Weekly Wisdom #254 - Leopards Changing Spots

Can people really change? It’s been said if you aren’t climbing, you’re sliding, what do you think? In this video, Dean reveals how he’s changing one of his most nagging behaviors AND gives you a chance to win his awesome laptop by posting something you want to change below. There’s also a new opportunity to grab some of Dean’s personal and best deals for yourself.

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Thanks for the weekly wisdon Dean. Really hit home with me. I procrastinate to the extremes. Very hard for me to take the first step.

I am extremely guilty of not following through.

Thanks again for the excellant weekly wisdom.

Nice video Dean, facing fears is the best way to plow through it

Enjoyed the video today. Spot on. In my "other" job its all about dealing with challenging clients. The sooner I learned how to go head first into the situation instead of skirting around the points of contention, everything flowed easier in both the work place and personal life.
My one fear is biting off more than I can chew even though it all taste good. That's where surrounding myself with good, competent people help assuage that fear.
Anyway, great video this week.

facing confrontation


Thanks for the pep talk on facing confrontation. I deal with this constantly, I find that when I can force myself to meet the confrontation head on that in the end the people on the other end respect me and show their appreciation for not beating around the bush. The outcome from pushing through always provides the best results.
Thank you for addressing this issue.



I am scared to take this step, because of my finances. I have no money to even invest in taking the classes. I would like to do this but money is the major problem. that is my biggest fear.

Thank you Dean....

for all you have done for Dory and I. We just returned to VT after our first trip to Vegas, courtesy of the Buying Summit. So excited to have bought my first investment property there and a tax lien too! Oh and Dory is very grateful for the iPad mini you gave her. Thank you Devin (organizer extraordinaire) for that amazing paper grab out of thin air!
Trying to link that to my eight year old windows laptop didn't work so well though, lol, blue screen of death! I was already dreaming of an Air, nudge nudge. It is ironic you decided to give yours away...... and my thoughts keep coming to life!
The education I have received and the support available from you and your incredible team will help make all our dreams for our children and ourselves possible! You continually inspire us all with your weekly wisdoms and this one hit the nail on the head with me personally. I have cost myself lots and lots in many ways with my inability to deal with confrontation. I have been growing out of this with age but it is something I have struggled with and actively have to work on.
With that said the thing I most want to change is my relationship with my children. Not that they are bad but I struggle to relay to them the importance of decision making and drive to do better each day. Which leads to a phone call from school and have to go pick up a child. Sad
So good bye for know and thanks for the chance at the Air with extra training! Strive to be a life long learner is something I say often to my children.

From the bottom of my heart,

I need to be liked

hutchie's picture

I have a fear of what people will think of me. I will often go along with what someone is saying even though I don't agree with them because I need them to like me. It's the same with calling a buyer, or RE agent. I'm afraid of what they may think of me.


Trust and Taking the leap!

tkmolter's picture

My big obstacle has been knowing the right path and not taking it out of fear. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of change and yes fear of success.

I have been plagued the the paralysis of analysis. Researching and investigating to find the sure bet, the perfect deal and 100% guarantee. Well, these don't exist and that is good because this constant pain has forced me to act. Looking at where I am and where I want to be, I see that the vast distance between the two is a direct result of my lack of action to avoid that which I feared.

Well that has changed and I am currently closing that distance. I started by joined the Insider elite and finally....finally, taking the leap and trusting in Dean's proven integrity, I signed up for Dean's Coaching. Now I have incredible training, guidance, inspiration and direction from Dean's veteran coaches. Saying WOW is just not doing the program justice!

Overcoming this lifelong lack of trust in others and myself has been a HUGE relief for me. I finally leaped over that gigantic wall I faced everyday. Now I can see a path to my dreams that I always knew was on the other side of that wall.

Dean you are right, living with the daily pain of NOT facing my fear is FAR worse than actually facing it head on. The imagined fear that we think we will face is really nothing close to what the reality is. In fact, most of the fear is just made up in our heads.
Not acting just makes that fear grow bigger and wall taller.

I heard it once said that some people live a 100 years, but most people live 1 year over and over and over again. That was me, but not anymore.

Thank you Dean for your constant and consistent dedication and guidance to help us better our lives in so many ways!


HI DEAN & THE DG FAMILY: this is our biggest enemy
fear, and if we make fear bigger than our GOLD, we
have a real problem. NEXT this business is about
meeting people and networking, have all your players ready. THANKS again DEAN for this forum so
we can connect with each other.

Taking Action

Thanks Dean for the great post. I have had some success in the past but got away from Real Estate for a while. I am working my way back into the process by listening to your weekly wisdoms, reading material and blogs and even going out to look at a few properties. I come to realize that all I've done so far is "Mistake Activity for Achievement". You have motivated me to turn that around; therefore I am drawing up a contract offer on a property today.

Thanks Dean

Marcus in Raleigh NC

Overload - TMI

Dean - we have done real estate in the past and then stopped. We decided to get involved in the investing aspect after seeing one of your infomercials. We made a decision to go through your entire program which we did. We loved it but we have so much information available alomg with knowledge from our existing stint with buying and holding that we seem to be stuck. We know it's because we want this to take off but are afraid of the next steps. Today we are going to move forward starting with calling realtors in our area.
Charles and I both agree that a tiger can change its stripes because I retired from teaching in June and he will be retiring shortly from his job with the government.
Thank you for your inspring words every week. We look forward to hearing new words of wisdom to help us get through this so we can one day be able to realize our dreams.

Its can be hard to look honestly at ourselves

redtailprojects's picture

Taking a hard look at ourselves can be very rewarding. But beyond that once we do take that look at ourselves, we then have to ask, are we going to do anything about it?

If we don't change it will all stay the same.

Thanks Dean, keep on keeping on!


Like a lot of folks, I don't enjoy confrontation either. But, I've found that most times when I do muster up the courage to initiate a difficult conversation, it ends up being much less painful than I imagined it being. Constantly working to get better at it!

Avoiding Confrontation

CynthiaWeiland's picture

Thanks, Dean. When you described yourself, I thought you were describing ME! I've been afraid to address things with certain people who are important to me because I don't want to alienate them. Now I have an action plan to just do it because that person is important to my life.

Spot on WW

Thanks for such great wisdom today. It may seem silly, but I am more comfortable feeling down and depressed than I am feeling happy and joyful. So I am working to do exactly as you suggest -- attach more pain and discomfort to the emotional experience I do NOT want. It really does work, though I have to stay on top of it to keep from slipping into bad habits.

UP all night

E_Ang's picture

First I have to tell you about my night I was up all night with my sick daughter. I am so excited about starting in real estate the first thing I did this morning was get my coffee and go straight to weekly wisdom because I love watching the exciting wisdom and all the information on just how my life is no different than Deans. And all I need to do is get out there a do what he is telling me and I will have the riches of supporting my family not just to day but even after I am gone and that is so important to me. Thank you Dean I would love to have one of your deals but I am a newbie and have no capital. Thanks for always sharing and all your wisdom.

Leopard Changing Spots

pxburne's picture

What I am afraid of and did not realize it is rejection, being told NO. Wow , I said it and it feels great!

Thanks Dean, this was an awesome Weekly Wisdom, that I will play over and over again both in my head and on my computer.

Thanks again for all of your heart felt wisdoms

Pat B

Shedding the fears

lmayberry3's picture


The fear is the time clock. The fear is what if I don't. The fear is am I going to mess up being this is a whole new avenue for me. The fear is can others tell this is new for me.

By placing myself with others that are within the same mind set and shedding those that are not makes my life less of the hamster on its wheel. I seem to have more courage when I know others have not only walked where I am walking but are walking through it with me.

I refuse to be a slave to my fear and those around me. If I accept their opinion and thoughts of how I run my life....I also have to accept their bank account...and that is not happening.

I am accepting responsibilities of the unknown. But will tackle those things with grace and surround myself with the right people that do have the correct answers till I am ready to mentor others in the right way.

It maybe about investment in properties....but it is actually investing in self first.

Love your program Dean.. and I need the computer badly!!!

Just getting off the ground..


My Fears

I feel to myself that I'm my own worst enemy. I don't have the ability to accept rejection easily. I blame myself when I don't get a deal. I just felt so pumped when I attended the seminars. I felt that I can do this myself. I do have resources that I haven't used as yet. I think I'll just have to call and get help.
Thanks Dean, for making me feel normal.
I'll take that first step now and make that phone call.


bandit1's picture

What gets me is the fact that my nerves just go nutz and i start to stutter so bad i cant hardly be understood when talking to someone but yet i talk to the person just fine if there not around?...

The Law on Your Side

I'd like to see more information on incorporation process and the differences between different asset protection entities.

All fear is based upon.......

the inability to cope. Whatever the fear is, we need to figure out how we would cope with it. Once we have a gameplan, that fear is dead. Hope this helps. Press on!


jokitty92's picture

As a little girl growing up I was always shy and still am to some extent and hate being confronted by someone that has issues.I have been reading scriptures from the bible that have helped me to face it head on and learn to stop running from confrontation feeling like I can't face it to feeling empowered to be able to handle whatever is thrown at me.I'm finding the fear of it is usually worse then the actual confrontation.Thanks for bringing this subject up.It is definitely one that needed to be addressed for all of us people that shy away from it. Great job Dean!


Wow, Dean! Thank you for those very inspiring wisdom's. I am also a person who dislikes confrontations or afraid of the unknown. And talking to realtors, going to REI clubs, and speaking to other investors was my biggest fear of all.
But thanks to you and to your amazing coaching team, they gave me the confidence to confront those situations and get out and network.
And have come to the conclusion that it's really "fun" and educational as well. I continue to learn from all this different people and just makes me more comfortable of what I am doing.
I have also read the book called "Feel the Fear and do it anyway"
Thank you and may God continue blessing you all around! Smiling


I am a newbee placing lots of offers, placing lots of ads for building buyers list. Have one offer accepted Sept 6 and will close in 30 days from 6th!

I am continuously learning and following Deans and company strategies.

Thanks Dean and everybody at the elite circle!

Fear of...?

necromage's picture

I think mine is more a bias towards analysis paralysis. Confrontations I have no problem with, but in today's world, with easy access to all sorts of information, I sometimes have a hard time knowing when enough (info) is enough. Does that make any sense? Smiling

Andy @ http://www.skinnygreencoffee.org/

A loss can be a gain

Thank you, Dean, for sharing about confronting. We all have situations in our lives that we do not want to confront. After listening to your talk, my wife and I have decided to sell a challenging property. Sometimes, it is better to take your losses and move on so the old can be cleared out to make way for the new. Money is not everything, although we are open to having an abundance of money we also need to be open to the multitude of ways that abundances of money can come into our lives. And, of course, our physical and mental health will always be priceless. Thank you.
Best regards,
Tim & Barbara Saunders

Hitting the nail on the head!

jeannieo's picture

Wow Dean! You hit the nail on the head with this one! I have been having so much difficulty with money problems that I've never faced in my life and now have a couple of creditors calling me numerous times a day and I won't answer the phone. I am going to really work on my courage and try to talk to them today! I also need to be more aggressive in my real estate business and finally get my first deal under my belt so my financial difficulties will be behind me!! Thanks so much for your inspiration and encouragement.

Scared--Yes--But not Done!

KatCanDo2's picture

Everyday that I have started my journey as a REI, and a mother/wife and little to no knowledge of real estate, I've had fears to over come! Not easy, especially when I gave something a try and it didnt work out like I thought. I can't help but play it back in my head and think, Gees that was a stupid thing i said!

I know i battle with things i could have done differently, better, nicer, smarter! So what to do? Get my butt up and just get out there and do it again and if I fall, so what, not the end of the world, but Yes, I am getting smarter, wiser, and better in the process! Smiling

something i would like to change

I would like to change is fear and doubt that something good or even great can happen for me. It seems like it when I am right on the brink of a blessing or something big, doubt and fear kick in and it just don't happen.

People Pleaser

Brant23's picture


Boy I sure can relate to the avoidance of confrontation. For the longest time, I was a people pleaser and put way too much importance on making everyone happy. Not possible. We should strive to be at peace with everyone, but not if it comes at the expense of truth.

Also, I had a block on calling FSBO signs because of a preconceived notion that it was going to be uncomfortable and there was no way to actually get them to agree on 50 to 60 cents on the dollar. Stepping out of my comfort zone allowed me to realize that not only is calling on signs fun, but its not about pleasing the seller. You go through the info sheet, make your offer and move on if there isn't an agreement. No big deal either way. The abundance mindset is HUGE in overcoming fear and the people pleasing mentality.

Not only did I find out that calling signs is fun, but a coworker came to me with a deal. His dad was days away from starting the foreclosure process, and we were able to negotiate a deal with him for 50 cents on the dollar. He walked away with cash in his pocket instead of a foreclosure, and I assigned the deal away for 5K!

Thanks for another great weekly wisdom, Dean!