Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #327 - Are we doing it all wrong?

In this week's Weekly Wisdom, Dean shares a very important message about how so many of us are going about our lives making a big mistake we might not even realize we are making. So this week Dean is going to share a few key points to help everyone communicate better, share your story or feelings better, change someone's life more efficiently, impress someone easier, impact people's lives on a daily basis or simply live with more confidence.

Let Dean help you live with more passion, start living with more confidence, and start learning and living more than ever before. Let him share with you what we all might be doing wrong.


i knew you were up to something lol....... Thanks Dean i will use this info.


Hey Dean!

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Great WW message and life approach! Thank you for sharing! Living with passion and building rapport with others on different levels.

Make it a great week!

You almost got me Dean.;)

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That first few seconds had me thinking: Wait, I've heard this one before!( Guess I have been following you for that long Eye-wink ) Then, of course, you grabbed my attention right back. Smiling
As a retail salesman earlier in my career, I understand the power of both body language and communication and I still use it continuously today. But you Dean, have me beat HANDS DOWN! I have never met anyone with your enthusiasm or energy level in any other group of people I have been associated with. And your sincerity can only be described as rock solid. That's why I am and always will be a loyal follower. Smiling I've drunk the Graziosi Kool-Aid and I LIKE IT!!!! It yields wisdom and abilities that can only help us, not hurt us, when we use it. You are the Fountain of USE! Smiling
This was another GREAT WW. It got me energized to write this post instead of going to sleep ( which was my original intention.) Your energy is just too infectious to me. Eye-wink

Until next week.....
Andy Sager
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2013, 2014 and soon 2015 EDGE Alumni Laughing out loud

who died today?

I was just about to say who died? is it something bad? what's up?

thank you Dean this is the first time i'v ever see you look like this or start like this

Thanks Dean

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True Passion is what gives me the fuel I need each day to overcome all the opposition. Thanks for the reminder.

passion is easy and natural cause yr italian

Its tuff but I'm still crushing it in west palm beach!! Cause i got the same fire and passion and desire to succeed as u. Its an Italian thing its been an amazing ride would love to share with you 5 years in and now palm beach county's newest millionaire!!!

Thanks for being one of many resources to get my start, of the many your ideas and material is some of the best around,

With love,

Paul Anthony,

Yes! We need to pull

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Yes! We need to pull ourselves together and be the best we can be, to bring our enthusiasm to others!


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Being you somehow seem to come through in every clutch for me. This is a message I can use in this very instant !! That's why I love your Weekly wisdom !! Hi need to be a ton more passionate in everything I do. This is a wake up call and also looking at things at others level will help me instantly in the situation I am in. It has been a work in progress for me to negotiate and I have been doing well but when I put this into practice it will help me in every aspect of my life. I know this stuff but staying on track with your weekly wisdom conditions and brings repetition to form the habit better and better thanks again !!

Whoa Dean!!!

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when I first heard your voice, I was wondering what happened to you! What happened to your enthusiasm?! I'm glad it was to show a point you made! I love your Weekly Wisdoms; they really help me stay on course!
You are awesome Dean!!! Looking forward to seeing you again at the Edge!!!


The strangest feeling

What a feeling you had enter to core of my stomach. That is until you changed, or reengaged, your energy level back to the original Dean. You got me. However, you surely did get your point across loud and clear with the transformation.

Great WW!

Make every day count!


When you started talking, I wondered what bad had happened or was about to happen. You made your point loud and clear! We all need to be enthusiastic in all areas of our life! Thanks again for the reminder! LindaB

Dean's not feeling well. YOU GOT ME!

OM-Goodness! I really thought something was wrong. I was wondering where the enthusiasum went., Great point Dean, especially the point you made with your son,.


Signing Out,

Awesome Strategy

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Hey Dean, Awesome strategy on how to approach others and life in general!!

Are we doing it all wrong?

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Hi Dean,

The first 5 seconds of the weekly response was "Ut Oh......what happened now".....Sad

Your enthusiasm is what keeps us engaged.....Eye-wink

Don't ever stop...Smiling...Thank you.....xo



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that was timely Dean it reminded me of making sure to stay positive & up & to understand the people around me, I just went on vacation with my wife n stepdaughter & it was a little tough with my stepdaugter we had some misunderstandings but it was a great vacation due to my re profits!!!

But I will make sure to understand her & anyone else & not be so me focused. Thx Dean look forward to seeing you at the Edge.

your son's secret

Now you are onto another way a child tweaks a parent ! (smile). It's true in all relationships that the more someone protests the more likely the behavior being tolerated or ignored will be used. What is in ourselves that is causing us to 'not like' something being done? Often, as noted, it is not valid. Find it, acknowledge it, maybe even appreciate it, and as Dean discovered, it takes away the power and need for that act to be enacted.

Thanks Dean!

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Great message. I can use this reminder daily!


Thank you!

Now that was funny and of course always fantastic sharing from you.
Dean you are the best and thank you so very much for everything.
Sincerely, LL Southern California


Hi Dean,
I love your passion, I could not agree more with you: If I engage with anybody in their level and just listen and try to understand the with passion- that is the best way to build rapport. In addition to : it spices up the life. Thanks.

Great Message

Thanks Dean, That was Cool!


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Funny Beginning Dean LOL

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I though I was going to hear bad news when you started the video LOL, good one Dean. Your right about the energy you have to have when talking with people.


Hi Dean: I sure can relate to your weekly wisdom and how it applies to everything you do in life / Gosh ---- do you want to deal or listen to someone that is not UP BEAT or would you rather deal or listen to someone that UP BEAT with an enormous amount of enthusiasm - I choose the latter
I have personally experienced this in my own life / When I have had an upbeat attitude and enthusiasm - I notice that people want listen to what I have to say :---)) I choose ENTHUSIASM AND AN UPBEAT ATTITUDE Have a Great Week and thanks for your Weekly Wisdoms / Encouragement


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Great WW when your enthusiastic it shows in you voice body language and demeanor and it reverberates with the person you talking to.
Thanks again for the lesson.


Being upbeat all the time can sometimes wear off. For Dean it works great because his audience comes to expect an upbeat message. He can get away with almost anything. But when you act upbeat around people all the time they might not appreciate the effort. In fact, they might resent it as an act. For instance, it great to act silly or profane on stage, but try doing that in the real world. When people want something they are easily impressed and appreciative, but when it's forced upon them they take offense. Being up beat is always a good thing, but it also has to be subjective. You have to know the appropriate time and place to act it out.

great message Dean Thanks

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great message Dean Thanks for sharing it!


This WW is OUTSTANDING. At first I thought someone close to you had died, then when I saw the instant change it amazed me. You drove home the message so very clearly. Thanks you again for your WWs which are wonderful.

Very intense and necessary

Very intense and necessary thought. actually a better communication is something which is very basic and any flaw in it may produce dangerous results.

Doing it wrong

Good morning everyone!!

Breath of fresh energy here!! Thank you community! It is refreshing to feel the energy here - after working 12 hours in a "job." I think you understand I appreciate my "job," but I am using Dean's real estate course to build something better and when I come to this community my intentions are validated 1000%. So thank you!!!!

This topic was meant for me!! LOL


I've listened to every Weekly Wisdom for nearly 3 years. I honestly thought someone had died. Was really concerned something AWFUL had happened! But you're so right! Point well made! I know so many people that truly act like that... and their business reflects it. Thanks, Dean! Attitude is still everything!

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