Weekly Wisdom #254 - Leopards Changing Spots

Can people really change? It’s been said if you aren’t climbing, you’re sliding, what do you think? In this video, Dean reveals how he’s changing one of his most nagging behaviors AND gives you a chance to win his awesome laptop by posting something you want to change below. There’s also a new opportunity to grab some of Dean’s personal and best deals for yourself.

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Very uplifting weekly wisdom. They have really help me to push myself to the point of making my dreams a reality. Thank you Dean for your posts! And being so positive!!! I love to win the prize, but if I don't its okay because I've won the biggest prize of all which is a place that I can go to no matter what time and be plugged in to positive things and people!


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My long time friend and guitarist of 34 years just passed away suddenly. I had avoided him the past couple of weeks because he was very confrontational and I didn't want to engage in that. But now I'm wishing I had because the fact that I'll never have a chance to see him and talk to him again hurts even more. If only I hadn't avoided him his last few days. A valuable lesson I could've learned earlier.... Thanks Dean for hitting it home again!

God bless you,

Moving toward the FEAR INSTEAD of AWAY from it....

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I too need to concentrate on moving towards my FEAR of failure. I WANT and NEED so much to be successful in my endeavor into WHOLESALING. I must push through for my children's well-being. I am a confrontational person in all other aspects of my life but I have found that going into being MY OWN BOSS has me SHY to get the buyers, sellers, joining REI's, etc...to assist me. The video has shaped my thinking to keep it moving FORWARD. I am a NEWBIE & looking for an HONEST MENTOR/PARTNER to help me in the Ft. Worth, TX area for WHOLESALING if ANYONE is interested....Success to ALL here!

Thank you Dean for your wise words.


My husband has a saying that "if something makes you uncomfortable, maybe you need to do it more". He is, of course, talking about positive things like public speaking, making phone calls, etc.! We are trying to do that ourselves. We need to make more calls, make more offers, etc. Thanks for another great reminder to all of us that positive change CAN happen!

MacBook Air

Hello Dean

Great video,

I want to win your MacBook.

Yes, I believe people can change if they want to also. As you mentioned, people stop smoking all the time after having been addicted for years.

It does take will power though.


Will Roach


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Dean, this a great video, however I am not satisfied. Since I am exactly what you said I need to snap out of it. Can you please be more specific and give a real example of attaching something painful to being non confrontational that would affect me?

Leopards Changing Spots

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom.....going to make me think about that one.....Hmmmm

Thank you for giving your DG Family a chance to win
this Apple notebook......more important than the tablet is what you will leave inside it....Smiling


Atempting to move forward.

Hello Dean.

I'm having trouble talking to agents. When I find one who agrees to work with me generally when it is time to go to the second level of filtering out the properties pertaining to the 25 to 1 strategy the agent disappears or they want a bank statement when it's time to summit offers. I don't currently have a bank account let alone bank statement. Man i'm getting sick and tired of repeating the process of finding another agent just to be left hanging again and again. But I know I have to keep going and don't give up.


In addition I have other issue regarding the real estate process however I'm going to just have to power through them.

Thank you for the Monday weekly wisdom video.

Keep up the good work.

Kendall H.


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Hey Dean,
Always a little scared of refusal when I submit an owner finance offer with minimal to zero down. But, I do it anyway and now have the properties to show for it. A little fear never hurt anyone.


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I am looking for a turnkey property in the metro Detroit area between 25k to 30k. If you have one Dean, I am interested. Or if anyone else has one, please contact me.


Hi Dean, when it comes to confrontations I try to look at them as opportunities to help the person with an opposing view. That way I can use it as an opportunity to give information, care, concern, love, and the like without trying to receive affirmation and victory in the exchange.

I See Your Spots Leopard

Hi everone, I just posted my comment to this subject i saw it up for like 5 minutes and now its gone, it was both my first post and appropriate to the subject, its true and from the heart. I truly hope someone didn't take it down.


I'm a brand new investor ...head still spinning from all the information.. Great way of thinking about things..thanks

Leopards Changing Spots

I was afraid to call realtors and talk to buyers. I have done that now.

I have not mastered the art of saying, "no," which is a fear. I tell myself every day, I must say no to others, including family.

Making a change...

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I know I don't like talking to strangers on the phone. I have how ever have been over coming that problem. It is very important to my job to talk to people I don't know. So I am changing my out look on my viewpoint on that. I know it don't sound like a very big thing, but it is. Because that is the only way my business will grow. I'm sure I have other fears just not sure what they are yet. I do want to make it in this line of work. So I will continue to move forward to get my first deal under my belt so I can keep moving on with my goals in Real estate.

Weekly Wisdom

Dean -

All too often I'm afraid of conversations with people I don't know because I think that they will become AWKWARD and that's almost a phobia of mine. So I'm going to just not be afraid of holding conversations with strangers anymore. I'm plenty capable of being able to relate with someone and find common ground. So that's what I'm going to do. Thanks for the inspiration!

Overcoming bad habits

Hey Dean, really enjoyed attending one of your company's informational seminars a few days ago! As a small business owner I'm really excited to learn how to invest in real estate to build multiple streams of income down the road.

That being said, one of my biggest problems is overcoming some bad unproductive habits I'm sure everyone can relate to. I want to make the calls, do the followups, and seek out prospects but the TV happens to turn itself on. I want to get up early and get the day off to a good start but end up sleeping in a little more. I'm really working on improving these, currently just finished Darren Hardy's "The Compound Effect" and am really excited to attack some of my bad habits and become 100% more efficient and productive. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge and advice and I'm definitely looking forward to learning more and teaming up with you're group in the near future.


Your here for a reason

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Hi Dean,

Stumbling along the way is in our nature, the only way for us to learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat them.. we all do it. My biggest fear is not knowing what the future holds.. at this time in my life..
i'm still searching for work, and it seems thats a full time job searching for work..
Im working on finding deals to wholesale and to get my feet wet again, if you dont do this everyday i re-read to learn it again and write down my goals .. it's a process and gets me moving forward to keep positive.
To me conflict is ok as long as we can come up with a solution, if that doesnt than i move on, were always learning to improve and we also have a choice what path will you take?

Thank you. I need to

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Thank you. I need to overcome fear of losing everything and believe in myself. Growing up, my parents went bankrupt 3 times. We lost our home and rented several places. Grew up in a wealthy area and lost confidence in myself for being poor and not feeling good enough. I feel I'm not quick enough to make decisions or deal with confrontations also. I need to get out, face the fears, take action and stay focused on now and the future!


Another great weekly wisdom.

After watching the video I had to sit down and ask myself what I was really afraid of. I have a goal to be able to leave my full time job now and focus on real estate by December 2014. I have been busting my tail to make this work but the results are coming slowly. Even though I try to stay positive, there is always a fear in my mind that I may not reach my goal.

I need to put that fear out of my mind and trust in the system and training that I have in place and make myself accomplish my goal. If I just keep doing the right things and move in the right direction and take action I will be sure to achieve my goal. I need to get the doubt and fear out and focus on the correct actions.


Hi Dean,
Thank you for sharing your feelings about confrontation and how you are dealing with it. I don't like being in uncomfortable situations but your are right, if we deal with it we grow. Over the years when I was employed and had a responsibility to my employer, I handled confrontation as a part of my job, but not in my personal life. Somehow when personal feelings are involved, I shy away and like you previously, I tend to avoid it.

Some of the things I avoid currently are bandit signs and wholesaling. Why do those things make me so nervous that I am paralyzed to take action. I can negotiate with banks and buy and rehab properties but I shy away from the above.

So, learning from your example, I shall avoid doing that in the future. I'll take a deep breath and deal with it straight on.

Thanks again Dean for sharing.

WW response

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Hi dean hope your having a successful awesome day to be honest I'm a little nervous about starting whole selling a week from today with you and your company I know if you took 30 to 60 min to talk to me on the phone not cuz I want anything from you but I know if you heard my story it would inspire you and it truly could inspire thousands of other people's lives I currently saved the company I work for from losing their biggest contract with Nike because I took a stand and went to the CEO and laid everything on the table that was going wrong and I was truly thanked I would truly truly love to share my story with you before u help me help myself become successful but if you really just don't have anytime or think I just want something from u your wrong but if you truly want to inspire people you need to hear my story it's just too much to type because I'm a slow slow Typer and ill make u a deal if u are not inspired by my story ill never ask you to listen to me again I won't ask u to use your money to help me make my own money which is really the only way I can make the money to be able to get my son the best care and specialist for his autism and sizers if I'm willing to put that on the table please truly find the time to listen to my story so I can inspire u and then hoping to inspire as many people as will listen my number is 503 830 5326

Link pleasure instead of pain

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Definitely have a fear of confrontation and failure. Going to work on linking pain with the fear. Great weekly wisdom as always. Thanks!

definately affraid of not

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definately affraid of not suceeding

Changing Dislikes Into Things We Love

There are 3 things that I dislike that I would change to be 3 things that I love. And that is the following:

1. Time Management!
I get very annoyed when someone does not
respect my time the way I respect theirs.
I work on real estate and they think it is
some sort of pipe dream and that I need to
earn a living at $10.00 an hour so that I can
earn their respect of my time.

2. Negative People!
Being around a negative person is like being
around a cement block in the ocean or poison!

3. Money!
I do not like to scrape by with money.
We all need money for ourselves and to help
aid others. We need it for food, clothes,
a nice home, a nice automobile, so many things
to many things to list here on this page.
But really not just for ourselves that to me
would not be worth having an abundance of money.

People need people and when we achieve the success
in Real Estate we keep money for ourselves and we
need to share and aid others.

Just don't forget about yourself and remember how
extremely difficult it was getting there to earn
that money.

This is my point of view of money.
We all need to respect our money and others
money as well and be discipline in a way to
use that money to earn more money for the
important reason we need to earn it.

These Are The Three Things I would Like To
Change from dislikes of doing to love to do.


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“Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.”

The above quote was spoken by Will Smith in the movie "After Earth". I thought it went well with the subject you were speaking on about dreading confrontation lol

I enjoy the fact that a lot of the Weekly Wisdom focuses on changing past programming that holds a person back from success. I personally need work in this area. I'm currently a Massage Therapist in the Bay Area, and I am in the process of getting a Bachelor's in Kinesiology (to go with my Massage Profession). I have recently been going back and forth in my mind about quitting my Massage Therapy job in the SF bay area to commit myself to becoming a Real Estate Investor. I think deep down that a career in Real Estate would bring my happiness and financial freedom. However, it is hard for me to change gears. To make that leap and leave what I know behind for something better. I am 24-years-old, and I think that it's time for me to take action!

I've been reading posts and watching videos on this site for a couple weeks now, ever since i finished Dean's book. It seems like the Universe is sending my signs about getting in Real Estate, and that it's something I should commit to. One of my client's last night turned out to be a commercial Real Estate investor. Now I have to summon the energy to so something about it instead of hesitating for no good reason.


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That is a good one I will write on my wall to remind me. You sure do get our attention, great advice to help us get going, free computer and unfortunately not able to purchase the home. But don't give up on us.

Overcoming Fears

Some of our fears are rooted in past experiences. I tend to avoid rural areas because where I grew up people would shoot first and ask questions later. OK, they would shoot at you as a warning and not to actually harm you, but I got tired of getting shot at so I avoid rural areas.

The truth is that outside of certain desert areas, people don't shoot at you. In reality, people don't shoot at you in rural areas like they used to. Urban areas are different and can involve baseball bats and clubs, etc. But only in certain restricted areas that are heavily gang controlled.

I've found that as an investor looking at properties, I need to learn all the seedy and dangerous areas that I now just avoid.

When I was younger, I would shoot back while escaping and always carried a tire thumper (a small baseball bat that truckers use to check their tires) in the car at all times. As I got older, I backed away from these situations as I learned to recognize the signals earlier.

Fear, next to depression, is the greates de-motivator in the world IF you let yourself be ruled by it.

Starting over

9/14/13 I got inspired to start my business over then that turned into starting my entire life over! Weight - Finances - Priorities...everything

Funny how When you seek something you find it. so I opened my mailbox and received this message from you.

Things I will not be afraid of anymore:

-- doing things you know you need to do. Procrastinating on the simple things that effect you life. For example.
-- going to the doctor for a full checkup. - physical - dentist - dermatologist - all of them
Picking up the phone when I have a prospect/ lead
-- setting an inflexible schedule for workout (because that's the most important)
-- daily meditation and prayer.
-- not letting what other people do affect my positive attitude.

A lot of people reading these already know them (including me)....so lets get out there an DO them!

Starting over

9/14/13 I got inspired to start my business over then that turned into starting my entire life over! Weight - Finances - Priorities...everything

Funny how When you seek something you find it. so I opened my mailbox and received this message from you.

Things I will not be afraid of anymore:

-- doing things you know you need to do. Procrastinating on the simple things that effect you life. For example.
-- going to the doctor for a full checkup. - physical - dentist - dermatologist - all of them
Picking up the phone when I have a prospect/ lead
-- setting an inflexible schedule for workout (because that's the most important)
-- daily meditation and prayer.
-- not letting what other people do affect my positive attitude.

A lot of people reading these already know them (including me)....so lets get out there an DO them!