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allen huber
New Jersey
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My wife and I started Denal Enterprises this year. We are working hard to become successful real estate investors. We have 2 deals in the works now and are very excited about them. Any tips or tricks you can provide would be a great help to us. We just had Randy Vaughn here for 3 days pounding information into us. Thank you Randy!!!!

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thank you karen, I can see there is a wealth of knowledge and info at my finger tips.
I'll use it as wisely as i can.

have a great day!


Shout out from Cape May...

Welcome to the DG is very addicting and educational! What part of the state are you from?

Denise and Allen,

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It was nice to speak with you at this years's EDGE event. I look forward to reading about your future real estate deals. You can do it! Remember look at a lot of deals, continue to buiild your buyer's list and make a lot of offers. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


agh615 iv been following you guys for awhile now and have to say that im very impressed in your progress. keep up the good in central jersey and would love to hook up. i have a place in lbi so maybe we can meet for a beer. keep up the good work