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Kendall Arnold
Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Long Beach, Mississippi Gulf Coast
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I am an active RE/MAX real estate agent and recent graduate of Insider's Financial and Elite training. I've practiced real estate since 2004, but now I'm spreading my wings in the world of real estate investing. I am interested in doing deals along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, as well as other areas of the country. I'm also an United States Air Force retiree and am looking forward to helping you with your real estate goals!

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Thought, I would contact you. I am active investor from Ocean Springs and Military retiree. I enjoy this site. If I can help contact me .

need a little help

Hi, my name is Darren and I'm looking to start my career as an investor. I live in Hattiesburg, about an hour north of you. I was just wondering, do you know of any attorneys that are familiar and comfortable closing assignment of contracts. Believe it or not, it seems like there is an "investor friendly" lawyer in every single state, except for MS. I've cold called at least 20 or so lawyers here in hattiesburg, but nobody wants to have anything to do with assignments. Maybe this is a long shot, but I figured i'd ask you since you're an agent and investor so close to me. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks,