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Michael Barnes
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I'm sorry, I do not have a pretty profile. I grew up near the Hudson River, New York. I now live near San Francisco. I feel I am in the depths of hell and am desparately in need of rising from the dead. I read Dean's book which gave me faith and a glimmer of hope. I found there are some awesome people here from all walks of life whom most of which are completely willing to help and try to steer you in the right direction. And that is sensational! ( I'm sick of saying 'awesome')
So trying to comprehend, understand and make money in real estate is the goal here. In the words of a famous motivational speaker, "you've got to strive for constant and never ending improvement".
Good luck to everyone.

Michael Barnes

Some favorite books:

Of course all of Dean's books!

BE A REAL ESTATE MILLIONAIRE got it going for me.

Music, travel, learning and baseball.

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Elena M's picture

Don't worry about your profile being pretty, we're just glad that you joined us... I just saw that you put music under interests. What type of music are you interested in? I'm a musician too. You can see my myspace page on my profile. Just another thing we have in common. Brilliant minds and all... LOL!
Let me know if you need any more help with anything ok? Thanks again for the ebook. I'm on Mark's mailing list as well. (Just another one of my favorite gurus) Eye-wink

God bless you,

Elena Laughing out loud


Thanks for your great input. I read your profile and I loved it.
As for music, I enjoy all types of music but my favorites are classic rock, country rock and maybe some classical. My favorite radio stations are KSEG (The Eagle) in Sacramento, KPIG in San Francisco, and KLOS in Los Angeles. I know you didn't ask about radio, but I thought I'd throw that in for the heck of it.
I play a little guitar but I sold it a couple of years ago, (Uh-oh), maybe one day I'll get another one. I record & edit music from cds and radio etc. using computer programs as sort of a hobby.
What instrument(s) do you play?

I feel very secure to know that I can refer to you with some of my real estate questions. I really appreciate your assistance.
I'm glad you got that e book. I'm pretty impressed with it. You are probably finished reading it by now.
Even though I didn't finish it, I decided to start over from the beginning and read through it again.



Elena M's picture

Yeah, yours was interesting too. I love classic rock, funk, r&b and what they consider jazz now (Hall & Oates)? HAHA! I'm sorry you sold your guitar, I know what a great release music is, at least for me it it. I'm a keyboard player/singer. I've been writing my own material since I was 18. I love music and wouldn't be without it. I've sold my gear and bought more within a year... LOL! I haven't read the whole book yet, I was distracted by my teenager today. But I'll read it tomorrow. Thanks again!
Have a great evening,

Elena Laughing out loud


Fantastic on being a musicain! And writng since you were 18! I completely agree, music is a great release. As a matter of fact, I've heard (this may sound a little weird) but I've heard that some people can get more sensation from a concert than they do from sex. Talk about a release! That's how much music (art) can effect someone. So I completely understand.
I can get pretty blown out just by singing along to my car stereo sometimes!
Anyway I didn't mean to dive into this so deeply, but musicians are vital.
"A culture is only as good as its dreams and its dreams are dreamt by artists."


Elena M's picture

Is that so? Hmmmm, that's interesting!I've never heard that, but it's good to know... LOL! Although, I was told once that my singing made the hair on the back of their neck stand up. Seriously though, I know when people meet me at a gig, they treat me like royalty. That's the cool part of it for me, or at least one of the coolest parts. It is a euphoric release when I perform and am having a killer night or when I'm on a writing streak! Thanks for sharing that with me, it's good to know that we are appreciated that way. Especially when you're tempted to give it up because of some jerk that doesn't feel you should get paid what you deserve to get for your time, talent and effort. Smiling

Yeah, that is definitely a

Yeah, that is definitely a drag when they want to stiff you and even more so that is a fascinating life you lead when you are not buying real estate. Yeah! That is awesome Elena! Who would of knew?

Hey, I wanted to ask you about some of your deals. Have you done a lot of wholesaling? What is your favorite type of deal? I mean such as wholesaling or buy and hold, foreclosures? I assume the answer to that is obviously - when you make tons of money! Also what was the most you ever made on a wholesale deal? You don't have to answer any of these questions if you don't want to. I just met a guy up here who just moved here from Boston and he has been doing wholesaling for about a year or so. So he's kinda new but he's making deals. I believe he said the most he ever made was $5000 on a deal. And I saw one of your posts in which you said you made something like $17,800 on a deal. That is in your 'Wholesale forum'. Which is a great forum. I really love reading your posts.
Real estate is such a formidable subject and it is hard to get started. What was your first deal like?
Thank you for your awesome answers.



Elena M's picture

Wholesaling is my absolute favorite, no doubt! I couldn't believe I walked away from that deal with not only the $17,800 for assigning it, but I recouped ALL my rents and half of the roof that I paid for, so my total on that deal was actually $24,900!!! Now get this, I originally bought this to live in, but I couldn't get a decent loan so I assigned it and made a pile of cashola instead! That was my FIRST wholesale deal too! Six months prior to that I sold a duplex I bought for $48,500 profit. I bought it for $145,000 and sold it for $215,000. Yes, REI been berry berry good to me. ;D

Wow! That is the Best!

Wow! You are the Best Elena! You Rock! You are a mover and shaker!
But let me ask a little question, when you say 'rents', do you mean the rent you paid as like an RTO tenant? So you were doing an RTO deal and you couldn't get a decent loan? I recently signed up for one of those but never heard back from them yet. And when you got half of your roof money back that was because you were looking at owning the house from the start and you put money into it. Wow! That was like an unintentional wholesale deal but it worked out GREAT!
Absolutely awesome Elena!
And that duplex deal you did, $48,500,
one amazing deal after another!

By the way, you do rei, you perform, do you do anything else? I sell sunglasses in the sunshine.



Elena M's picture

No, it wasn't a RTO. The owner wouldn't give me the keys before closing (I wanted to paint and do some minor stuff before moving in). So he suggested I sign a lease, which he left completely open on dates and price. So I filled it out stating that all rents would go towards the purchase price and the monies I put out for the new roof, I faxed it to him, he agreed, signed it and faxed it back. Now that was only supposed to be 45-60 days, but I kept extending the closing date with addendums, I finally realized that I wouldn't be able to afford the payments on the loan so I assigned it and everybody was happy! That was the first deal I did by myself where I had total control, that was SO suweeeeet!!!!
Yeah, I'm also a computer lab assistant at a local high school, an internet marketer, a mom and I'm writing a book on the basics of wholesaling... Whew, man I'm tired... LOL!



Wow! I love you and your suweeet deals! You are so awesome!
And let me be the first to pre-order a copy of your book. (I hope I'm the first)
Can I ask you one more (of my million) questions?
How did you become an internet marketer? Did you buy a course or a program somewhere? Or did you just start marketing on the internet on your own?
Ever so eager to hear back from you.



Elena M's picture

The wind you felt was the hot air coming from my inflated head... LOL! I've been learning about internet marketing for the last few years. It started with the first couple of real estate courses I bought. Then I bought a few additional marketing ones that caught my eye. I'm on mailing lists of rei gurus and internet marketing gurus, so I'm always on a seminar or getting their latest FREE ebooks or reports they come out with. My goal is to not only have money coming in from rei, my job and music, oh and the book (eventually) I also am working on an automated business online. The more income streams you have the more security you have. If you lose one you still have others. Eye-wink


Sounds like the way to go Elena. I am also on similar mailing lists. You can't lose with all that. >"The only guarantee of survival is abundance."

Man! You really got it going on!!
I wish you the best with everything.


Yes it is!

Elena M's picture

I do have it going on, especially these past 8 days!!!! Everything has been going so fantastic that I LOVE each and every moment of every day. Yes, I DO have an abundance of EVERYTHING... I am truly blessed!
And I wish the very same for you!

Elena Eye-wink

Michael B,

Indiana-Joe's picture

I just wanted to stop by your guest page and wish you good luck with real estate investing. I hope there will be many deals and many new songs at closings of deals along the way. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Joe, Glad you stopped by.

Glad you stopped by. It's great hearing from you.
I was driving down the freeway Saturday and I WON'T BACK DOWN came on the radio. I immediately turned it up and (I can't believe it!) it reminded me of you and Dean and RE and your music forum here at dg.com....I'm not kidding! (the music on the radio just turned on a euphoric feeling & thoughts of you guys) ( I know how this sounds) and to continue the 'high' feeling another Great song comes on after that!, - WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU! And I'm just flying down the freeway (@ whoa! 69 mph. wow! is that fast!) Thinking of you & Dean & all. I mean, "I've got no reason to feel this good" but I did. (I know it sounds crazy)

Anyway, you are MOST impressive with all of your success. And it's like you came out of nowhere and you ended up on TOP! That is too awesome! I hope I can experience one tenth of the success you've had. Way To Go Joe!!!
Michael B

Michael B,

Indiana-Joe's picture

Thanks for the nice comments, I appreciate it. I just noticed your reply on your guest page today. You can do it! Just stay positive and keep working that action plan.

Dean's books have all the tips, techniques, information and strategies that you need. Each day continue to increase your knowledge with real estate and before long good things will happen. Keep up the good work and we look forward to reading about your progress. You can do it! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


Just wanted to drop a note saying hello.
I'm new to the DG family. Hope to be able to contact you for assistance, if possible. Also we are full time RV'ers & hope to be in CA eventually. A "face to face" would be nice, if you would agree to a meet. Will contact you later.
For now, I am more comfortable using Email. Thanks for your initial response.

Sacramento Newbie

GR Investor's picture

Hey Michael,

I am a newbie to REI and I am looking to make connections. If you want you can email me at gregrowe08@**** and we can possibly leverage eachother to get deals done.




Sounds interesting.

There's an REI club I go to every month in Stockton just south of you off of I-5. It's at Eight Mile Road exit. Let me know if you want to go and I'll meet you there.
It's run by Tamera and she is known as the "Flipping Queen" in that area. She's VERY cool. She even has a mentor program available. The program cost money but going to her REI meeting is FREE!

As you can see above, I didn't quite get your full email address. Do you use yahoo?


Valuni's picture

Hi Michael,
I'm in the east bay, near Berkeley.
I'm looking for a real estate investors club in the area, and to partner with other DG investors.


Hi Valerie,
There are clubs all around us!
Some cost to get in and some are free.
There's clubs in:
San Francisco
Just to name a few.

Just a Quick "Hi Michael!"

RicoCamacho's picture

Also a local in the North Bay. I would love to put together a mini group of DG investors here in the Bay Area for an outing (sort of a meet and greet).

What do you think of that as a motivation for 2011?

Adelante Amigos


Adelante. That's a great idea!

Again, since it's almost a constant job to keep oneself motivated, I think it is a great idea!
The more support the better!
This is one business in which you do NOT work alone.