If you are in an area where you think it is impossible to do an assignment of contract, or struggling to find buyers for your list. I think I may just have found a brilliant solution.

A unique way to find investors right in your back yard is.. THE PHONE BOOK!!!!

Those annoying yellow pages that gets delivered to our doors every year and we end up throwing them out or pilling them with other junk, is possibly the BEST way to find investors right down the street from you.

-Well if you look in your phone book under the Real Estate section, you will find pages and pages full of companies. Search for companies with the word Investments after their company name. "ex. J&R Investments" these are local real estate investment companies that buy properties all around your town, and are probably involved in major construction deals.
Call them up and ask if they would interested in being added to your buyers list which you find deals killer deals that even brokers can't find. Ask them what type of properties they invest in, price range, etc and them add them to your list. Believe me They won't say no to that.
However when looking through the phone book stay away from companies with the word reality after their company name as most of those companies are brokerage companies.

Good luck!!
and enjoy the holidays!

-Lets all start the new year with a strong buyers list.


thank you

Excellent idea. I would like to eventually have hundreds on my buyer's list. I am working on a list of ways to add to my buyer's list, the more the better.

Stay busy and keep thinking outside the box.


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your welcome. Also companies

your welcome. Also companies with properties after their company name is usually an investment company. "ex. Smith & Son Properties" These are excellent source for your buyers list or for references.

Good luck!

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Great idea

Thanx for the tip.
I will check this out.

Buyers List

Awesome thought! Always looking for the super sophisticated answer we often overlook something so simple! I'm on it right now!


Thanks for that great piece of info. I would have never thought about looking in the yellow pages. Thanks again. North Dakota is kinda small but here in the capital city I found a few with investment after their name.


Anxious to start in North Dakota My theme song Travis McCoy (ft[1]. Bruno Mars) - Billionaire - CurrentHipHop.com.mp3


Great information! Like the others who had posted on this thread, I too had forgot about something so simple as the yellow pages! Looking forward to finding those investors and getting into the business of closing deals!


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Yes!! I no its funny how

Yes!! I no its funny how something so simple hasn't been brought up in the teleconferences or the videos on this site.


I found two investors today by using my strategy listed above. This is probably the easiest and most efficient way to find investors, and the best part about it is you don't have to leave your home!

good luck and have a happy and safe new year!

Great Idea!

I never thought of looking for buyers using the phone book! Thanks for the advice!

Buyers List

Thank you much. I completed the first book last week and will use the phone book as my first source for my buyers list.

Thanks Again!


Thanks for that great info., have a happy and safe new year! Georg41




Thanks for the information.

Thank you Again


This is brilliant!!! I never thought about doing this. Great post!


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buyers list

that was a very good idea for the buyers list, never thought of looking in the yellow pages


jeffrey white


Thank for that information I will do that



May each day get better

good one

that`s a very good one I overlooked. Also you can check the legal section in the newspaper every now and then for names filing for tax deeds on more than one property. Good bet they are investors

Thanks for answer to one of my questions

2010 started today for me, luv the tip.


Richie Jones

Great tip!

Thank you! I will look into that Smiling
Have a very happy new year!


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Good post

Phone book is something we always forget. Good idea.


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Great Idea

I will definetly put this on my new year resoluction list. Thanks a million.



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WHO would have thought

Certainly not me. good Idea!!! Michael J


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Thank you. For those of you who are just beginning in you real estate career, YOU NOW HAVE NO EXCUSE TO GET STARTED!!!

Using this method can help you generate at least 5-10 buyers for your list WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR HOUSE!

Don't be scared to call them either, investors love talking with beginning investors as I've noticed! Think about it from their prospective every time a new investor calls it mean ANOTHER POTENTIAL DEAL IS ON THE WAY!! They get excited trust me.

so what are you waiting for, CALL THEM NOWW!! Don't wait for the new year to come, stop procrastinating and start looking through that phone book.

good luck!

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