Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #93 - Lesson on Working With What You Got

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

Dean needs YOUR HELP! In this week's Blog, he smashes a myth that almost everyone got crammed into their head as a kid, and tells you what to do instead.

Plus, he plans on doing an awesome hour of training in the next week or two and YOU get to decide what he will teach.

So watch, listen, and reply. We are successful when YOU succeed!

Cash Buyers & Assignments

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Hey Dean,

Thanks for the video and conference call. I am new and would like to know more about building a list of cash buyers and also knowing more about assignments in upstate NY. is the best and you guys are unbelievable. Take care

Getting Started

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Thanks Dean for all you do for your community. I would like you to walk us through a wholesale deal from start to finish. Step by step, piece by piece, document by document until you collect the cash. Also for buying a property no money down. What are the steps broken down into easy speak.

Cash Buyers/Private Money Lenders

The issue of cash buyers and private money lenders are of utmost importance. I would need to know about methods beyond the usual regurgittated ideas of finding cash buyers.

As for private money lenders and hard money lenders, the real world is the opposite of easy money. My limited spare time has yet to afford me enough to spend a full day or more at the court house to sift for private money sources.

Hard money lenders don't even call or consider themselves hard money lenders anymore. They call themselves private money sources. These days, their rules and guidelines are strigent to the point of loan sharking. One of them went on to say on a blog that other than good credit, points, and high interest rates, the applicant must come up with 40% up front plus meeting his criteria of types of properties he considers lending on. In other words, he could care less about FMV, Equity, or location, as long as he basically owns the property in case God forbids it goes into foreclosure.

the edge 10

Just finished watching all the dvd's.Great stuff!
As someone who has purchased at least 5 or 6 real estate and other programs I strongly identify with the guy who spoke on the contrast with what's out there and what you Dean offer.
It's really sad how so many people capitalize on the need of folks to get ahead to change their lives and offer so much of nothing sometimes at a great cost.I myself with a partner spent almost 30K on a program that asked you to fly out to the 7 topics that were in our purchased plan.So imagine the expense of that,and once there there was another pitch to buy some more stuff,truly endless.
Others offer stuff anyone can get on the net and mislead you into thinking you're getting valuable info.etc etc.
I just want to let you know that I am motivated I am beginning to put my system and team together
and I am confident of achieving concrete results.
In closing I want to thank you for being the person you have become and for all your efforts
on behalf of providing so many good things to all of us in your programs.
All the best always and please don't change your
ethical and spiritual aproach just keep on getting better,which I feel you will.
Many thanks and many blessings upon you and your personal as well as professional family.

Warm regards Bill Malaver Hicksville NY
PS. A tips and warnings of what to avoid when
setting up legal corp. or LLC would be great.

Matt's One Liners and a Summary of Bill Rafferty's talk

I loved Matt's one liners and could use a list of them on SFL.

I also enjoyed Bill Rafferty at the time he spoke on SFL, but he talked so fast that I can't remember ONE thing he said. How about a synopsis of his talk.


RE: Doing your First Deal

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Some of us learn best by visualizing process from beginning to end rather than by reading. Is it possible to get a video together where we see you interact with total strangers for us newby real estate investors?

Really interested on in depth techniques on developing buyers list, what to say, what not to say. How would we perceived from the eyes of as an experienced investor, Agent, FSBO owner to gain their confidence and willingness to work with us. Thank you from Marion, IA

Things to talk about on Blogs

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1. How and where to find foreclosures in my neighborhood before anyone else does.

2.Getting started in this business with little or no money or bad credit.

3. Finding partners who are willing to take on other partners with little or no money to invest.

4. Will there be other offers for Set for Life?

Blue Bell, PA

Cash Buyers!!!!!

I need to know the easiest and most effective way to find cash buyers. Particularly in an area that is 2,500 miles away from where I am located. I am making connections with people who have the inventory, but I must find someone to buy it.

find r.e. agent

have met with a few agents but they willnot work with assigning also a friend that is a broker told me it was a felony to assign contracts so this has made me stay away from agents, was working with a couple of sellers but could not get them to agree to the below market figure i have offered ,any suggestions would help


Dean I would like to see a few scripts in what to say on my answering service coa when people call off of the bandit signs that I put up or Craig s list. I'm trying to build my buyers list. I'm getting stuck on what to say for a message when they call on my signs and ad's

thanks Dean

I love what you do and I starting to get plugged in



To Dean,

If you can please discuss step by step how to do a Lease To Own. I have a sure buyer with no money for down payment, with bad credit & 2 mortgage brokers already told me that no bank will give them a loan to buy a house. I understand the basic premise of Lease To Own, but I don't know how I can make my profit off of it. And how to find a motivated seller please. It will be my 1st deal.



probate properties, time mgt

First of all, thank you for all of your hard work. It doesn't go unnoticed. I bought your 2 books and along with that came the probate finders certificate. I would like to learn more about that program. Can I include that in the SFL website? Does that have it's own website? Also, How to manage my time better. It seems that there isn't enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to get done. Between work and life it seems overwhelming at times. Thanks again for all you do for us, have a great day!!

"Strengths" Blog - great and right on target!

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If I remember my history- Ben Franklin said he did not try to remember or know everything. He kept people around him who had the answers. Kept his mind free for innovative thinking.

Want to say your blogs and emails are always a great morale boost Dean! Enjoy all your information. ANY topic you choose is great!

Been trying for years to do with websites ( @$150mo) & fax-on-demand what you rolled into your systems! Bought AFF system then right away you came out with SFL- HAD TO HAVE THOSE TOOLS! WHAT FORESIGHT AND EFFORT! Challenging to learn both at same time- not life skills- tools/setting up.

Key as you say- building lists- mainly (to me) a buyers list for every type sale. The property is there- plenty of it. Need to find new Good, Real, Hot buyers. Many "Investors" online are NOT (Craig's List,etc) They want to get what someone else has - sellers or property without effort. People need to learn how to qualify.

From reading posts - in my opinion- people are unsure of "negotiating deals". Something of value is worth only what a seller is willing to sell for and a buyer is willing to pay - a meeting of the minds. EVERYONE negotiates daily- kids get homework done OR... they don't get something they want. Husband does "honey-do list chore" or ...NOT... Laughing out loud Laughing out loud : (lol)

How to control that fear and "get'er done". People want detailed "how to's" on almost EVERYTHING. Bottom line - mind stalling them. Cold calling is the hardest part for people. Paid thousands to learn how.

Also- if I may share for the post from Bill G.-
"Lastly, do we use our home phone or a cell
phone to answer our calls until we get a
second line? I mean we are talking about your
next calls/blogs being for extreme beginners
or novices like myself. BILL G."

I used up my prepaid cell minutes on the first SFL webinar call. I went online- got a cheap VOIP phone for the computer- works great. NEW phone number you can KEEP for business. Am getting cheap unlimited cell phone (text, web, calls)to answer and respond instantly when I am away from the VOIP. I try to keep private and business lines separate.

I have to limit my time on DG site- get into reading all the posts- get nothing done. I want to emulate only the best of the best- YOU DEAN!

Many thanks again Dean!! I'm looking forward to meeting you in person at an Edge event (or sooner)!
God Bless!


beginner in realestate

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I have been watching and listening to Dean for the past 3 weeks and truely I am motivated and excited that is why without reading his books on realestate and foreclosures I find my head spinning about all that he talks about and I want to do it but do not know where to begin. I am 68 years young and lots of dreams still for myself and family and have not achieve any of them yet but believe now is my chance to become somebody with a purpose a dream fulfilled and money to have the things I desire and money and realestate to maybe put my family in a nice home. I want to see my self a year from now with an income property and my credit report score maybe 700 because I would have made money to pay off the debt I have there which is about 15,000.00 dollars hospital bills , credit card and studen loan.
My question which is easier for me to acquire some property where I can make some money now with bad credit no money on hand and a 68 yr young divorcee. What should I learn first because there is so much to learn at once.!!!!

List for Conference Call and or Post to Blog

Dean, really need a list of contingencies’ that should be a part of the contract/assignment to make sure everybody holds their end of the bargain and to minimize any liabilities.

A quick list of the most commonly used would be great! A full list with everything imaginable that may need to be written in depending on the scenario would really rock!

Thanks for everything you do!


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hi dean I really would like it if you could explain assignments in more detail. Since I first heard about them I have been trying to learn exactly how to do them but there are a few things about it that Im just not getting. Are the lawyers, appraisers, and inspections paid at the closing? Please cover this topic on the training call cause I know assignments is the way for me to get started. Thank you.

What to Cover on the Next Training Call

Where to fine Totalview and how to use Totalview.

How to best become a middleman: birddogging, assignments, etc. I would like to know the best way to match a buyer and seller and get paid for it.


I would like to learn more about finding and completing deals using craigslist, what to look for and what kind of emails to send to the potential buyers and sellers.

cash buyers

I know where there are some good deals that I could easily get under contract. But I want to make sure I can easily find a cash buyer for a great deal

assignments and buyers list

i would like to here about assignment and buyers well as forms and documents i cant seem to find these.any help would be great thank you

private money

Are there other sources for private money for business start up besides SBA. Educating ourselves is the key to success but in order to purchase programs and go to seminars, it takes funds. I would love it if you are aware of any resources for your students in this arena. Thanks so much for all your support and guidance. Mary-Ellen


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Hi Dean -You are so AWESOME- I would like to know if it is OK or NOT to apologize when I am stumbling with my words and ADMIT that I am new at this...... but I won't give up. I just want the "experience" to hurry up a little....I guess that just takes time and I kind of answered my own question............I usually do...Thank You for ALL that you DO...I am so excited that NOW is the time for partner is my DAUGHTER and she is READY also....WE WILL be TALKING to YOU SOON!!! THANKS...

Acquiring Properties from Out of State Landlords

Dean, thank you for your weekly video blogs and this one in particular, asking your students for topics on future training calls.

I am new to the family. I am not certain if you covered out-of-state landlords in the past. I would like to see a training on "How to find motivated out-of-state landlords?" In addition, how we would pursue cash buyers for out-of-state properties, as well as, buyers for other exit strategies?

I look forward to participating in all of your trainings.

Again, thank you.


How to make a deal on FSBO?

subject to consider

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Hey Dean, Assignments would be good for me and whoever else. I can't make serious moves right now due to financial hardships, so getting cash would be somthing i truley need to learn more about. Also - how a complete assignment deal can be done in our SFL course. How FUN would that be for me and the family of D/G'rs God bless you

Filling the contracts

Thank you so much Dean for your continues help to get us through. your a great man.I would really like to know how to fill out some of the contracts and the earnest money that can be fill in. also in the SFL system how can I get the buyer contacts after I download the cash buyer from my state and county.

Thank you


Conference call topic requests

I second Steve and Veronica's request for Matt's one-liners (and best time to use them) AND finding hard $ lenders that want to help Dean's students.

Also, this isn't a topic for the conference call, but a request just the same. Would you consider doing an audio on someone's real life conversation with a potential buyer and one with seller? I think it would be very beneficial to those of us having difficulty getting started.


Carol from NJ


I have a banker who has property I told him that we buy and sell. He told me he had clients who wanted to sell or get out of their property. I told him I could help or close the deal. I called your office and somebody wanted some additional money for their services. All I wanted was the forms needed to make an offer and to close the deal. I don't have anymore money to spend. What I am looking for is the paperwork need to let buyers and sellers know what I have to offer or what I can do. I also need to know how do I make money from this. By the way the Banker let me know if I can do this he had a lot of deals for me. What I want is the paperwork contracts and where to post them. I could go to Darby I may not have spelled his name right but he is the first guy who I signed up with for Real Estate deals I don't know why I went with you but I did.

First Deal

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First and foremost, Thank you Dean !!!
You are one of a kind and I really am thankful for all that you do for your/our DG family. And for the opportunity I have in the SFL.

As a beginner I would like all the help I can get on getting that first deal done. It's easy to get overwhelmed with getting a team established, getting the marketing going and knowing what to say to someone that responds to it. Then trying to automate as much as possible.

Now that I have the SFL system, what should I focus on to get started. I have a couple renters looking to rent to own and a couple investors ready to buy but I'm kinda lost on what to do to capitalize on that.

I'm looking forward to letting you know about my first deal.

To everyone's success,

Garry C of
Hamilton, Ohio


I want more info on using totalview for finding deals and connect the for matching buyer with seller and getting paid in the middle.

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