Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #93 - Lesson on Working With What You Got

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

Dean needs YOUR HELP! In this week's Blog, he smashes a myth that almost everyone got crammed into their head as a kid, and tells you what to do instead.

Plus, he plans on doing an awesome hour of training in the next week or two and YOU get to decide what he will teach.

So watch, listen, and reply. We are successful when YOU succeed!

Dean, I've got it....please consider this!!

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Thanks for another great blog Dean, really good stuff! Well, for the man who has been so gracious and so amazing to do everything in his power to go out of his way and help all us DG'ers, the least we can do in return is to help you out for this next conference call. And here is what I suggest for you to cover in the call: Do you remember in chapter 7 of Profit from Real Estate Right Now how you used the example of Matt Larson's Money Making 25:1 Formula? That was indeed one of THE BEST techniques I have ever read and I truly got inspired by that! I figure, if you could use his formula and incorporate that with some of the techniques that Carol Stinson uses with wholesaling, that would should shed some light for some of us novice investors and give us more of a push to go out and accomplish so much more with Real Estate Investing! What do you think, Dean? Again, thanks for an awesome and motivational blog and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Numerous Restrictions in Texas

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Texas seems to have a great dislike for investors.
In Texas, we can no longer use Contract for Deeds, Lease Options and now they have just passed a new law which states to owner finance you need to be a licensed mortgage officer. One of the things this mortgage officer must do before completing a transaction is to check out the legal interest the seller has in a property.
It might be time to get out of this screwed up state.


The first two

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1. Finding and qualifying buyers. Believe it or not, I have found some investors with money, so they say. But I want to find people who want to buy the homes we find.

2. How about a call dedicated to Ca. We have many differences in the way we do things. Like, Probates, Auctions, Assignments, sometimes I think I am taking the wrong class because Deans info doesn't apply. His top students make it sound so easy. Lets here from a top student in Ca.

Finding sellers in California's market!

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The thing that I would like to hear the most about is how to find motivated sellers in California's market, but sellers that are not underwater!


i just made my first contract thanks everbody

New Law

Please, I'd like to hear about the new law regarding seller financing. Investors can offer seller financing up to three times per year, I believe. Does that include lease options--only 3 per year? Otherwise, we have to have a neutral third party involved? Does that mean a mortgage broker or someone to OK the terms/price or LTV? I'd like Dean to explain this with some detail how this affects investor exit strategy and any extra costs that may be involved. (If this has been answered already, please direct me to it.)

And thank you for this feedback opportunity and for your insight regarding working with our strengths - instead of beating my head against a wall trying to learn/do something for which I have no natural talent or aptitude.


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Dean needs YOUR HELP! In this week's Blog, he smashes a myth that almost everyone got crammed into their head as a kid, and tells you what to do instead.

Plus, he plans on doing an awesome hour of training in the next week or two and YOU get to decide what he will teach.

So watch, listen, and reply. We are successful when YOU succeed!

things to go over in conference call

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How to find real estate investors besides your friends and family through the internet?

How to fill out the real estate forms for assignments, option to purchase, etc.?

how to close the deal?


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Can any of your Training Work in Canada? Strong Economy. Realistate Prices ar High. Bruce

how to find real cash buyers--so i can do some bird dogging

dear dean,

thank you for all your help and training. i have a motivated FSBO but no cash buyer. i did go to an auction but the so-called cash buyer i met, is not really one. anyway, i'll just keep trying. so my question is where are all these cash buyers?

do have a good day, dan!

Information on doing a rent

Information on doing a rent to own option. How does this work?

Finding buyers and hooking them up with buyers. How can you do this without a real estate license

Examples of letters/flyers/emails that are sent out to locate

Network of private investors to put up the money

LLC Changes

Hey everyone: I own a LLC but it is in my name. How do I change it so it will not be connected to my personal assets. I filed bankruptcy in January but the LLC is not listed in the bankruptcy but it is still attached to my personal assets. Will I have to pay to get it changed over or is there another way I can continue using the one I have? Help!

Sharon (Sharsky)

Discussion Topics

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I don't know if this is appropriate for this type of venue, but one of the things I've been wondering about is why, as far as I can determine, there are no Dean Graziosi ebooks or internet video series or something like that. That would seem to me to be a rather inexpensive way for "poor" people like myself to afford some of the great stuff that you put out. Right now Internet marketing is my 1st love, but real estate, the Dean Graziosi style of real estate is 1A. As soon as I can afford a car, I will be moving on that also. I recently signed on to your affiliate program, and as soon as my online stuff is setup, I will be looking into ways to effectively market offline stuff as well on the internet.
Another topic is how to use the social internet sites most effectively in the real estate process.
David Forsythe
Portland, Or


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Definatley,a detailed rundown on assignments. Especially the paperwork contracts etc. This looks like the best way to turn some cash in order to get involved in some other areas of REI deals. I feel like Im spinning my wheels stuck in information overload...need some help to focus on specific action...thanks

A little about myself

My name is David Mcleain and I live in Greensboro,NC I have ceribal palsy,I never payed too much attetion to it all my life in fact I'm not even sure how to spell it! now I'm 40 and I have to start paying attention to many things like the course my life is on and what kind of future am I HEADING TO? Those are scary but neccessary questions we all MUST ask ourselves.I recently started collecting disability(after getting denied multiple times)but that showed me you shouldnot count on that for your source of income because you cannot count on that to sustain you.wich leads me to DEAN!I was watching tv and he came on(over the years I have seen many programs and tried a few)but there was something about this one!it was different,it wasn't a get rich quick scheme,it was a work smart and be persistant plan.SO I ordered the books and joined the success accademy(I can't really afford it) but looking at my present situation I can't afford not to!Nobody in my family has any real money a couple of us are getting bye and the rest are POOR!We were never taught about realestae so the cycle of poverty just kept on turning.Well that's what I want to do break the cycle of poverty in my family and in the families of my friends.I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to realestate but,that's why I'm here, to fight threw my fears and find out! THANKS FOR CARING DEAN! YOUR STUDENT: DAVID J. MCLEAIN

set for life system.

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I just received your set for life system. It is fantastic. The problem is where to begin. I recently lost my job with no more than a part time income coming in. I am desperate to get started and make money. I used up all my savings so I can purchase the set for life. I have the cofidence to make it work, because I have too. I have five kids I have to support, so I need to create a system that will work for me. I have poor credit and I rent the home we live in. What system would be benefit me the most in a short period of time, and how do I go about finding a hard money investor. Thanks again for everything.

Wow, great video. Building a buyers list

That was a great video tonight. I'm not sure which catagory I'm in. Sometimes I feel like I'm all over the place. I think this video took a piece out of my fear and insecurity. Thank you very much.
I've done the first 3 lessons, but I'm stuck on the buyers list.
1.With all the scams and corruption and international threats, how do you know when you are working with an honest buyer/investor?
2.On one of the phone seminars, someone mentioned puting an ad on Craigs list.
3.What is the best catagory to put an ad for buyers,and when is the best time to put it on Craigs list?
4.When talking to a perspective buyer, what do I ask them or say to them?

list of buyers & locking in deals

I just need that boost to do it...I am getting things started but I think I am ready now. I need info on getting a list of buyers together

Finding a real estate agent

I juat got Dean"s book How To Profit in Your Town and I was so excited,I couldn't wait to get started and I talked to a real estate agent, she had read Dean's books and I thought this is great, but she refused to work with me because I didn't have $1,000 for earnest money. Is this usual a real estate agent won't work with you unless you have money?

Video call topic

Dean, I am trying to understand and get my first deal going I have had alot of stuff in my path, but I want this so badly I can taste it. What I would love to see you do is actually write out a usable and show a assignment clause, locking the house down and what ever wording I need to protect myself from having to go through with the purchase if I cannot find a buyer, and not getting sued for a failed contract. I am assuming that the clause ends with if a suitable buyer cannot be found within the prescribed time period 30 - 60 days or whatever time allowed that I owe the seller nothing and the contract is null and void. Thanks John Tice

Great Message

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Thank you for the great advice--Focus on my strengths.

Lesson on working with what you got weekly blog #93

Thank you Dean.
I was looking for something else
and I ran into this old weekly blog.
Thanks very much.


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