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Interested in meeting up with other Social Conscience REI's.

social conscience business,arts and crafts, others.

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is it possible to do out of state reassignment?


Wholesaling is done nationwide! ("reassignment")

Hi CD2011!

It is called "wholesaling". You want to be on the same page as the rest of the world when you are dealing with them...

Yeah, it is done everyday. It is just an online transaction, that's all, just like when you trade a house online in your own hometown.

This may be a new concept to you right now, but many of us do deals ONLY online!

I, for one, find ALL of my deals online. I find all of my Buyers online too. My closings are not attended by me. The Title Company's Closing Agent, or an Attorney will handle that for me too.

My realtors, nationwide, handle all of the paperwork for me.

My Assignment Fee will be wired to my bank account by the Title Company or Attorney.

CB, when you have time, you just want to go into your profile / user account area of this site and go into EVERY single section of it and set it up to be as powerful and useful as possible.

Just look up my own profile page, to see how I have set my own up. It has all of the contact information that this site allows me to put in there.

That makes it EASY for others to network with you! Treat your Profile Page as one of your Electronic Business Cards (that Google LOVES!) that is working for you 24/7, bringing you deals and opportunities endlessly.


Cash Buyer?

Hello from Connecticut - in my search for great deals I have found one in Georgia - $20,000 handyman special. the numbers work - land alone is appraised at $40,0000- find me a cash buyer and I will split the deal 40/60.

Much success




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Hey there,

Hows it going? My name's Andre and I'm another fellow Real Estate Investor from the SoCal area. Just wanted to stop by real quick to say hi and to tell ya how awesome of a person u seem! Smiling I found your comment on Dean's recent weekly blog and found that really awesome that you're aware of Joel Osteen as well. Especially referring back to his sermon last Sunday about that pearl and keeping it in place with God's word. Hope to hear from ya soon and discuss some REI business and other life matters as well. Take care and God Bless!


thanks that was nice of you!

Thank u Andre...much success for you!

Joshua Tree

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Hi cb,

I live in the bay area; I just read your profile and noticed you live in Joshua Tree- just a week ago my husband suggested we go there this summer-I am looking forward to visiting and seeing the nite sky!

wishing you success on your rei journey,




link to llc

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here's a link to llc's; it'll keep you busy for a while Eye-wink



Gracious, thank you!

I'm sure that will come in real handy...Smiling


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What a nice comment, thank you Smiling I hope you are doing well and RE is treating you nicely!

Oh, and P.S.

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I just read your profile and realize that we have lots in common. Also, I lived in California (Santa Barbara) for 26 years before moving to AZ in '08. Would really like to do something there sometime.

How Nice!

Hi there! Hey do a deal...like partner sometime in CA...that would be greeeaaat Smiling! I would like to do deals in AZ...Seriously thinking about moving there cause CA is starting to...well,fall apart...uh, I'ts time for change and a new life for me. If i can figure out how to up or download (not too computer lit)my picture I think that will help others to kinda connect, like i see yours and it's nice to match a face with verbage.Hope REI is kind to ya...take care!


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comment x 2? wonder how that happened...

Uploading a pic

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It's really easy, you just go to the top of this page and click on the first of the two "Edit" buttons. Scroll down and you will see a box where you can upload your picture. If you have one on your computer already, that is. Just click the "Browse" button and a window will open up and you can search for a picture and once you find the one you want, just click "open" to save it and voila! If you need anymore help, let me know Eye-wink

Hi Smurfy!



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