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Actively Seeking Out Mentor( Paradise/ Portola, CA )

I have ordered Dean's book online( How to be a Real Estate Millionaire ) through a friend back in June prior to the big fires we had up here. I've already read the book three times and am currently reading it a fourth to reinforce the life-changing key concepts Dean uses.

Currently, I am employed as a carpet cleaner/ janitorial maintenance cleaner with a local stable family-owned cleaning firm in Paradise. Since my vehicle( 1990 Toyota 4-Runner ) blew two heads this past May, I've been without any transportation to assist my family's needs as they are presently shouldered by my wife( a role I'd love to have yesterday ). It's no fun having to pay for insurance and registration on my feet along with a vehicle that does not run and expected to have repaired sometime ago. The private mechanic I have trusted to perform the job is slow on the draw as I could not afford my primary mechanic's services at the time. to top off the elevated stress levels between my wife and I, she will be starting a job close to home this week using her vehicle while leaving me high and dry without a ride to work and take care of family-oriented responsibilities. I don't know about y'all, but I see that something has to change right away at yesterday's pace.

After reading Dean's book, I have rediscovered my dreams while working hard to improve my credit status with my meager earnings. I'm not looking to get-rich-quick to miraculously buy a brand new vehicle off of the lot only to take the hit the moment I drive it off of the lot, though downsizing has seriously crossed my mind several times in the past three months. I just need to meet my family's needs while actually transferring the present skills I have gained over the years into an investing career.

Thank you for taking out the time from your busy day to read my post.

Hi Don,

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Welcome to the DG family. It is good to have you here.
Congratulations on rediscovering your dreams. Smiling I have no doubt that you will turn them into reality as you pursue your future in REI!

God bless,


Location isn't that important

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And why limit yourself to one mentor? I consider all here my mentors. I learn from even the newbies especially when the pros chime in on their questions. I've also recently found that real estate is real estate no matter the location. I live in southern CA and am in the process of buying a house to rehab in North Dakota of all places. You can see my "Offer Accepted" on the home page here.

I wish you the best. I know you will do great. And I admire you for deciding to pick yourself up from where you are to attain your dreams.


Years later, how'd it go?

Perusing random postings in the forum, I was drawn to this and wanted to know how you are doing today?