Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #34 - You Can't Miss The Call!

This week Dean gives you a small assignment to make it easier to digest all of the information you have been given during the Blitz. More importantly, Dean peels back a little more information as we reaching the climax of Blitz. Whatever you do, don't miss the call on Tuesday!

If you are registered for the Tuesday call register right now since slots are limited!

One Step Closer!

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Hi Dean,
Can't wait to hear every little detail that will take me steps closer to success! I feel I am on a journey that will take me to finacial and spiritual freedom. Your videos are so inspiring to me and others as well. I give thanks to God everyday for hearing my cry and leading me in your direction. The rest is up to me to make it happen! Thank you Dean for never giving up on you and for giving us the tools build greatness! I know that I am with the BEST OF THE BEST! Continued success to you and family as always...........Lubertha

The time is now !!

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The anticipation is great ! Based on what you have shared so far - I am sure Tuesday's call will give some the much needed extra boost. Thank you for your commitment to sharing what you have learned with the rest of us. Your openness and willingness to help others will always lead to more blessings to your family. Thank you again for sharing with us !

Thanks dean

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Thanks dean so much for everything you have done for everyone is such a nice thing. One thing is I'm not missing the phone call I cancel everything else I was going to do just to get all the knowledge from you and everyone else.Thanks a million


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The Blitzkrieg Blizzard is coming to a finale and we are so excited. We have so much information that you provided we need to get our shovels out to dig through this blitzkrieg blizzard of information! Thanks for keeping the DG students informed and up to date with the latest and greatest information. We are sure the Blitzkrieg finale is going to be tremendous! DG Members are eagerly awaiting! Thanks for the information and good luck on all your deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Dean, I'm excited!

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I'm so inspired and anxious for what's to come. Is it Tuesday already?

Aw man

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I will miss the call Tuesday night because I have to work.

Will miss the call

Wont be able to hear the conference call this time and hopefully soon after my surgery on Wed will be fully involved. Thanks again Dean !!

Paul T. La Moy

Thanks Dean the anticipation

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Thanks Dean the anticipation is great. Looking forward to a great call Tuesday and what superb suprises await.

No one has to miss the call :)

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For those of you that can't make the call due to a prior arrangement, work or lack of time in your day, we understand. However, you don't have to miss it completely. All of our calls are recorded and posted here on Please visit back to listen to the re-play. This is a call you don't want to miss!


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I can hardly wait to find out what the next part brings....I would like to know more on probate sales....and if I miss the call somehow will you replay it?



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Does ayone think Dean will supply us with a special report on Probate Sales, if he does I surely want one.


Probate Report

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Dean did release a copy of his Probate Report to everyone during this Blitzkrieg. To access the report, please go here:

Oh the anticipation!

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I am very ready for the call on Tuesday. I had someone ask me if I was available to go to dinner that night and I said, "I'm not. I have an important business meeting that evening."

The call can't come at a better time (well actually any time is a great time) as a friend of mine recently shared that her mother has had to go into a nursing home and she and her siblings find themselves in the position of having to suddenly sell her home. I'm getting more information from her as I told her I may be able to be of assistance, and with everything I've been learning here and from the books, I know I can help them.

I can't wait

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Man i can even sleep just can't wait...

Thanks Dean!

Thanks for keeping us motivated and for the unbelievable amount of information which you and your team provide us w/!

You certainly build suspense! Can't wait for the call tonight! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins


Man dean you have done a lot for us and i would like to thank you for the blitz and hope you give us a opportunity to keep learning.

New investor trying to learn

Thanks for getting Me in the Game

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Thank You Dean! I am in the Game account of you and your amazing Co. I am about half way thru the book and cant wait to start the other one. Of course That all alusive first deal is on it way and thanks to you I will win this game!

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