Weekly Wisdom #254 - Leopards Changing Spots

Can people really change? It’s been said if you aren’t climbing, you’re sliding, what do you think? In this video, Dean reveals how he’s changing one of his most nagging behaviors AND gives you a chance to win his awesome laptop by posting something you want to change below. There’s also a new opportunity to grab some of Dean’s personal and best deals for yourself.

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It is always inspiring to listen to you. I have to go talk to someone this morning that I really got off on the wrong foot with when I moved into this complex. As one of the managers here they are in that position of being "right" all the time. And it sure makes me uncomfortable to have to go make sure I have the "correct" instructions on what I have to do. You are a blessing and I am one of those students that keeps thinking someday I will get more involved. Think you hit it correctly because it is hard for me at this age to confront things again after losing so much in my life a few years ago. I think that's why I keep watching you and I've gone to a couple of your in town presentations with my friends to see if they would like to get involved. When I have the money I will take a course I promise myself. Thank you again. ps. My grand son is getting that six second rule. He is six and we are building some funny stories around it. His teacher even liked it when I told her about it. Thanks again for all you do

Yes, those spots can change

Thanks Dean-
This is heartwarming. That you can come forward in FREE WW and shaare knowledge repeatedly but especially to share with everyone your own issues. It is so very helpful to all of us. And it just really hit me this morning that I have studied, made excuses and kept studying, kept a journal recently regarding my real estate, but it is NOW the TIME to take action!!
I also am committing totake action with my physical body -- more movement -- yess exeercissee is very important and I know it and am now recommitting to doing so.
I need a new computer -- my very old slow one which is about 7 years old has served as one of my excuses.
I am grateful for all that you do for all os us especially me. Thanks Dean for your insight and wisdom and opening up to us.
A new laptop would be a delight!!

Working for the break-through

Dean, I have been trying to get all the study in and apply all the knowledge received, but it still overwhelming at this point but I do expect to achieve everything possible no matter how long it takes.
You know when you spend a lot of money and nothing coming in (this is your retirement money)it's very very scary. Will I lose everything and be begging for bread or will I really start making the money that is hope for.
I am holding on!
Thanks Dean,

Have also learned that lesson

Found out early it was keeping me up at night and always would think or a bad outcome, so now most of the time I hit things head on and put them behind me right away. Now I sleep great and seldom have nagging issues.

What scares me

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Dean I am Warren Stansbury 58 I have read your books been trying to pull the trigger ,I am a good talker but needed the time to make sure you were legit.I used to follow Robert Kiyosaki until I found out that a company that he knew sold his info by force,they would bully people to buy .I used to sell and stand behind a fire alarm company that saved peoples lives for six years until there life time guarantee was null and void.So while I have been waiting for some bad news about you I realize I have wasted time and could have been making money now that I understand I need a boot up my butt to give me that kick.So many things I have done with good intentions and blew up, I guess it called learning, am watching grand kids in day want to do this help!!!!!

Reframing My World

It is so amazing that you posted this video in the last couple of days. I recently made the decision to change my world by changing my mindset and the words that I speak. I learned by reading the Secret that I am the creator of me, and the only reason that things have happened in my life is because I have put the frequencies bringing those things to life into space.

Each day, I actively take charge of my feelings and thoughts and only allow myself to think those thoughts that will bring the world I envision closer to me, and to reality.

Working on It

jean.surpris's picture

Another Great Weekly wisdom. These weekly wisdom really keep you motivated. I am very afraid of networking and I have been working on it by going to as many real estate investment club as possible.


Thank you for your weekly wisdom.What I am working on my fears.I tend to anlyze my every move because as a single parent trying to make ends meet is not easy.Up to now I have not done a single deal but I am positive it will come.I have been a student for four months now.....I will make it happen!!!!!!!

Weekly Wisdom

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Thanks Dean,

I have dedicated my life to continual learning ,self development and healthy choices for a better life. I feel I have a lot to offer but am afraid to teach others for fear of being ridiculed and judged.


You hit the nail on the head, Dean.

Ryneaux's picture

I, too, hate confrontations. Not out of fear, but rather out of an attitude of "This is just not worth the negative stress and the requisite investment of time and energy." I suppose my mother ingrained this old saying into my psyche all too well: "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still."

Your current video has really made me stop and think, Dean. All in all, it's probably ALWAYS "worth it" to "speak the truth in love"---and let the chips fall where they may. (By the way, will you be a material witness when my wife files for divorce?)

Bountiful Blessings!


PaulYoung4ever's picture

I do not like confrontation. I also have come to realize that I sometimes am the looser when I refuse to confront someone that I know is wrong. This same flaw has kept me out of real estate. I am going to try to put it together and accomplish something this month. My goal is to make my first deal by the end of the year. My motivation is that my wife had a stroke last month, and we live in a two story house. She has difficulty getting up and down the steps. I plan to utilize what I know to move into a one level home and sell my two story home.

Finding Courage to Change...

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Change is hard for many, if not most people. And changing habits takes a while - some say up to 30 days to put a new (better) habit in place.

So whether it be quitting smoking or overcoming the fear of the phone, it takes effort to move to a better place.

Your site and programs provide great support and opportunities to help people get the courage to take action and change.

I recently completed a "Boots on the Ground" event. It was terrific. My confidence level went waaaay up and things I feared before "magically" melted away.

Thanks a million for the way you and your team reach out and are always there to help us succeed!


Ken Alston


Thanks again, Dean. I really appreciate how you keep helping me find my growing edge. We're closing on our latest deal this evening, but I've never posted here before! Took a while to get my account up & running then I just never knew what to say. Like so many things, it doesn't matter so much what as THAT. So here I am, next time will be easier, 'cuz I have footprints to follow. Every day better & better as long as I keep at it.


Hi Dean, I have been the person that has just hovered, stopped, started.....etc....need to be consistant and have a plan every day.....thanks for sharing as always...... Dave


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My biggest fear is getting the buyers list together...it's a sales thing, I'm afraid to sell, I have no fear of going out and finding the deals, just the part of selling that deal scares the heck out of me because I'm not comfortable selling and don't think I'm very good at it....need to end the fea3LGHr of selling to move forward.
Now at least I've admitted it and can work on it Smiling


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I just wanted to say thank you for your guidance. It was your information that helped me step out an pursue my dream of real estate investing. About two months ago I did my first deal, and I'm working on my next one.

Thank you again for your leadership, and the opportunities that you present.

Thanks again,


Changing my Stripes - Not an Old Dog New tricks -

Dean, I am not one for confrontation either. I avoid it like the plague. I will meet middle ground to have everyone feel they gained something in return. My biggest fear right now is putting out Bandit sings. I feel I am doing something wrong like a little kid and the police will get me and fine me. to solve this I have lady I bowl with that just got laid off and she is at the age of retirement and doe snot want to go back to work. I asked her if she would be willing to work with me on my business and start to grow more. She said she would love to work with me. Boy now all I got to do is get my butt going and give her the signs to put out on Friday and pick up[ on Sunday for me. I did this last Friday even before seeing your Weekly Wisdom. I realize I cant do it all and keep going. My second stripe I want to change is to keep looking at properties that my realtor send mes, I have expanded my counties in Florida to include more, I also gained a new friend on Insider Elite to work with out of state. Yes that is my biggest fear is investing out of state if never being there without a true team on the ground already to help me out. That is my next hurdle to cross and start investing. Thanks for giving me the courage to move out of state and setup business.I need to stop worrying about the little things and focus on my Main WHY!!. Real Estate for Kids for Life and then their Kiddos!! Robin


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I have decided to change my outlook on life. In other words to think about what I'm thinking about. Often times I would just allow random, negative, unproductive thoughts run rampant in my head and not attack and deal with them before its able to plant a seed. I've realize that I can not live a positive, fulfilling life if I continue to allow negativity into my brain and not even try to turn them into positives. I want to be a better mother for my daughter. Being able to show her that there isn't any challenge in life that you can't overcome with the right attitude and outlook. For too long I've allowed negativity to take such a hold of my life; but I refuse to subject to it any longer because its kept me from being where I want to be in life. Not anymore!

I'm truly grateful for coming across you on TV and I take to heart all your wisdom.

Rhonda Daniel

It's a Slippery Slope Alright

Valiant's picture

Hey Dean,

Thanks. I don't know if it's coincidence or not but we have been on the same page lately, and what they say is true "GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE."

That being said I find it necessary to go back to the root of things. By this I mean that it is imperative for me to learn why it is my real estate agents do the things they do. If I can help them achieve their goals and at the same time achieve mine, we will have a win-win situation.

Therefore, by learning to become a better communicator I will not only get my point across, I will also move closer to achieving my dreams.

We seem to forget that we are here on this earth to help each other achieve our dreams and if we put other before ourselfs, we can achieve much more in a shorter period of time.


Talking on the Phone

Thank you Dean!

This hit home with me today. I am brand new to your family and have been enjoying your weekly wisdom.

I posted several items on Craigs list this weekend trying to aquire some working capital. I discovered that I DO NOT LIKE CALLING PEOPLE. Your tip today put a whole new perspective on things for me. I am going to begin LOVING to call people as of today.

God Bless!



This was something I used to be afraid of but over the years of managing people and hotel properties I feel it does not really bother me much anymore. My biggest challenge is confronting my own fears and not taking the next step for my own success. I know Real Estate is the only way to go but I constantly take on new projects and end up fixing someone elses business and help them make money. I know a "break" is not going to come knocking on my door so I need to make my own and it is absolutely possible with your coaching and training. One of these days I will get sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Thanks for a great weekly wisdom. Always inspiring.

"hurting people"

jcwp's picture

I am very sensitive to hurting peoples feelings or embarrassing them. If I anticipate that something I say will make someone feel bad or embarrass them, I can't bare it sometimes and I avoid it.

I think everyone feels this way about personal situations, and will avoid unnecessary hurt, but this affects how I deal with people in business. I am sometimes afraid I will offend a realtor or a homeowner I may be negotiating with (people are sensitive about their homes)

The truth is, we can't make anyone feel a certain way. We say what we say, and they react how they do, based on their life's experiences.

I think we have a responsibility to be honest, and most of the time people appreciate and respect when we are candid with them. (knowing this doesn't always make it easy Smiling)

I remind myself that I would rather have people be honest and direct with me.

It can be very costly to hold back (personally and professionally).

I appreciate your thought provoking message this week, Dean, and the fact that you share your personal experiences. It helps to make all of us better.

Have a great week Smiling


So True!

michaelmangham's picture

I also dislike confrontation. But I have found that when done in a professional assertive manner people really respect you and in most cases this actually improves the relationship even though you may still disagree!

It certainly helps me fell better about the situation. Being passive and letting someone run over me is actually detrimental to my self esteem!

I know for a fact that the pain caused by holding it in is far greater than the pain of the confrontation.

Thanks Dean!

By the way, Deb Really wants a MAC!

Change for the Better

Hello Dean and the DG Family. What a message you have provided this week. As with many people, including myself I have struggled over the years with confrontation. It has been a challenge in my work and personal life as well. This is the area that I have and continue to focus on. It is important to understand, it has been a challenge. However, with a focus it can be changed. I am still learning and working on it, but with candid conversations, on the situation and not the person or persons, it is easier to manage. Everyone, find a way to work the situation and not the person or persons and you will have success in facing those confrontational situations in a positive way.

Public enemy #1.....FEAR!

My number one enemy in life is fear. No matter what I strived to do, fear was always there to rear it's ugly head. Fear, no matter what it was attched to; success, unknown, failure, etc, would always have me running for the hills and hiding in a cave. Even though the pain associated with the "fear" was there, it was never strong enough to make me change my current situation or circumstance. Today I look to change my direction and course for the better. The process is long and painful, but what's the worst that can happen to me? Thanks Dean for another great WW.


Hi Dean,

I want to change my income. Tommorrow I meet with an Organization thats Mission is to alieviate the sympoms of homelessness to reveal the cause of poverty. They provide housing support for two years.

Thank you.


The right mindset

Thanks for the great video Dean.
I agree that we have to make it more painful to not follow thru and also focus on all the great things that will come about from succeeding in taking action.

Self doubt

bevjbear's picture

It seems funny(after watching the WW), that I have felt soooo much self doubt with Real Estate. After 35 yrs as an Expert in Healthcare in the Respiratory Therapy field, I realize that I have to put that same enthusiasm into REI. It seems that each time I make the monumental step forward, something happens to make me take 2 steps back(this spring it was Breast Cancer surgery and Radiation). I am stepping up again and Next weekend I will be attending an REI forum in Moncton, New Brunswick(one of our hotspots for Real Estate) in the Maritime Provinces. I have to get back up and let them know that I am not going to slide back again. Time for some serious Joint Venture projects and hit the ground running. Thanks for the pushing to move me forward:. Looked at the properties and studied them ....wow...if only I had some $$ right now...they r fantastic!! Next time--have to get back to Veil and finish off my plans with them to have both American and Canadian company setups. Have a GREAT week. A protégé in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Thanks Dean:)


Thank you Dean for your encouragement each and every week. We as a team, my husband Dan, and our son Heston NEVER miss them.

When we first started this venture as a team we wrote down The 5 Important Things on postcards and placed them on the desk. Each day we switch them around so that a new IMPORTANT THING is looking at us all day. This is so that we, as a team, can remember our WHY whn we became a part of Dean's family.

Here is our 5 Important Things since starting this venture with your group.

1. Continue to Learn - We have developed the continuous habit of learning throughout our lifetime because of our intense desire and hunger for knowledge and insights that will guide us along the road of success.

2. Appreciate People - We sincerely appreciate people, realizing that inherently each one of us are the same separated only by the choices that were made prior to our lives beginning, and the choices we made once we were able to choose for ourselves.

3. Attitude - A realization showed us that our attitudes can color any situation, either dark or bright, and our greatest discovery is that the color is our decision. With this in mind, we will consistently seek the brightness in every situation knowing that if we respond positively or react negatively, is the decision factor between possibility or loss.

4. Set Goals - We have established the direction for our lives by developing a deep understanding and commitment to work toward the achievement of our dreams and aspirations, by systematically turning them into goals.

5. Don't Quit -- After we have considered the alternatives and weighed the possibilities and move forward toward our accomplishment. We will commit to the effort needed to finish what we have begun. No matter the intent, large or small, we do NOT quit.

This does not mean that there are not days where we are discouraged, but immediately one of us will jump in and say, "NO QUITTING" and then we help each other look for alternatives to make what we thought was a NO or NO WAY - into a YES and HELL YES.

This adventure has drawn us even closer as family but even more as deeper friends.

Thank you again for the weekly posts, I know I speak for most of us, we NEED them;-}

Dan, Kendra & Heston Olson

Facing my fears

Thank you for the great post and the pictures of your houses. I have been afraid that I have not been fixing my houses like you do, after seeing pictures of your houses Mine are very comprable to yours. I now see that I am indeed progressing forward and climbing.
Thank You,