Jill & Gary Close on Rehab # 67; Pocket 15K

Jill & Gary Close on Rehab # 67; Pocket 15K

Just left the title company with a check for $ 59,900. It was from the closing of rehab # 67: Bought for 35K; installed new kitchen cabinets/counters; appliances; paint; carpet; toilets; vanities; light fixtures; ceiling fans & had a new roof put on, total
spent on was about 10K.
Profit of about 15K for 3 weeks of work on this house.
We've started on the next rehab a couple of days ago; are having a roof put on another property we aquired 2 weeks ago; & are doing an inspection of a REO
property that the bank accepted an offer last week, this one we are also doing with Ryan(Cub).


Gary & Jill

Rollin', rollin', rollin'! Awesome! Keep on keeping on!



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That's great

What a great job


#67?! WOW, that's great! CONGRATS!




Nice payday. Congrats.

Great Job!

You guys should be Dean's gurus for rehabs, sure you have made a lot of mistakes that we could all learn from. Thanks for sharing.


How Could

you only spend 10,000 on everything you did to the house? Everything you bought for the house,(no labor)should of been more than 10 g's.



Blackboard is right

I would be interested to know how you guys were able to complete that kind of rehab for less than 10,000. That would be great if we could do those rehabs for the same!


Thanks Karen, you're always one of our biggest fans.


Thanks, appreciate it !

Great Job

May I ask where the rehab was located?


Patti D

Great job

$15,000 in 3 weeks, good job!!! Keep up the good work.


Reynold Orozco


Thanks for the good post!! 67 houses!!! Awesome


Live STONG & Live with PASSION


Thanks guys, we are working on #68 & #69 now. # 68 should be finished in about 3 weeks.


Thanks Corey, we did 2 houses on that same street, 1 block apart; within
1 month of each other & made 15K on each one; now that was a good street.

Congratulations. Thank you

Congratulations. Thank you for sharing.

Gary & Jill

Great job again and congratulations! Awesome profit for only 3 weeks of work. Hope Thornapple is coming along good too. Again, way to go and great job!

Talk soon,

Cool beans!

Congrats on another successful flip Gary & Jill! Are we talking 67 for the year? Wishing you many more Smiling




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Woot Woot!! 67 and counting!!!

Very cool Gary and Jill!!

it's so exciting and motivating to keep hearing about your flips!! Just awesome!!
Thanks for sharing!



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Thanks Kevin, We'll have to try to have Dean set us up to do "Rehab Seminars" ... The last few weeks I had the pleasure of speaking at some of Dean's Florida events, & I emphasized how it wasn't just the amount of deals we have done, but that they were all in our own back yard, in our own small town!


Yes Mike the total was about 10K; Roof - $5500; Kitchen Cabinets/Counters
from Lowes with 20% off sale, were about $ 1250(we sold the old ones on Craigslist for 250, sold appliances for 400; paint for inside & out was 400; new carpet - 1100; new vanity/toilet - 250; new vinyl tile flooring - 250; new light fixtures and ceiling fans - 350; new appliances-1100(18.2 ref, range, dishwasher, microwave) tree work-150; A/C repair-100; landscaping-500;new kitchen sink/faucet-175; replaced garage door opener installed-300; replace 2 broken window glass-100; holding costs-600(insurance, utilities, taxes);Buyer paid closing costs; TOTAL EXPENSES - $ 10,225


Tom, you can see the break down above. All our rehabs run anywhere from $ 4000 to the most of $ 23,000. The average cost is $ 8000 to $ 12,000 for the

Family Investors

All of our rehabs have been in our own small town of Beverly Hills, Fl.
Last month when I had the honor of speaking at some of Dean's Florida's events, I explained that what was so amazing is not only the 67 deals, but the
fact that we did it all right here in a town that is less than 3 square miles in size, has a population of only 7000 to 8000 people, & an unemployment rate of over 10%.
Now if we can do that here, imagine what can be done in a big city, in a whole state, heck thru-out the entire country; the possibilities are latterly


Thanks, working on # 68 as we speak!

Great job........but...

How are you guys getting that much rehab done for only 10K???? I do rehabs and that type of rehab would probably cost me about 20K. Any secrets you can share?? Did that include labor costs?? I am open for advice... Thanks for sharing. Christine


Christine Fontenot


Thank you very much! Will let you know when# 68 is complete in a few weeks.


You're very welcome Joel.


Thanks Ryan, making some progress on Thronapple, inside painted; old kitchen torn out, installed new upper cabinets & Jill installed the floor today. Will be installing the base cabinets & counters. Wasted 2 hrs at Lowe's
trying to get the appliance delivery mix-up straightened out ... should have known better than to try buy appliances & cabinets for 3 houses at one time.


Thanks Lenee, the 67 complete remodels have been from our beginning with Dean in 2008. Since we do all our own work (except for roofs & central air installations) it would be physically impossible; each one takes anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks to complete.


Thanks Val, always appreciate your support!

Yall are on fire!!!

DG Superstars are on a roll and I mean fire with these deals on a
daily way we all pray that it will stay that way and I appreciate this day.



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