Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #93 - Lesson on Working With What You Got

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

Dean needs YOUR HELP! In this week's Blog, he smashes a myth that almost everyone got crammed into their head as a kid, and tells you what to do instead.

Plus, he plans on doing an awesome hour of training in the next week or two and YOU get to decide what he will teach.

So watch, listen, and reply. We are successful when YOU succeed!

SFL System

I would like to hear more about the SFL computer system and how it works. And also how to use the totalview real estate website.Thank you


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1. How to create my team of professionals? What to tell them? How to best present myself and my intentions?
2. First deals: how can I tell my sellers they won't be paying an agent commission when I'm using an agent or a lawyer to set up or close the contract - fees that to my understanding they would be responsible to?

First deals

Hi everyone I would agree with some other users and would like to talk about the first deal. I have read 2 of dean's book and looking to start a third one and recently ordered the edge at home program, which I'm sure there is lots of helpful information there. I guess I'm just looking for some more insight or something that really clicks with me that someone my have done before,


Hi Dean, Thanks for that

Hi Dean,

Thanks for that blog. I'm one of those people who need structure. The few times I did cut out on my own, I messed up big time. However, I will be able to do this on my own eventually, but for now I need a little 'hand-holding'.

cerita8225 from PA

*******************HOW TO PUT IT TOGETHER***********************

#1 What are the step's to put the contract in order ex: (a)investor dis. notice ex:(b)inves. purchase ageement, and so on.
#2 I live in Bronx, N.Y.I have your contracts printed out from your cd rom should i go to a attorney office to see if they are legal to use in N.Y,state? #3 How to use craigslist to advertise, (marketing). ---DEAN YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL--- THANK YOU.


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how do i post a ad on craiglist.

Conference call ideas

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Dean, you are the real deal! What a guy, to ask us what we want. I would like to know more about tax liens. What is the difference between tax lien certificates and tax deeds if there is any? I went to the county court house and they were not very helpful in my search. So, I'm not really sure what documents I'm looking for etc.
Peggy Norwick

Assignments, lease options, creating buyer's list, REO's

All the topics you spoke about in your blog are very important. I have taken another real estate course but it hasn't taken me anywhere. I am so motivated to get out there and start but taking that first step is SCARY! My husband doesn;t want anything to do with real estate but that is not going to stop me from moving forward. Can you please talk about all of the above subjects in your future conference calls? I think if we all learn how to put it all together then we can overcome that first hurdle. THANKS.

Looking Forward

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Too your next training session. Great speech on leveraging weaknesses. I'm reminded of music school.

Practice does not make perfect, it make permanent. Practice the wrong things and they become permanent. Practice the right things and they will become perfect. Dean you are the Maestro!\islandaffiliate

See my profile for my project Web Sites.
please don't email me from from the project pages. PM me from here and if you have skype, so do I and perhaps with could chat.

Blessings to all

I have a dream...

I am having a lot of fun taking action.

I cant afford the success academy and need to make my first deal happen without help, so I can pay for the success academy and really shoot for the stars.

I need help with assignments and lease options as that requires no money.

Right now I feel like I am standing in front of a huge house and can't find the way in. Your successful students are having a blast inside.

I wished you had a book just for the people who have no money at all and cant afford the success academy. All we need is a step by step guide to ONE deal, after that we could all become success academy students.

Hey Dean........ Great post and video.....

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Yes. First of all you could address when the call is going to be?? And is it going to be a tele seminar or a webinar? Also will the call be recorded and posted?? I would greatly appreciate it if you good go over how we would analyze our deals (I notice you have a deal analyzer for $197 to buy) Why was this not put in Set For Life?, The hammer point software could be elaborated a little more, and going over private funding for our deals. I feel like these would be some great topics to discuss. Thanks Dean.

P.S. I notice the the Traffic Geyser is part of SFL, I was just think this hasn't been discussed very much. So yes this would be another great topic.

on the finding private lenders

not only finding them but what to say to them, or what should be in the letter to them that is sec compliant as well

Things to cover on conference call

After watching the Edge DVD's can you go into more detail on lease options and how you convince sellers to agree to this. Also I'd like you to go more in depth on assignments.


Getting started, Found an agent out of state that wants to play.

Dean, You're so right about concentrating on your strengths, done that my whole life and it make all the difference.
Need help with starting a relationship with a real estate agent. I found one out of state that is interested in doing some investing with me. I just asked her and she said yes, what kind of properties?
I'm kinda at an impasse as how to proceed i guess for fear of alienating her because I'm new and don't want to sound unprofessional. As with everything else should I just be up front and let her know I'm a newbe and see where it goes.

Buying REO's

Ok i have a dozey for ya dean, where im from in so cal, there not many FSBOs so i would like to find a nitch in Doing REOs with no money down.

You hit it again Dean

Hey Dean,

You hit it on the head again my friend, I'm a Taurus and am constantly accused of trying to control KAOS or plan sufficiently against KAOS. I've been told that I take being " hopeful for the best but being prepared for the worst" way too far! Consequently wasting time and falling into your category of trying to improve upon my weaknesses by creating plan B,C and D, and never getting anything done.
That's a great piece of advice Dean. I'm gonna try my best to delegate and then stay out of the way.

Finding fundingI

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I am brand spanking new at this, in fact, I still haven't received my first book from you yet. I would really like to know how one is able to do this without any of their own money! I've heard it can be done, so I would like to know how!

Lisa Smiling

Computer work

My biggest obstacle right now is finding a partner and or someone to do all the computer for me, at least the set up portion. I am mediocre at best when it comes to the computer, no fancy spread sheets or formulas but can get around OK, use Outlook, Word, Excel somewhat. I just recently purchased SFL, have Prop Stream and unfortunately get easily frustrated when trying to learn and implement new things.

I so easily can be a mover and a shaker here in Las Vegas and only wish I had an IT person who could get me set up, I tend to get lost on the computer with all the various tabs of information. I have reached out to those I know and this is not there thing or they laugh and I know you get that. I am thinking about hiring someone who will have the patience to sit and go through the computer stuff also getting me hooked up with all the networking devices out there e.g. LinkedIn.

What are specifics I should request from this person? Once shown I get it but having the patience when all I can think about is getting through all the information I have purchased is overwhelming and I am itching to get out there but fearful this will set me back.

hard money

Hi steve and veronica, david mcdonald here,I justed wanted to know if there,s a list from matt or yourself on hard money leanders that want to help dean,s students? I have talked to a lot of HML and they all want to much money down, or they just make it hard to get in their circle. thanks so much, please reply.

My question for the next call

I'm a realtor and I would like to know from you tips, to avoid any conflict of interest while I work for my Broker.

Thank you!



Credit Score

Ok, so I have a great credit score but if I start buying and renting or selling, I feel my debt to income ratio will quickly tumble as I buy properties to rent. How do I avoid this if buying and renting or buying and reselling right away? Won't my credit score drop as banks inquire during financing over and over again?


i really want to get into reo's and duplex,triplex,quadplex that is what i want to get into that

Dean, Can you break down

Dean, Can you break down your system even further and let me and perhaps others know how we can get Carol's part on making money without leaving home? I sincerely hope you can work this out. Hope to hear from you very soon.

What a great message!!!!

I can't tell you how many times I've actually let myself be stopped by something that I've never been good at. Trying and failing is no fun.

It's great hearing someone say out loud that it's ok to work your strengths & don't worry about the other stuff. I never thought about turning the other stuff over to someone else.

Finding someone to help with the things I can't do won't be hard, getting help on a regular basis is what may be difficult.

Whatever it takes are my new words to live by.

Thanks so much for all you do.


Getting started

Hi Dean. How are you? Thanks for all the inspiration! I am a newbie SFL student, and I was wanting to make a suggestion. Is it possible for you to try to communicate with all the willing SFL students who live within the same genaral area and ask if they would want to meet other SFL students in the same locality in order to discuss things,group tutor,brainstorm,and just give each other a hand in trying to sort through all the SFL material and help each other on how and where to start,in a step by step manner???
I am very motivated to get started,but I am overwhelmed with all the material, and I feel that I need some help in trying to decide where and how to start!!! I thought it would be a great idea if we fellow SFL students (who live within reasonable distances from one another)could get together so we could give each other a hand in understanding,answering questions,and helping each other in deciding how to get started!!! There is an overwhelming amount of material in SFL, and I think it is a great idea for all SFL students who are willing to get together and learn this stuff together. Please please please announce this to all SFL students within the same locality and hook us up together. I am desperate to get started. Thank you so much.
Kazem from Ft. Lauderdale, Floriuda

Hello Dean, My credit sucks

Hello Dean,

My credit sucks and I have no one to give me money to start, but I am a go getter. You motivate me but when I speak to any one from your camp they ask how much money do you have to start. I do have a friend that came into some money, but I don't know how to come up with a plan in writing that would make him understand how he will get his money back.

Thank You
Avary Ready

short sale

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what paper work is involved. and how to use transitional funding if it is just for one day.

I need to know how to study for the set for life materials

Trying to take notes on the first video on the set for life system is so much information, and the video is long and over whalming because there is so much informatin that we need to remember. The question is how long is the other set for life webnar video training, and do all of the other training webnars cover what the first webnar training video cover? I recieved my set for life kit in the mail, but I don't know what I am suppose to do with it right now since I am struggling to get thorugh the first webnar video because trying to take notes for 90 minutes is alot of information. Can you please provide me with some information on how I should go about studyuing the set for life informaiton.


* how to build buyers list
* where to find the deals
* how to negotiate with sellers

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