I finally put out my bandit signs over the weekend and was excited for the leads that it would provide. Monday came and no calls, I was worried that i didn't do enough research on where to place the signs that was the reason for no calls. But that night i had a voice mail on my phone from another investor asking to talk to me about the business. My first reaction was i shouldn't call back because this person is my competition, even though dean and others preach that other investors are a resource not a hurdle. But for me, I use to see others in my field as competition that i have to beat to the punch in order to be successful, now i see the light. I called back the investor just to see what he had to say and i came out of this conversation with a valuable resource. He knew i was getting started in this business and wants to help me get established, so i can go out and find the deals for him and other investors in my city. He informed me that my city is very strict about bandit signs (the reason all my signs i put up got taken down), also of an RE investment group who meets up once a month to discuss the business around the country and in our area (I've search the internet day and night and didn't have a clue about this club until he informed me). Not only that, he invited me to come to one of his properties that he is working on so i can get a better understanding of how to determine repair value. So now i have a resource who is more then willing to help me elevate my business but a cash buyer who is waiting for me to send them deals. I say all that to say this: get out there and put yourself in front of the business, you never know what type of results they will produce. Hope this helps anybody out there who hasn't tried interacting with other investors.


Frankie n Shayna

ABSOLUTELY correct!! Working TOGETHER will only bring you AND others the benefit of BOTH lessons learned
On any subject , strategy, life lessons. You learned that talking to someone You first thought was competition now could be your ticket to future success !! Deans words and actions may seem like a " yeah right" vision to you UNTIL you APPLY them and see the RESULTS like you just showed us Smiling)) nice job .... Keep applying the knowledge you get here and you will find yourself very successfull!!


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I definitely agree with you. I'm in a situation where my lack of transportation limits me for right now. But I am still making sure that I network and make calls in order to meet more investors. So far, I have a couple of people...but one main person willing to work with me (she's out of state) Now, I just need to find one out here in my area and I will be doing even better! I say work with what you have and Jehovah God will provide the rest!!!!!!!

Take care and stay blessed!



~Blessed beyond measure and enjoying life to its fullest!~


Networking. Isn’t it great? I can’t think of a better way to not only increase your exposure, but also a fantastic way to build repoire with others with similar interests. The more you network with all types of real estate professionals, the more reward you will see from it. By networking with a few people, who in turn network with a few people so on and so forth, your individual network expands exponentially. Your sphere of influence increases, and someone you know may know someone that might be interested in purchasing, or selling a property from you. Network well. Network wisely. But most of all get out and meet people. You never know what deal could be just around the corner for you, and them.


REIA'S = real estate investment associations or clubs are a grreat way to meet the members of your power team.


You never know who knows who and what tomorrow will bring! Real Estate is almost more of a people business than a property business. Properties and deals are out there! Networking helps you find them. If you are not a people person - BECOME ONE. If you are afraid to talk to people - GET OVER IT. Sorry to be rough but your bank account will thank me later.

One thing I love about real estate - WE ARE INVESTORS HELPING INVESTORS! WIN/WIN!



"If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse."

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Networking = more resources

I love to network, you may never know who you could meet that can help you with your business or know someone that can help you or vice versa. And other wholesalers I network with them just fine, as Dean says Wholesalers could bring you leads as well.


Reynold Orozco


That is such a great story!!

The power of putting yourself out there and telling people what you do is amazing.

We learn and make money when we teach each other and network :)It is such a win win!

A Bandit sign opened this door. Go to REI meetings. Continue to network on this site. Tell everyone what you do!

I wish you the best!!



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