucky to have a business that has grown to where it is...however, it has slowed dramatically. we see this as a great extension of our business and have become very creative in trying to secure real estates. My husband and I have always felt that this was going to be the avenue for us to make a ton of money...and now is the time. the business is doing better and i have more time to focus on the real estate angles, offers and getting homes secured! so thank for the reminders and 'fresh air' every week!


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