Tammy's journey to refinement and FREEDOM. GREAT THINGS ARE HERE!

Tammy's journey to refinement and FREEDOM. GREAT THINGS ARE HERE!


My name is Tammy and I bought the Dean Graziosi books on my Thanksgiving vacation. I bought them in audio format as well because I am a stay at home mom to 4, and I homeschool them, so I don't get much of a chance to read these days!(Unless 'The B Book', 'Goodnight Moon', 'Skippy John Jones' and 'The BellyButton Book' count) My children are currently 2,4, 10 and 12. My husband is employed for the county and makes a decent salary, more in flexible benefits.

I have been a REI since 1997, but here I am in 2010 and I have 5 mortgages and my cash flow is pretty poor. I own 5 properties, rent out 3 of them, 1 is my primary home, and we just acquired a sweet divorce sale property in the California mountains. (100K below FMV!).

But, as we secured that sale on our 2nd home, we required a cosigner because of all our mortgages (4 first and one 2nd), and in the end, the bank didn't even WANT us on the loan, despite have a great credit score and proof positive of no vacancies since 1997!!! (Banks will only count 75% of any of your rental income when analyzing income, because they expect you to fail at it; even with 13 years of proven record) My in laws were gracious enough to be on the loan alone while we make all the payments and cover all the expenses. Its unofficially our first PML.

You see, we got traditional financing, secured and guaranteed all these homes ourselves. Our ratios for credit are bad due to having the 5 mortgages, and rental income, so no one wants to extend credit to us. I've never had any lates or collections, and pay on time, there is just a major credit crunch right now and banks unrealistically only counting 75% of our rent income, but 100% of our rent expenses. So now, with the economy the way it is, we were going to have to stop investing, in the BEST market we've ever seen to invest in. I just couldn't accept that and was determined to find something that will work.

After being told by at least 10 people we will not be able to invest in real estate any more, and being stubborn about not accepting that my business was dead, I flipped the channel and found Dean Graziosi. Timing couldn't have been more perfect! (I think God played a big role here, because I rarely watch tv, let alone late at night!) I quickly ordered the books profit From RE right now and Be a RE Millionaire. Smiling That is where I am and where I started.

I waited 3 months to start posting on this site from my initial sign up, didn't realize what a valuable resource I was missing! Stick around! Its invaluable!

**edited 5/16 to add Edge 2011 photos :P** (I wish I hadn't had surgery the Friday before as I'm still filled with whatever it is they fill you with, but I wasn't going to miss this event for anything! Laughing out loud)

**edited 1/24/2012 to add my video (recorded March/April 2011)

Here is the video link. http://www.deansmedia.com/play.php?vid=243 I hope it conveys some of the struggle as well as the triumph. This was recorded in March, so I've since done many deals; but it will have to wait for the 2012 video. Sticking out tongue

I have also started a new 2012 journal here: http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/99510/...

Hope all of you are turning your ideas into actions and making it HAPPEN! Do it NOW! Smiling


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Good luck girl and knock his socks off!!!!!! My prayers are with you


I don't get too excited about junk mail. Waste of my time and more work. But, today, I was ELATED to get JUNK MAIL! My FIRST solicitation for a credit card offer to my business! OMGosh, it is working! This is great news. Now, I've had my LLC for 5 years and never got a solicitation for a credit card before! The hard work is starting to show its rewards. American Express Gold. It doesn't mean I got the credit card, BUT it does show my business is building credit! EXCELLENT! Things are falling into place! So excited for the small things!

There was something else I needed to write, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. Maybe the elation of my first solicitation for credit, or could be the kids running around like maniacs stirring my brain into stew. Sticking out tongue

It is CERTAIN I will succeed!

Happy investing! Smiling

A deal for me

Ok, so, I've talked to this same realtor and interviewed him with all the questions and he's intrigued. He wants to see if I can really pull off a deal in a trust and be shown that transactional funding POF can really be used. So, we're putting in an offer on a house without me signing the buyer's agreement. This guy is young and ready to go out and kick some butt for me.

The deal: great potential to cashflow $988/month; that's me doing the #s and managing it myself. I may end up just doing a lease option so I have the cashflow strategy, get some money upfront and then at the end from selling it and then in between.

I need to reveiw the chapters on lease options, because I also am working on a lease option for my cousin. So, two at one time going on here. Sticking out tongue It should be 3, but haven't heard word on the deal with Kevin we were going to partner on. Usually if you don't hear within a week they didn't entertain, but I want to see the denial of the offer in writing, so I'm going to be calling you Kevin. Smiling

Now, which transactional funding should I use? I had them all bookmarked on the other computer; so I have to go and look through the site to see whose available out there. I'm definitely going to look into Brookview financial due to the recent thread on here.

This is exciting indeed! Its about time!

I agree

about the letter in writing, haven't heard anything except what I stated this AM. he said he would check with the other agent and see where it was at. sounds like you have something good brewing. I'm still looking though!!

Put in an offer TODAY

So, here's the info on the property. If I can't get the funds for it, I'll have to wholesale it.
I have put in an offer on a home here in CA.
Purchase price offered 140K
Repairs needed 3-5K
ARV 200K (several comps within 1/2 mile in last month)
Its a 5/2 bath home. It will easily rent for $2200. In a very nice, desirable family neighborhood.

Built in equity: 55K
Annual Gross Rents Possible 26,400 (its a SFR, I've had a 99% occupancy rate on all my SFRs since 2004, when I switch tenants its been 1 week between tenants to fix up the property.)
Less Operating Expenses
Annual 10% Property Management 2,640 (I am doing this myself)
Annual Utilities (water, trash) 1,440
Annual Taxes 1,760
Annual Insurance 750
Mortgage @ 7.5% (20% down) 8,940
Annual Maintenance(est 2% of rents)528

Net Annual Operating Income *******$13510 *******
Monthly cash flow ***** $1345 ******
(for me to manage it. $220/month less to have a property manager manage it.)

I will probably do a lease option on this one, or maybe another buy and hold with these #s!

If not I'll flip it for 15K, ideally. Smiling

I'm putting the offer in under a trust, vesting TBD at lender's discretion. My first personal hands on experience with the trust, I'll keep you guys updated on how it works and what I learn! Laughing out loud Since the short sale realtor refused to put in my offer, this one becomes the first offer with the trust to be submitted.

Your Posts and Your Determination

Tammy, I STARTED reading your posts from the beginning....went through the first 2 pages of them and then decided to go ahead and drop you a note.
They are REAL and, as you deal with others in your business, they will SEE and KNOW that you are REAL.
Now, I'm not sure about anyone else (well, actually, I am Eye-wink ) but I think most people like dealing with REAL people!

Good days and bad days. Ups and downs - that's life and experiencing it all just simply reinforces the fact that you are ALIVE and FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS!

I do a daily podcast - now shortened to only 5 minutes - on positive thoughts and ideas(and a blog to go with it)....you can search Mike Spillman or Future You University on iTunes OR just go to http://www.FutureYouUniversity.com and find the podcast there.

I just simply wanted to mention it because I know that even doing them helps me keep focused on what I'm trying to accomplish in my life.

Continued success in your endeavors and your journey to success --- but, my guess is (and I hope you already know this) you ALREADY ARE a success due to your life that you live with your family and friends.

Anyway - "Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"



"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)" - Mike Spillman

"As long as there is breath there is hope!" - Mike Spillman


GO HEAD GIRL!!! when you speak it you will achieve it in God's name. You are truly blessed with the desire to keep striving and god will bless you tenfold you deserve it!! I forgot to tell you. I actually put in 3 offers using trusts so we shall see what happens!!! and fingers crossed for you!!

(HUGZ) =-)


Thank you so much for the encouragement. I really rely on the support here at DG! So many people here are so fundamental in keeping me positive. Its so easy to slip into a negative mentality when its all around me. I will definitely be checking out your link. I'm always looking for positive reinforcement out there! Thank you for your kind words!


You are just rockin' girl! I really admire you for your get up and GO GO GO attitude and not being afraid to get out there and just apply the concepts! You are making it!

I'm always too late

Spent all my time preparing all the documents for my offer, got them into the agent by 2:30. Agent sends the contract at 10:30pm. Then an hour later says, oh an offer came in today so its now pending. Back to the drawing board on that one. Sad It was a great property too. Quite a shame to miss out on that one. I'm always too slow at getting my offers in. This is the 4th deal I've lost out on because I'm too slow. *sigh* Sad

I'm going to focus solely on my private money program and somehow get my arse out there with the 4 kids presenting to potential PMLs.

Its just discouraging, but I'm not going to give up, not by a long shot! Another bump in the road I'll overcome.


you'll get there. you are doing so great, even with 4 kids in the mix. you will be the one that shows other full-time Moms how to get out there and just do it! you are learning the ropes and will be able to make it easier for others. now, how can you get your offers in faster??? i bet you'll find a way!! Smiling


Linda, Army EOD Mom
you can follow my journal at http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/45351/...
Fear equals:

Thanks Linda

I know there's software out there to automate even the offer making, but right now I can't put forth the money for it. I've intentionally not attended the webinars because I know it would just be a temptation and a tease. But, I will somehow need to come up with the $ for Deans program too. I have left I hope enough on the business credit cards to buy it. Laughing out loud

The REO property is still on the market and the listing agent says they are taking their time getting back to either offer. So, I guess I'm still in the running for it.

Waiting on my cousin to complete the property info for me. Its a form I made up that I use to note everything about a property in a quick way. Checklists of everything and spaces to describe the best and worst points about a house, and an area for notes. I came up with the idea when I was going through some old papers. I ran across the checklist I used when I bought my FIRST home, which was my primary residence at the time. 1992. Seems ancient! Yes, I am a horrible pack rat! But, it helped me see how a first time home buyer or a retail buyer looks at a property and see it through fresh eyes again. I immediately made it into a form and added some extra things to it to encompass anywhere from the low to high income homes, and added some of the modern things that they didn't have back in 1992.

I've also found a cashflow sheet for income property analysis, but it was missing a lot of the analyzing ratios taught by the success acadademy, so I tweaked it and added those to it and have myself an awesome excel cashflow worksheet now that does all the calculations for me!

I haven't done a lesson for over 3 1/2 weeks due to my computer crash. And, when I did try, I'd click on a link for the lesson and it didn't open, so I feel like a very, very BAD, NAUGHTY success academy student! The good thing is though I've reviewed the courses of the printouts of the workbooks and guides I did take and its amazing how much you forget only going through something once; so it was a good thing. Even being in RE since 1997 I still learn things everyday! Never stop learning! Its true, one can never know it all!

I'm setting up my first private money seminar so I can hopefully present to several prospective private money lenders at a time. Once I have at least a handful of private money lenders I can turn too, I know I'll be much better off.

Many of you ask me about private money, how to find private money lenders and how to get started with it. I'm taking 2 courses on private money lending. One is with Patrick Riddle and Trevor Mauch, the other is with Jason Medley and Kent Clothier. The courses each take about 5-8 weeks to complete, if you have nothing else going on in your life and can dedicate 15-20 hours a week to them. My crazy life doesn't allow for that, and I'm trying to work on so many different things that I need to allocate my time for each of the different things I have to get done. I am setting up a superior foundation for my company though, and that in of itself takes time. So, this isn't a get-rich quick scheme. Its an organized and step by step approach to success.


IT IS CERTAIN I WILL SUCCEED! I will keep going no matter what obstacle I may encounter, whatever time constraints I have, or whatever comes in my path, I'm ready to tackle it. I will NOT stop 3 feet shy of gold! Eye-wink

I shared this in another thread, it got buried pretty quick, but its from one of my favorite movies, Facing the Giants. Its all about the attitude you carry and how your mind keeps you from going the distance, and how all things are possible through God, and its so relevant. I'm putting it in my journal so I can lookback at it and remember it someday again when I need to rewatch it:


How do I get on here to post so much?

I noticed my points are almost at 1500! WOW! Well, anytime I don't really have time to do anything RE, but have a couple of minutes, I jump on here and catch up on a post or thread here and there. Now, I hope Dean makes each point worth money for his new system he's bringing out like he did with the Edge event. That would be AWESOME.

Ok, 2 kids jumping on me, must go act like a monkey for a couple of minutes now. Laughing out loud


The REO was put under contract by the other offer. *sigh* Back to square 1. But, I now have an escrow company I know for sure will do trusts, double closings and assignments. Now, to chase after that sweet shell short sale I want! I dare you to say that 10 times really fast! Sweet shell short sale!

Great !!!

Your on your way girl!!! Keep it up!!!

Great conversation

Today, I had a great informal conversation with a potential private money lender. I'm stoked. I was SO afraid to talk to her, but it turns out she's also a REI and has a 1000 unit project and wants me to be one of the partners with her after our conversation! I am STOKED! She's on the up and up and I'm excited to have made contact with her and the connections she has.

I officially meet with her and one of her partners tomorrow about PML for my fix and flips. I'm excited and eager with anticipation! I feel SO positive about this!

Now, I keep getting credit card mailings for my business! Laughing out loud 1 of which is a company I originally applied to, was denied, sent a letter to, and still got denied yet again after the letter. Now, they are coming to me with a solicitation for the very credit card I applied for several months ago with 0% APR for a year. Its all starting to meld together here!

The next thing is to go apply for a buisness loan to pay back all the personal money my business has borrowed from our personal money. I can't WAIT! I've worked at building my credit now since March, and I'm finally seeing the fruits of it! Smiling

Oh forgot

Here's a shout out to Elix for getting me to get my butt over to LinkedIn those oh so many months ago. That's where I met this lady. Laughing out loud

Wouldn't want him to have to do another one of those Yoga classes t because I didn't give him some credit where credit it due. Sticking out tongue


I can not understand linkedin? i cant get people to follow me...SO LOST!!! loll but ill work it out GREAT WAY TO NETWORK!!! Go head tammy!!!


Yeah, that's how I started on LinkedIn, signed up for it, didn't seem too interesting to me and then I left it, until Elix told me to start using it and posting threads.

Join groups, that's how you start to get noticed; then post in them. Smiling

It is CERTAIN we will SUCCEED! Smiling


i'm so happy for you, especially because you have hung in there no matter what. now it's coming together for you and it is so exciting. i'm on LinkedIn but i'm like Gorgeous. how the heck do you work it? is it kind of like being on dg. com and just posting or is there a trick to it? thanks. Smiling


Linda, Army EOD Mom
you can follow my journal at http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/45351/...
Fear equals:

Linda and Gorgeous

We need to connect on Linked In!

Well, basically, you join groups, like 'distressed properties', 'real estate investors' or whatever you're interested in. Then you start reading and replying, and then get brave enough to initiate a post yourself. Pretty soon, people start following you and adding you as a friend or colleague.

Talking about coming together! Yesterday I did an intro course to syndication and pooling money, and it all related and meshed together with all the stuff I've learned about trusts. Linda, I know in Indiana you can no longer buy land with trusts, but does that mean it can't be transferred into a trust after the sale? (There is a way to do it with the lenders and all!)

Now, syndication and pooling is finding many private money lenders or investors and pooling them all together for a syndication in a real estate project. I'm going to keep going over my private lender material until I have it down pat, but I am excited about what is to come after I have that mastered! Once a REI starts using syndication, there's no stopping them from making 6 and 7 figures. Intriguing indeed! Laughing out loud

Its time for me to go over all my goals again. Its been almost 6 months since I made the original ones. And, I've also set personal goals in many areas of life aside from financial and business goals, but spiritual goals, health goals (failing MISERABLY there!), relationship and family goals, education and knowledge goals (I'm kicking that one!), fun and pleasure (I've made a dent there, but not too much!), and public service (I hope my posts on DG are helping at least a few people! Smiling ) Its time to refocus. I can feel it. The foundation of my REI business is about built, and I'm getting ready to really use it all and MOVE on it!

Now, to find a good deal in SoCal!

My business plan

Forgot to mention, I'm slowly but surely writing up my business plan. I've got my outline about done, now to write it all out. I'm excited about the outcome and finish. I feel like I'm back at college again!

Am I doing something wrong?

Because I seem to have lost another realtor. He sent me a good property with a ROI that was great, but its near a college and I was looking for something in a family neighborhood, and its in an area that I have no buyers for. So, I let it go, and told him more of my criteria. No response for 3 days. Now, I don't want to put in offers on everything he gives me, but I HAVE to be doing something wrong to go through yet ANOTHER realtor. Sad What am I doing wrong???


You are not doing anything wrong they are just not right for you and are not
on top of their game. Don't ever feel like your doing anything wrong!! Keep at it girl your just weeding out the ones that aren't ready to make money. The right one will find you!!!

Don't give up!!



You most likely learned just this from your experience with this realtor. However you asked where you went wrong. I would say he did not have your exact criteria in advance. He would not have bothered to submit the deal to you if he had known. If he was a decent guy follow up and explain your mistake and apologize.
I know a lot of people that love the college town thing, its hard to come by a deal with really good LOI. Maybe you could do a quick search for buy and hold guys in the area of that college. There should be a few looking for another rental property. Flip it to them, make your fee while looking for the one you want. Just a thought!

Michael Mangham
MD home Acquisitions LLC


Knowledge is power, but execution trumps knowledge. Tony Robbins

http://www.mdhomeacquisitions.com Seller site
http://www.mdhomeacquisitionsbargainhouses.com Buyer site
http://www.mdhomeacquisitionshousehunter.com Bird Dog Site
http://www.mdlodeals.com Tenant/Buyer site

Thanks Michael!

I guess it did slip my mind to mention the college thing didn't fit. I tried to be so thorough too! LOL Well, I've sent him an email saying I'd like to put a lowball offer in and made it really low because I don't know the extent of the repairs. What I do know is that it won't qualify for FHA so that usually means no appliances at the very least. We'll see if he responds to that. If I can't do the fixing I'll do my first wholesale deal. Crossing fingers!

Gorgeous, thanks, I will NEVER give up!

Put the offer in

on that property Michael, and am looking to assign it or fix it and flip. The bad thing is it backs to the freeway. So, we'll see if I can get a buyer for it. I have one buyer in the area just putting a quick ad in Craigslist. This area is in a different area than my normal investing circle so I'm building up my buyers list so I'll have a universal list for all of Southern California.

OK, Here's the details, its an REO (because CA is made up of REOS lol)

Put the offer in under a trust (ALWAYS!!!!) PML or HML or assignment.

Asking: 169K
Offering: 110K
Repairs Needed: 20K
ARV: 169K
Holding costs (4 months) 4K
Realtor fees (if needed) 10K

Profit Margin: 25K

Now, on antoher thread someone commented on how I give such valuable info and why would I pay a loan off instead of leveraging. In answering that question, I really got a good view of just how far I've come on this journey. Sure, I've tried to get more deals that always seem to fall through for one reason or the other, but my knowledge has grown 10 fold since I started. I can't wait to get the deals on a roll! And its not for my lack of trying I don't have a deal going yet. I'd really like to GET OUT THERE and go talk to some sellers, unfortunately, unless I can find a trustworthy babysitter, the only way for me to attract buyers and sellers is via marketing for now. And so, that is what I'm doing.

I'm having a hang of a time getting myself on search engines. Its all a major learning curve. The only hits my site are getting are from referrals, A LOT of them from this site right here! Thanks everyone for checking out my websites! I hope they give you value and provide you with ideas and some extra knowledge about private money lenders (for the www.InvestmentsBackedByRealEstate.com site)

My next site is a simple squeeze page. Its seems to take me forever to accomplish things because 70% of my time is spent reading or watching videos to learn how to do things! I know once I get things all going I will be ahead of the game. I am setting up all the things Dean is talking about in his teaser videos about 'Set For Life'. Education. Proven Marketing and Automation. I'm wondering if I should be waiting on all this because Dean's program seems like its going to cover all of it. I wonder if I've wasted all of my time, energy and money on building all those things myself. Sad

I hope not!

Going to research SEO now!



You are getting closer, closer, closer!!! Believe me when it happens you are going to take off. I know you have a bunch of youngsters but you need to find time(if you have not already) to get out and network and let people know what you are doing. I mean REI clubs, several if possible. Network! I go to free RE seminars and recruit new investors there! Hand out cards and build your lists. With the knowledge that you now have you WILL go far!!

Michael Mangham
MD Home Acquisitions LLC


Knowledge is power, but execution trumps knowledge. Tony Robbins

http://www.mdhomeacquisitions.com Seller site
http://www.mdhomeacquisitionsbargainhouses.com Buyer site
http://www.mdhomeacquisitionshousehunter.com Bird Dog Site
http://www.mdlodeals.com Tenant/Buyer site





And today was dedicated to making 'LOST DOG' signs. Sad When we left Monday evening we had to leave our dog behind because she went missing. Sad We searched for her for an hour and a half and didn’t leave until almost midnight. Someone must have taken her in because when we were leaving we let her outside to go to the bathroom, went inside to get our stuff and 15 minutes came out and she was missing. She’s never disappeared like this before. Sad The kids are hysterical, especially the little ones.

Life continues and


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