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Michael Johnson
Salem, Oregon.
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Have always enjoyed and been a fan of real estate, if not looking at houses then fixxing them up, I like working with my hands and that instant gratifacation of looking at a job WELL DONE (is priceless). Have had my own business as a handyman Mike's Honey Do's for the past 3 years working for mostly Family & helping freinds at very discounted rates. (But mostly have been living on Love) LOL Inside Joke Just finished reading Dean's book, I have to admit the first in over a few decades and it only took a couple months, am most certainly back in the saddle again and excited about this new venture in my life. Will be a Licensed General Contractor Residential, that should help! So Will be watching and learning from all of you out there so the best of luck. Michael J

Fords Old, Harley's even older, Home improvements, Garage Saling, Motor Cycle runs, Music.

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Hi Michael J

Just read your post. I've been so busy, how are things going in Salem? I'm working on getting a strong buyers list right now. Had one but it became clear that it wasn't that great of one. I found someone today that I'm going to partner with to do some cash deals, we'll see. Hope our doing well, where are you at in your investing? If I can help in any way let me know. Kay

Hello....just saw you message

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I am from Portland and I'm looking to start doing deals out in the Portland, Gresham, and Sandy area. I'm pretty new to this how about you? What are you looking to do in the Salem area. Do you know of any good real estate investment clubs? Please let me know if you do!

Hello from Beaverton

New to both DG family and to the business of real estate investing. Have attended NWREIA general meeting held 02/02/2011, but have not yet enrolled for membership. Would love to network with others around the Portland-Vancouver-Salem area. Still working on building a strong buyers list. May definitely need to go the route of private money lender. Willing to work alongside a seasoned investor.