Weekly Wisdom #371 - The Experience of Life...

So many times people have the misconception that life is a straight line from start to finish. Like some sort of tight rope from birth, to teenager, to adult, to senior, to our death, but in your personal experience wouldn't you say that's kind of false...

Wouldn't you say life is more like a roller coaster? With ups and downs and highs and lows? With love and hate and sadness and joy? Because I know in my life, it's never been as simple as a straight line...

...But rather a beautifully well written story with its ups and downs.

But you see, the ups and downs are what make life, LIFE! Without them, what would life even look like!?

Well in this week's Weekly Wisdom, I want to share with you what I've come to realize is the backbone to all of our lives! And you aren't going to want to miss what I have to share Smiling

Watch now!

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Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

Another Powerful Weekly Dean!

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this weekly was really good! As you said, it applies to all of us... when I'm worried about something that I think may happen, I try to remind myself of the Power of Now (Eckardt Tolle)and I think of the things and people in my life for which/whom I am grateful.

We'll never get tired of you sharing your experiences with your kids!

Thank you Dean!

I think that when you speak

I think that when you speak to kids you really have to zoom in on the point, just like you did, and I think it would be beneficial if everyone could try to do that instead of dancing around things. I'm a bottom line person, which some people don't appreciate, but I'm in the latter part of my life and I just think it's a better way to go. I heard an expression along time ago that said ' Forgive a child who's afraid of the dark, but not an adult who's afraid of the light. ' It stuck with me. Thanks for the clear to the point messages you send Dean !

Daddy Dean

OMG! The other day I was going down my hallway when I reached my bathroom door and saw myself in the mirror. All at once I called out "God help me please" and I shed a few tears. Then I pulled myself together and went on with my day.
I believe God has a plan for each of us and it was in place before we ever got here. You are right where God wants you. You are that weak little boy that grew up in a trailer park and had a heart that desired so much more. As the dreams and desires of your heart unfold you are not that little boy anymore but now you are a daddy profoundly teaching not only your children but all others that encounter you. I am so grateful for your presence in my life even if it is only via internet. To get thru the valley of pain and obstacles I am FOCUSED on Ask Seek Knock (ask) and then to persist and persevere. I trust my God and have hope and faith that everything is going to be ok. Thank you Dean for the lessons and the examples. You daughter and son are such lucky children to have you for a Dad.


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I'm not raising a daughter Dean, so I can't really tell you what to do. But there is nothing wrong with self-defense. It's in the Bible "David and Goliath". Or even putting her throw self defense courses and a little gym work.

# 1 Love, #1 Priority

You said in this week's weekly wisdom that your kids are your number one love and your number one priority. I think it's great that you are such a "hands-on" dad, and that you are doing so much to nurture them. I do not know if you are married or not, but I do hope that if you are, that your wife would come even before your kids as your first number one love and number one priority. Someday your kids will leave you to live on their own and you will still have your wife. That relationship should always be first in love, priority and nurturing. Your kids will also see how you treat her and you will be modeling for them a strong, healthy marriage relationship, like I'm sure you would like them to experience one day.

Don’t ever apologies for how you talk about your children it gre

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Good Morning Dean
Don’t ever apologies for how you talk about your children or bring you kids on your programs. Personally I think it would be really cute to have your daughter interview on some of your programs. Not only would it help herself esteem, it would also teach her to do interviewing skills that would help her to get a management job in the future or may even teach her how to have her own talk show.

Dean maybe you could even help her get stated. She could have her own internet talk show where she is interviewing other children, interviewing adults and if it does not lead to a fun form of employment it will really build her self esteem.

As well as it is also a good way for other kids to learn to respect her at another level. Yes it would come with new mountains for her to climb with the jealousy of some kids but that would also help her to grow into even a more powerful business woman one day. Teaching her how to deal with all kinds of personalities.

Dean I am soooo veeeerrrry glad that your children and you family are number one in your life. As they deed their dad at so many levels and business is only number 2 in your heart. As without your kids and family you would have nothing to keep you going at the levels you do today. And the energy you have and get from the love you have for your children is what gives us the energy to also go after our dreams, goals and business achievements.

(Dean I have seen you in your very beginnings in California when you told us to catch the way with you. At that time I tried but could not afford to ride it with you at that moment in time. I tried and I got half way there. But then I did not know how to proceed. Where now that I have the tools I need I did not have at that time. SO now I will succeed. As I get time to work on the REPs program in between doctor appointments and other care giving assignments I must finish each day.)

Dean I have seen sooooo much growth in you since I started watching your weekly wisdom's. Dean don’t ever leave your kids out of your weekly wisdom's when you feel their example applies to what you are sharing with us. The Bible even says and a little child shall lead them. So in other words you and your children together are leading and guiding the DG Family to new levels of success. Please do not ever rob that from yourself, your children or us.

Breana is sooooo Veeerrry precious. And today my mom who is 83 we were watching your weekly wisdom with me this morning. And when I took mom to the video with your daughter my 83 year old mother just light up and could not stop watching you and your daughter inter action. Very few things keep moms attention anymore. But mom watching you an your daughter together brought a part of mom back to life. Please always let your children be a part of your weekly wisdom but please don’t ever let the replace you.

Dean can I ask you and Breana a favor? Would You do some more videos for kids her age and elderly women like my mom who love children and enjoys watching and hearing what the kids ask and how they answer to the different questions they have in life. Dean what I see is this is a way Breana and a beautiful example of a father in you can work together to make this a better world for kids to live in as well. If you and Breana can teach the kids of today how to get the crap out and get success in, just think what a better world this can be when our Kids are out there doing our jobs one day. Got to run need to Take care of my parents and find some time for me in there somewhere.

Dean can you do a weekly wisdom on time management as being a care giver I need to find some time for other things as well. I am working on my REPs course I just feel I am going to slow as I don’t know how to be a care giver and give it as much time as I want to. I may only be the turtle in the race but I will not take a brake where the rabbit did in the story.

I may be slow but one day I will win the real estate race. I am so grateful to my friend I just need to find a way to do a better job of getting more done quicker. Maybe you can do a weekly wisdom on time management to help me get past this challenge, Dean thank you for your weekly wisdom's and thank you for sharing your children with us. Don’t ever stop on either one.

Weekly Wisdom #371 - The Experience of Life...

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom......Smiling

Life is full of ups and downs....Eye-wink

It's how we deal with them, that gives us the knowledge and wisdom......xo


Life is a dream for the

Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool,a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.

good stuff Dean

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always great your WW's Dean! Thx for all the wisdom this one has some juicy nuggets in it. I"m doing well here in san diego working on my next deal had a few delays but back on the horse.

I am curious tho, I know you said your kids are your main priority & love n you use them as examples for all of us which is great, but how about your wife? how come you never talk about her for examples for us?

Just wondering, bc I would like to hear about that bc I am sure she is the love of your life & your relationship must be off the hook! Incredible. God bless.

Awesome addition

Awesome addition

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