Anyone here of Find it Fund or Ameraco Inc.

Anyone here of Find it Fund or Ameraco Inc.

I recently ran across this company from messing around online and want to know if anyone has heard anything or had experience working with them. The Company name is Ameraco Inc. and the website is In short they say they have a network of 10000 investors where you can either wholesale to or reahab with using their money and split the profits. The fee is a one time $495.

I'm trying to find partners and or funds to rehab with so I thought I may give this a try. Please let me know your thoughts.



OMG!! I was just about to post about this. I jst got off the phone with Michael Cummings from Americo and he claimed that Dean has recommended them being that they have been in service for 20 years. I was sceptical in giving them the $495 one time fee without knowing how frequently the deals come in or how good the deals might be. I hope that someone posts becuase i would love to sign up if it really does have access to all the 10k investors they calim they have.

Thanks for sharing!


Esmirna Maloon


I spoke to the same person and he said the same thing. I dug a little deeper, I live in Iowa and knowing the investor ratio is lower here than say California I wanted to know how many investors were in this state/ area. He seemed to be able to come with the numbers quickly with 100 cash investors in Iowa and a few in my zip code. I then asked how the cash investors were recruited or found and he didn't have much of an answer for that one, so that didn't help my skepticism. $495 isn't a ton of cash to lose but I would like to know who I'm dealing with before throwing it down. Please anyone with experience here chime in.

Debt to Pay:

It was this time last year when I found the ad in the news papers. I got a list of foreclosures from a broker in NJ. I spoke to either the name is JOE or Chris. I did all the refine work anyone without money will do. this is 1yr later I still owe the friend that I had borrowed the money from it ended up to $1K because of research fees and fees. Maybe I am just not lucky. Or my friend was not. As soon As I get my first sale I have to pay my friend her money. I took 3 mths before I registered with them. Good luck. I need to know who get through and I will try through that source. I called again to the # and found out that it is Americo I signed up with (Find it fund it) my initial payment was $595. The story is very long.

If you're going to spend that kind of money

Why not find a good deal, then spend some money and run an ad in your local newspaper.... Investor Needed. Explain the details of the deal. if it's a good deal, the money will chase you down.


Find it Fund it

I signed up. I eventually want to begin rehabbing properties but thought this would be a sure fire way to assign a couple of deals first to get some money.
I paid the $595 or whatever. Joe talks a good game. We submitted the first deal and they didn't like our comps so they said that they wouldn't want to submit it to "upset" their investors. You can only submit online and they respond online. Not easy to hash out details in an email. They will only do deals that meet all the 15 or so "GL" Green Light criteria. This means that every single thing must be perfect and it is at least 70% LTV if a private party or 60% LTV if an REO deal. They want funding dates of at least 30 days. Try doing that with a CASH offer! Any rehab costs must be below 20% of the FMV. Not easy to do with distressed properties that have a high upside potential. You need at least 1 Professional Contractor Bid of Rehab costs.

They could be a great resource if you have "GL" perfect deals, but I've never talked to an actual investor so I don't know. Don't look for them to take a chance on most deals. I haven't found one that meets their criteria yet...

Somebody please find a reliable source to fund deals and do JV's...I need one! Everyone seems to be real timid these days.

Good Luck,



Keep your chin up and KEEP PUNCH'IN!


I'm a slow runner that has had 2 solid deals so far but they're not chasing me down! If you have advice for me, please do. I have marketing websites set up, attend REIA's, do mailers to Absentee owners and on and on. This is not easy. I will not give up. I find it strange that I send out Hot Deals via email, call the contact 2 days later and they say "oh yeh, I saw the email but I didn't read it" OMG, it has $70,000 in profit and you didn't read it??? Tag, you're it, chase me down! I have one right now on contract with $50,000+ in net profit. Any Private Lenders reading this? I'm ready to spread the wealth! Contact me via my site.



Keep your chin up and KEEP PUNCH'IN!


WE bought the program a week before we bought deans success academy. I keep wondering if I find a good deal will they take it. But I am over welmed with things to do and there it sits. I have recently listened to the CD but its the same hype we hear everywhere else. At this point I would rather have the money we spent.



find it fund it

thanks everyone for yall honest feedback on Amerco!! I think i will take the advice and just market to Investors by placing ads and attenting investor meetings. It gets so frustrating at times because im getting started now got my LLC and funding source but getting properties and creating the buyers list isnt as easy as the guru's claim it to be. It does take determination and persistance to get strted and progress to much success. I will do so as i believe that there is much money to make out there. Anyone with assignment in any state feel free to PM for my contact info. I wish you all much success and dont give up!!!


Esmirna Maloon

This is not a great deal, believe me

Allow me to ask what I already know is going to be a dumb question and allow me the opportunity to answer as a naive person possibly would.

Would you pay a loan broker money upfront to get a loan? if your prudent, probably not, if your desperate maybe. Now if you wouldn't pay a broker a fee to get a loan which is getting you money for your deal, why would you pay this company $495.00 to have access to the same thing the broker gives you for your deal, which is money.

This company may not be a scam and I don't think it is, but what are they going to teach you that you can't learn here and through Deans books and materials.

Also if you live in an area of lets say 20,000 people and this company tells you they have 1000 investors in your very same area, how do they have it and you can't find it? It's because they don't have it.

Tread lightly.

This is a Bad Thing

From what I am reading here, It would be better to just pass this one. Continue to do your research and not get fooled with False information. We are caring compassionate people wanting to make money Fairly!

The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own. Benjamin Disraleli......


I bought into their crap too and ended up getting nothing in return. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY. For those of us who already did, take the lesson and move on.


I don't know about them, but they have an a- rating with the better business buraeu

working together for a common goal- financial freedom

I don't know where you are located but I just got off the phone with a guy from Americo. It is very tempting but there are so many scams out there, why keep taking chances. Im in Riverdale,Ga 10 min south of Atlanta. There are plenty of propertys out here between 15K-35K in excellent move in condition. If 5 people would invest 3K a piece we can purchase one cash for about 20K and talk them down to maybe 17K, get an SBA business loan since we have collateral now and borrow 50K and buy 3 more properties cash. That would put us 50K in debt but we have a net worth of 250K min now. There is a 20 unit apt in Atl for 59K we buy that and get an 250SBA loan and fix up the prop its min damage, thats 17K a mo with the 4 properties and we can afford to pay our debt within 2yrs if we wanted. Tell me what you think shabazzishmael@****

Americo or whoever

Guys, I have never and I mean never even looked at some national HML. I have gone to local REI meetings and talked with investors that actually use hard money all the time. I used who they USE! Also, a lot of REI clubs have sponsors and one or two of them are usually Hard Money Lenders. Folks, once again it's all about getting out from behind that computer and networking face to face with people that are in our business.

When working with any hard money lender you will have to have a good deal, with accurate repair estimate and a plan of action with time frame. These guys don't just lend based on a deal. The best I have heard of is 70% of ARV, with 0 down, 2 points, 12% interest with a 9 month balloon. They require at least 6 months of interest payments in your bank account and do their own appraisal of your property. They also do a credit check. Most won't look at the deal unless you have it under contract first!

This is real world, not somebody trying to sell you their program saying all the money in the world is out there, just find the deal, WRONG! Why would they lend to someone with no money in the bank? They might as well start the foreclosure process the day they lend you the money!

You may have to bird dog or do assignments until you have cash in the bank to actually do a HM deal. Much less learn how to find a deal that you can fix/flip and SELL in today's market and make $$$. A good thing to know!

Michael Mangham
MD Home Acquisitions LLC


Knowledge is power, but execution trumps knowledge. Tony Robbins Seller site Buyer site Bird Dog Site Tenant/Buyer site

Michael very good

Michael very good directions

Americo,and you find it we fund it, found me wright after I started posting on this site. They are reading everything they come across to lure people in. Everyone should beware.



I quite by accident came across them on my computer and was interested in their offer. I couldn't pay the steep fees, ($495.00 or higher) so let it go.
I do remember also that they would keep sending little nuggets of information in my email which I thought was nice of them to do.
Even though I couldn't raise the money, it was a Co. that never gave up on me.
Real or scam, I had to let it go and I moved to where I am now, and lost all my emails with a different ISP.
If they were the real deal, will you all speak out? If not, please speak out Also as I'm sure it will be appreciated by all.
And still, I prefer dean's to anyone else's out there now, so I'm staying with his.
Way to go, everyone (that is really intertested in Real Estate Investing) like I am.

I talked to them too

Americo from what I got from them is a good place to have a your back when you are in the business that we are in. I myself will like to hire them and have them in my corner but I just can't afford them seeing how I am just starting off and all. if anyone out there know of a place I myself can find investors that I don't have to pay for it will be gladly appreciated.

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