REPLAY POSTED from Live Webcast on Monday, Feb 4th

REPLAY IS POSTED! Join Dean & his guest Matt Larson online for another brilliant training. You’ll hear important information about our area manager selection as well as the next evolution of the infamous 25:1 deal finding system.

This powerful information is cutting edge and yours to learn and use.. Enjoy!

Note: This is the replay for the first segment of the Livecast. The second half was bonus coverage for the Insider Elite members. We recommend taking Inside Elite for a trial run and getting all of the amazing features (virtually all of our books, products, systems... plus life coaching, ask experts, daily wisdom and so much more). Plus, you'll get to see the replay of the bonus coverage on the site also. Eye-wink

up coming event

Hi I hope there is a replay if it goes longer than 3/4 of an hour, wish these were earlier.dont have access to computer after 8:45 PM on any given week day and less than that on weekeneds, many thanks, Jim

I am registered

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Ready on Monday!

Thanks for the invite....

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Thanks for making the boardcast available...


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Thank you

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Thanks for making the boardcast available...Looking forward to the replay email to watch again.

Live Webcast

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Hi Dean & Matt,

Thank You Again Dean for inviting your DG family to your live webcast.....It's always appreciated....


anxious for the re-play!

Thanks for the info, Matt and Dean. Looking forward to the re-play! Mary


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this Amer,i need help with this.

Dean and Matt

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I just whatched the replay. I am so glad you guys went over this again the 25-1 when I try to explain this to someone it never comes out as good as Matt explains the 25-1.

You guys rock.



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Exactly what i needed! I have three major goals. 1) Master the 25:1 in Los Angeles, CA. 2) Master the bandit signs! 3) Master finding buyers, investors, sellers on craigslist.

Today, you extremely helped me with my first goal.

HAHAHAHA! And I Absolutely know that i will be one of many DG success stories for California!

Congratulations to everyone and all their success!

'When the success of another makes your heart sing, thats when your own success soars!'- Abraham Hicks-

Wow! i am enjoying this Journey SO MUCH! It's ALL Happening!

Thanks for the video. I

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Thanks for the video. I always like hearing about the 25:1 strategy. Seems something new jumps out to me everytime I listen to it being explained.


Had a few minutes here at work to watch this replay but, to my avail no darn sound. I'll have to wait until I get home tonight.

Yay for replays

This is even great for those of us who have not done a deal yet. 2013 has to be the blessed year for some of us who have been on here a while now.
Thanx again Dean and Matt.


Thank you Dean and Matt. for that great information and education on

Guys, this was great! I'm

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Guys, this was great! I'm using the 25:1 now and I had huge questions about the discount on the asking price and how it related to the ratios. It was so awesome to see you guys answer my question that had been leaving me scratching my head! Please keep doing these live casts! The market is changing and your "course corrections" are invaluable!


All three or each?

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The one thing I wanted to make sure of is we only want props that are vacant, as-is, *AND* reduced in price or can they be a combination of the three? (i.e. reduced and as-is)?

One brick at the time

Dean and Matt:

Great seminar. I re-play it four times, until i had everything written down and understood. Is a great thing than you cover different parts of the process of choosing the property and making offers. The next step after you get accepted, base on what?, you tell the realtor to assign you the property or wait for a double close.




After watching Matt and Dean explain sending postlets to RE Agents to get buyers I went ahead and sent an email to an agent explaining what it is I want to do. Here is the response.

This sounds great you, but what you are saying is what we do for our listings. If you want me to list properties you plan to buy, I can do that and then get attention of buyers. You are basically asking us to do pocket listings which is illegal in our MLS and then only be compensated for the buyer side essentially saving you money and making us work harder to find a buyer since the properties are not listed and advertised. There are companies that charge a flat rate to do that and they only put them on their website...not in MLS. You have to buy properties 1st and yes, if you want to purchase properties then relist...that would be for a reduced commission because we will have been getting paid at least 2x and maybe 3 on the same property! I get that but that would be negotiated case by case and although its "off MLS" as a member we still have to be ethical and put it in MLS for others to see what the market is doing.

Thanks a Million!

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Thanks Dean & Matt for sharing the evolution of the 25:1 strategy with us. I recently had a motivated REA contact me via one of my bandit signs wanting to work with and learn from an investor. I've had him on hold for a few weeks cause the exact specifics of what I was to have him search for was still not clear cut in my mind. Now it's all crystal clear, along with Dean's suggestion on having the REA run comps on those types of homes sold for a basic FMV per area. Very helpful! Struggling, but still in to win it. I've just become a F-T j.o.b. slob again, but I'm committed to becoming a full fledged REI this year. Thanks again guys. Keep it up!

More comfortable now

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Thanks. As always, I'm inspired each time I watch a video. It seems I'm more comfortable with the 25:1 strategy.


Thanks for the Replay!

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couldn't make it to the live webinar, so thank you so much for having a replay available for us...
awesome information, as always, from you Dean, and of course, from Matt, who's always mesmerizing us with his knowledge and how well he explains (and shares!) his strategies!

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


awesome stuff Guys I love

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awesome stuff Guys I love it!

Hey Dean

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Noticed your here today. How you doing. hope everything is well. I will meet you soon Dean. Keep doing what you do. Ill see you when I see you.


Ivan Garcia


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I am back, let's do many great things!! ^_^



Good stuff I understand it... But I can't comprehend it just yet ...

Want to see the rest of this


I am a new DG and IE member and was hoping I could watch Part 2 of this. Can you point me to where I can find it?



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