DG members by State they live

DG members by State they live

If EVERYONE here will fill out their profile info to include where you are and alittle about yourself it will help us all to network with each other.

Until this happens, DG admin can't group us by state.

Meanwhile you can try and locate other members by going to the "Main Sections" (top left)under REI Clubs/Groups and find your state and try to network.

So, make it easy and just fill out your profile info


https://tvallc.isrefer.com/go/RehabLite/renvestr/ Free tools

NETWORK = $$$$$$$$$$

Fill it


https://tvallc.isrefer.com/go/RehabLite/renvestr/ Free tools


but I wholesale in new orleans la "changa changa in the big easy" "the crescent city"


i think all know where im from

san diego california! God's country where we get 300 days of sunshine a yr!



Go faster do more! GFDM!

Rhode Island ( RI )

I am located in the smallest state in the US and would love to network with others from around here. Please contact me.

Thank you,

I'm in....

Long Island, Suffolk and Nassau County New York.....Also Jersey...right after the Lincoln Tunnel!

Cryptic Name..???

Who are you..?? where on the earth are you at. My D.G. name is SeattleDan..can you guess where I live and what my real name might Be..? My names Dan Maines and I live in Seattle. I want you to know my name. I want Dean, Matt, Carol and Joe ,Mike and Gena to know that I'm into Real Estate..I can list them because I know their names. This is not a video game its a Real Estate Investment Club... Seattles own Dan Maines..


Dan in Seattle..


Everyone has their particular reason for picking their screen names here.....

If you want to know their actual name view their profile, I say this because it is very poor choice of words you use and can be deemed offensive

Apart from this I am JOEL from NYC (New York City)

Have a great day everyone !


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By The State

I'm in Texas, would like to find a partner in the Limestone County area. I do travel to Houston quite a lot as well.Have not done a deal yet. going to auctions in Houston in April, hope to get something there.
If your a DGer going to Houston Action. Would like to meet.



I live in Dallas..

But Wholesale in El Paso, Dallas, just added Houston because of my latest deal there!
Cynthia, maybe we can meet up, I will also be in Houston in April, just havent decided exactly when probably second weekend. Nice to see all you familiar members, thanks for the heads up on this one, we all need the net-work! Smiling

* I picked my screen name because when I first started out I knew I could do it too as I read all the others stories, it was just a matter of time.




"Cut not the wings of your dreams,
for they are the heartbeat and the freedom of your soul." ~ Flavia

Kathy Wholesales TX
KM WholeSale Properties LLC




Have a great day!

Spring Hill Florida

hello: recently moved here from another county and would love to network with someone that lives reasonably close. can't seem to find any REI groups in the area. thanks Ron Crawfords Properties

Real Estate is about location..

My username is SeattleDan so no one will know where I live and wont be able to guess my name. We are trying to be in Business here and knowing where each of us is at is much needed. This and I.E. are business Clubs/ Real Estate Investment Clubs.. This post is bookmarked as a reference for me to know where each of you are at..So needed. Dan Maines in Seattle


Dan in Seattle..

Portland, Oregon

I am in the process of getting my Oregon's Real Estate License - I am interested in working with and being an investor myself. The eventually adding Washington State to my portfolio -

My background includes 9 years of web design, graphics and online marketing so I have decided to collaborate the two since I have a true passion for RE Investment.

I am excited and really looking forward to branding myself as a "New Era" Real Estate Agent focusing on using the internet to leverage a bigger and better way to market RE.


~ Koderra ~

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San Diego Ca

Lets do this!
Thom Gilbert


I am a Professional Real Estate Investor! And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of the J.O.B. You've come to fight as free men/women... and free men/women you are! What will you do for that freedom?? Will you fight?!! Lets fight for it together!!!!


I am also in Indiana. northwesteliteinvest@****

first comment,but started 2012

still struggling in Ontario Canada where are all the rest of us up here??

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