Weekly Wisdom #254 - Leopards Changing Spots

Can people really change? It’s been said if you aren’t climbing, you’re sliding, what do you think? In this video, Dean reveals how he’s changing one of his most nagging behaviors AND gives you a chance to win his awesome laptop by posting something you want to change below. There’s also a new opportunity to grab some of Dean’s personal and best deals for yourself.

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No Fear

ricardo57's picture

The precaution is losing a significant amount of money before making a great amount of moeny


"Know thyself!" - remember the great greek philosopher's quote.
"He, who can convert weaknesses in strengths, expenses in legal write offs
and liabilities into income producing assets will be far more successfull than any
tradesman or proffesional ! " by George B.
" He, who conquers himself is greater than he who conquers kingdoms" The Bible

things that intimidate me

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Things that intimidate me was talking to a real Estate agent for the first time. I still found The courage to do it.

Getting Started on Info Overload!

I have been gathering info from classes and my REIA for about 1 year now.

I am taking slow steps to putting myself out there and ramping up my message to the people that are around me.

Like you I don't readily seek to talk to strangers but do it anyway naturally so I may as well offer my services while I am socializing right?

Anyway I am doing it afraid! I don't want to work for someone or some company for the rest of my life if I can help it, and from what I know with following the investors in the REIA, I CAN control my future with investing!!!

I know all it's going to take for me is landing that one deal for who cares how much and it will be off to the races!!!

Wish me luck all!


great message

im afraid of confrontation also, and rude loud mean ppl. this might help


Wow~ Change! not always easy...
I do not deal with confrontation well either. I find myself getting silent, nodding, walking away....usually that is when I deal with relatives. I will have to pay more attention to how I do business. This is something that needs to change. I know it will not happen overnight, but it WILL happen.

Thanks Dean!

Dean, I so appreciate how

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Dean, I so appreciate how you explained your fear of confrontation, because it is my greatest fear too, both fights and disagreements. I don’t want to sound like an idiot, and heaven forbid I’m wrong! But I’ve gotten better at speaking my mind calmly and intelligently, and still striving to improve. The way you put it is perfect too… be more fearful of DOING NOTHING.

I’m both excited and fearful about this new venture in Real Estate. My family and I are doing this together as a team… and we’ve been very set on Buy & Hold… but we realize we need to try Wholesaling and Assignment of Contract as part of our plan. On the plane-ride home from the September Buyer’s Summit, I listed ten priority items I want to accomplish in a reasonable time frame (20-30 days). These 10 items will help to begin Wholesaling/Assignments, while also getting our new business started. Some of them were related to steps we took at the summit, some were related to your book, “30 Days To Real Estate Cash” (thank you for giving that to us by the way!), and some was related to Robert Kiyosaki’s "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and "Retire Young Retire Rich". I know I can do it – it’s easy once fear is out of the picture.

Thank you for a great weekend at the summit, and also for keeping our spirits and mindsets on a positive path!

Thank you!

It feels like this post was meant just for me, Dean.
I definitely avoid confrontation. I like your comment about if you aren't climbing you will slide down and also that just hovering isn't enough.
I'm learning that in order to progress I have to force myself to do the things that may make me uncomfortable.
I remember when my husband and I first started door knocking. We wanted that first deal so bad but yet we were relieved when no one was home and we could just leave a note instead of speaking with the homeowner at the door. Lol. My husband has completely overcome that fear. Now we are seeing the fruits of our labor and enjoying the results of taking action and not letting fear of confrontation or mistakes stop us.
Great post. Thank you!

Fear of Making a Mistake

Thanks Dean! I have been slow to move ahead at times for fear of making a mistake.....but I know that I have to move through these fears! If you and your collegues can do it, then so can I! I just have to keep moving forward one step at a time.

Thanks again!

Expanding Comfort Zones

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It's all about comfort zones. The more we inch our way out of the status quo,the more we expand and grow. This just has to be constant and consistent.my 1% rule is if I do a 1% everyday change - this turns into 20-80% change etc.

The greatest consolation?
Yesterday's UNcomfort zone is today's comfort zone.
We will go through it regardless - from crawling as a baby to walking..to running. From hesitancy to dealing with buyers, sellers etc. to dealing with lots of them.

Thanks Dean for your great insights!


Self Doubt

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The things I've always struggled with are:
Self-doubt. I don't always believe I can do all that I know is possible to do.
Also, I'm afraid to make offers when I'm not sure I can find funding or a buyer.
I also dislike calling people even if they have responded to my ad.

These are all things I'm working on because they are holding me back.



tddonna's picture

It's interesting that I have been such a driven person all my life, but now that I have quit my full-time job and jumped into the real estate full-time, I am finding it difficult to stay motivated and get tasks accomplished. Instead I find myself procrastinating and not getting much accomplished. Today's video was a great reminder to just keep moving forward and doing something every day that will make the real estate happen!

I can

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I can change my spots and I am not going to be satisfied, until I do!

The Struggle is worth it.....


I don’t like confrontation either but what really hit me in this video was the comment. “If you’re not climbing, you’re sliding.” It’s time to stop hovering and start making connections.
PS.. In a moment I stopped smoking on my daughter’s first birthday. That was 25 years ago. Thanks Dean


I am terribly afraid of making calls. I dont feel like I know enough info to be able to call and talk to someone about what I need them to do. Even though i hate making calls and am not good at it my partner/mother makes me do it anyway which hasnt gone too well but hopefully get better soon.

The Motivation I Needed

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Confrontation has never been something I have jumped off of the couch to do. For the last few weeks I have had zero motivation for this very reason. There is too much fear of failure that I never actually make any progress. I bench myself before I ever even get into the game. I'm sitting in the bus while the team is playing in the stadium! Fear, fear, fear.....has no place!

My personal hangups:
-Making calls (especially realtors)
-Making offers
-Putting up bandit signs

There are big dreams I have for my life and the people in it. You often talk about how will you feel if you accomplish a goal and how you will feel if you do not. So now I am reminding myself of what happens if I do not face those unrealistic fears. Making a simple call can mean one step closer to my dream and not making that call can mean watching others live the dreams that I had. I'm going to make progress today.

Just what I needed to get me out of the fear in my mind and run toward my dreams. It is possible!

My demons and fears

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Hey Dean. I have to say I'm all about defeating my demons and finding a compremise whenever possible. And am still a bit shy when contacting REAs. A work in progress.


I need to do better to stand up to the bullies in my life.


engelterri3's picture

Dean, I think the house on Harrison looks much bigger than the 2 sg ft. posted.
But I like it.
Terri Engel


D-HI's picture

Hey Dean, I wouldn't say I am afraid, but I really hate putting out bandit signs.

I can say that I used to be afraid to talk to strangers, but not anymore, now I just talk with confidence and if they say no, oh well they said no...moving on!


Change is good

Thanks for the Weekly Wisdom Dean!

I agree with you on confrontations. I think many people will feel the same way. What I've found while slowly working towards my first deal is that I am learning a lot with every step I take. And I believe the saying (I think by Tim Ferriss) "Success can be measured by how many uncomfortable conversations a person is willing to have."

What I want to change would be the bad habit I have of putting things on the back burner. When I get progress, make another step towards my first deal, I generally add the next step to my "To-Do" list. Which means the next step may not be taken for a day or two.. I truly am excited after making progress and I'm going to keep my excitement level up by getting on top of my next step right away.

Instead of having a mini-celebration for every little step I take, I'm going to keep moving towards the ultimate goals that I have. In the end, I think this will lead to me accomplishing more in life, getting what I want, driving me to succeed and have much larger celebrations when I'm knocking down all my goals!

Awesome motivation! (as always)
Thanks Dean!

Ryan Kohn

Fear of failure

Thank you for your motivating post. I am a serial procrastinator due to what I believe to be a "fear of failure".The unknown is a major source of fear and I must overcome this.

Thanks Dean for the Hope

It is so true that we tend to avoid the things we do not want to confront. I tend to avoid confrontations too. I have been a DG follower for a few years now and have not been able to move forward for fear of failure. With my extensive background as a real estate appraiser for almost 20 years I have always felt that this would be the best next step for me. But due to the fear of just trying to survive day to day it has stopped me from realizing that goal.
I am going to overcome my fears and start to build my investment business. I am going to go back to your books and make a plan to move forward. Maybe some day I will get to meet you and maybe even do some deals with you. Looking forward to yours and my success.
Thanks Dean for all your insights, Crystal


Becky2424's picture

I am having trouble finding a house I can afford that is worth buying in my area. Help

Fears I Need To Overcome

The things that I most fear about is not writing up a assignment the write way because the whole point is to assign it and not have to end up with it.Another of my biggest fear is talking to a real estate agent and not knowing how to get my point across on what my attentions of wholesaling are.

Thanks for Helping Us

lfpns61's picture

My Name is Mary,

And I live in Anchorage Alaska
I wanted to say thank You dean for helping Me getting Started in the Real Estate Investing & By being able to Purchasing some of the Liens & Tax Deeds You Offer in One of Your Programs for Your Students.

Me & My Better Half have Purchased through You 4 Tax Liens & 1 Trust Deed & are Planning to Purchase More in the coming Months Ahead.
You have shown Us how to place our 401k into a program so We can purchase More Tax Liens & Trust Deeds

Thanks Again for Showing Us how to do this, without Your Program & teaching through your Coaches We would not have Known how to Do it & be this Successful .

Thanks Again,

Mary Richards


Changing careers - leaving the comfort of what I know so well and embarking into the world of investing. I have aligned with mentors, invested in my education, looked at properties, been to investment and network events...taking the steps to secure my future. I have been holding on to the quote - On the other side of my fears lives my greatest life. One step at a time, one day at a time.


i very much agree

20 Years fighting fear.

This is a no brainer, the feelings you describe in your video are exactly the ones I've been fighting for almost 20 years.

In 1995 I bought a RE program from Carlton Sheets and studied it a lot, at the first negative comment I panicked and did nothing.

2009, got a couple of your books, read them, another negative comment from a RE agent, panicked again and haven't done anything.

To me Real Estate is like my ultimate goal in life because I know that it can help me get the life I want to live and give my family what they deserve, as well as helping others.

MY BIGGEST FEAR is that, if RE is my ultimate goal and I don't succeed in it... then what?

I'm a couple of years older than you, and almost half of my life fighting with the fear of failing in RE (which is about the time you have been succeeding at it), 20 years fighting fear.

I think this weekly wisdom will do the trick, thank you, thank you.

Cesar Q.

Thank you!

I enjoy Tony Robbins too. I do believe that the past does not equal the future and that I need to evaluate confrontation/fears. I have gotten to the point where I tell myself "It always feels better when I am done". This goes for exercising, talking with real estate agents, calling back a new buyer etc. I always feel good that I did it. It may be scary but I have convinced myself that I feel worse festering on the issue, just do it in that moment.

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