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I am a new REI and I chose Dean's program because I wanted something different. I wanted something that actually worked. I was a little skeptical of him the first time I saw him on TV. I did not order his book the first time I saw him. I then saw him a second time and then a third. The third time I saw him on the TV I decided that this was a calling to me that I needed to get this book. I ordered it and within a week the book was at my house. I dug into it the first day it arrived and I was excited about it. I had the book read within 2 weeks of receiving it. Once I was done, I came to a stand still. I did not know what my first step was going to be and I needed help. The sign came to me in a phone call that I almost did not answer. It was the people at the success academy. The information that showed up on the caller ID was that of a telemarketer, but I decided to answer anyway. I talked to this wonderful gentleman that pre-qualified me for the academy and I was off and running again. I am still working through all of the information on the academy website, but I have gained so much knowledge by being on the website and listening to the monthly calls. I want to thank all of the people that have helped my by asking questions. They had the exact same questions as struggles as me and it is so nice to be able to know that I can log onto this website and be helped with any question I may have. I have yet to do my first deal but I am working on making my contacts right now. I will update my info as soon as I make my first deal and let you all know how it went.

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Shipping Coordinator Looking to replace my FT job with REI
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Hi and welcome!! I myself joined the success academy about 2 months ago and the info is pricless!!

Best of luck to you and good luck,, and don't ever give up or listen to negative people.

Welcome to you as well!

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Thank you for the luck and I wish you the best of luck on your new journey. I love this program and I wish that I would have found Dean earlier!

Continued Success





You are to sweet!!!Not a problem, and glad to hear from ya...I hope you are still continuing at least making progress a little here and there...

I am sorry to hear you are working that much!!!My schedule is crazy too...I Work Friday through Thursday...Then the next fri, sat, and sun off...Work Mon through Wed...Thursday off...Then Repeat the whole process...If you were able to follow that, better than I can do...jeez...

I am warn down a lot...But still find time for my real estate, and hanging with friends...Gotta have good times, and work towards what I really want...I am glad you took time to write to me, and truly hope you are able to get out of the awful 9-5 life style some day...Hopefully sooner than later!!!I wish you so much luck...


hi Jenn, i'm from oregon, just started at the academy also. wishing you well an your journey


Hey Jen

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Just dropping in to say Hi! I hope everything is going well for you in REI, keep reaching the top & stay in touch!

John A.


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Thanks for the well wishes and I wish you the best as well with your new found journey. Please let me know if you need anything

John A

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Hi! How are you and how is your REI inventing treating you? If I can help it this is going to be my new life and I will do what I can to be the best at what I do. Keep in touch and let me know how all of your deals go!

I take it you are from Tacoma???

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I am glad to meet you! Let me know if there is anything that you would like to work on together. I am more than happy to work with another DG team member.


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I cannot remember why I am really sweet....but I will take the compliment anyways! Smiling I am really glad that I have you as my new found buddy and we can keep encouraging each other to make our lives better. Work has been horrible lately. I have been putting in more and more hours everyday. It totally sucks! But I think that working that many hours has made me even more motivated than ever. I just had an epiphany the other day and think that I have figured out the best way to make the REI thing work for me.

I am sorry to hear that your schedule is so crazy. I do not know if I could deal with that kind of a schedule. I think that I would get really confused!

I am trying to make time for all of the things that are important in my life, but you know how worn down you get and all you want to do is sleep. I am more than ready to kick that 9 to 5 to the curb. And it looks like you are well on your way to making that happen.


Its ok that you don't

Its ok that you don't remember why you are sweet!!!Your just awesome...Thats all...I need all the encouragement I can get...Believe me...Its nice to have that from people, and i have never even met ya...Heck, I don't even know where Washington is on a map...I didn't pay attention in geography(or school for the most part)I have always paid attention to things I am really interested in, and the rest didn't matter to me...

It is also nice to know that somebody around my age is trying to get out of the same situation I am in as far as work/crazy schedule and to make a better life...I am 23, and I am assuming you are right around my age...

I really hope you stick with your goals, and continue making progress each day...

thanks for the welcome committee!!!

I have owned the books and have been a member since August. I have hit a brick wall. I am trying to get a buyers list together, and per the coaches , steer clear from looking for deals. Its not easy. havent made a deal yet, but hope to in the very near future. i really need the money to dig myself out of financial hell.

lost in NJ

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I totally hear you on that one. I have yet to make a single deal, but you know I will work as hard as I can to make it happen. I am a 23 year old that is way over her head in debt and I cannot wait until the day the last payment is made and I am free. Keep working hard to make your dreams become a reality and if you ever need any help or support, PM me and I will do my best to help and encourage you.



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You are too funny. I was always good with school and I was my class Valedictorian, but you know I never really liked school that much. I think that is why I never went to college. It is a lot of money, work, and you sometimes cannot even have the guarantee that you will have a halfway decent paying job when you are done.

I love coming to this site and I visit it several times a day just because I get the much needed boost to keep me motivated and keep me going. This family I have found is so positive and they are always out to help each other. I love it.

I am the same age as you just trying to make my world better and the world of my family better. I am really glad that I have found a friend in you and I am really glad that we have each other to keep supporting each other. Best of wishes to you and your next deal.


valedictorian???jeez...that's pretty good...I got good grades in excited and happy for me?just kidding

college was never on my goal list at all...I always new there is better out there to just go to school for forever, and work to pay off all the loans and never get ahead...

this site is def awesome...def keeps me positive, even when things aren't going as well as I would like them to...

I appreciate the best wishes, and of course, same to you...

assignment fee in WA state

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Hi, you were asking in forum if assignment fee is illegal in WA or not. And I know people here in Spokane, WA that do assignments and it is legal. so Good Luck.

In my neck of the woods

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Hey Jen wuts up ? Nice to meet some one from tacoma, I live right down in spanaway. It's good to hear that other people from WA are taking a hold of this and creating wealth. Hope to see ya around DG or around puyallup. Lets get this money in the northwest ! Stay motivated Jen ! Talk soon

Peace, Love
& Live Life Cool

young Money


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Welcome to the DG site. You will get a lot of valuable information here.

I recommend you use it wisely by reading as much as you possibly can.

Good luck.