Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #209 - Use Action and Hope to Trump Tragedy and Regret

This Weekly Wisdom is pretty intense. You'll hear about what the DG Family is doing for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, but Dean also has a true story of how he almost lost his stepfather just days before this was filmed.

You'll hear how a freak medical emergency that almost proved to be fatal, resulted in a conversation that was so profound, we all need to pay attention to it.

Life can be tragic, we all do things we may regret, but there is something you can do right, to emerge victorious and hopeful. Call it "uncommon wisdom."

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Truly an inspiration! So many things mentioned in this weekly wisdom that are so positive and so worth mentioning. I appreciate everything that was said. It has definitely made me think about what I haven't done in my life, what regrets that I have.

I thank you for the challenge, Dean, and will second the challenge to everyone else in not living with any regrets. If the action isn't doesn't work out, at least the attempt was made!

Dean, also, thanks for the increase in donation to help the Sandy victims! There is a definite need for more assistance and I help assist through this website as much as I can.

Again, thanks for the words of encouragement. In hearing this weekly wisdom, this week will be a week of action!


Use Action and Hope to Trump Tragedy and Regret

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Hi Dean,

Sorry to hear about your Step Dad....I wish him a speedy recovery.....Your Mom will be strong with her children by her side.....Smiling

Also, Thank You for helping out the people of Hurricane Sandy.....They sure do need the help...

Life is a precious gift......

" Dream as if you will live forever...Live as if you will die tomorrow " - James Dean

Regrets are a waste of time.....they're just the Past crippling you in the Present.....(Author Unknown)



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Very,very inspirational.Thank you so much for your abundant generosity in helping with the financial contribution and in what you do for us each and every week through the Weekly Wisdom and all your other education.My prayers are with your stepdad for a speedy recovery.May GOD continue to Bless you and your family.

Corpus Christi,Texas,USA

No Regrets Dean!

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again, thank you for a wonderful Weekly Wisdom; very touching, very true, and a great challenge for all of us.
We all suffer losses throughout our lives, but knowing in our hearts that we did all that we could to show our love to our family and friends, will give us peace forever.
I'm sure it gave you great satisfaction to be able to take care of the financial obstacle, without any hesitation, so that your father-in-law could get the care that he needed. I believe that's what we all strive for, to have the ability to take care of our financial problems so that we can focus on things that really matter in life.

Thank you for a very touching Weekly Wisdom,



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Wow Dean this cut to the core! Maybe just where I am right now....but this weeks message was extremely emotional for me. I appreciate you sharing the personal side/experience.

But I couldn't help but catch the part you said "they had to put the surgery on your card before they'd even do it". I don't do the 'could've, would've, should've' game but honestly ~~ Just stop right there and think....IF you had not secured your self. If you had not been in a position you're that whole outcome could have been drastically different?!? How in were able to save his life. That how many people every single day go untreated, how many people lives are cut short due to that fact of their lack of means.

I remember something you said at the Edge. That if you can write a check for it, you don't have a problem.

I so luv ya Dean! Completely agree we need to focus on changing out OWN economy! THANK you for speaking that! WE need to take responsibility for our own lives! Yes, the world does need each of us to be rich! We can do more and impact a greater number wealth rather than being in the same boat with them!

Can only speak for myself but I want to be able to do far more than just say a kind word to someone, more than just a hug, more than a prayer. To be positioned so that I can MAKE AN ACTUAL DIFFERENCE! So that God can use me to be a blessing to others!

NO Regrets! Live full -- Die Empty!
Jen Gray

Your timing is amazing...

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My thoughts and best wishes go to you and your family for a speedy recovery for your step-Dad.

This week's wisdom hits very close to home. As you read last week about my Aunt in NJ, suffering from Cancer and then hit twice by the weather, what you didn't read was how it had effected me. As it is, I come from a family that has had more problems dealing with relatives than joys from being with them. It was because of this kind of upbringing that created my "distant" relationship with this Aunt. But in fact, I am closer emotionally and more like her in many ways. We share the sense of independence, of self reliance and of compassion for others amongst other things. Her demise will probably hit me harder than the loss of any other relative to date (and there have been many that have already left this Earth.)

I spent my train ride back to FL, after seeing my Aunt, truly regretting not being there more for her or with her. I'm sure I went through all the stages of loss during that 24 hour trip home. But once I was done, I decided to put on paper, for her to read, all the things she has influenced in my life as well as the regrets I have for the way we had conducted our relationship over the years. I can only hope that there is enough time left to change the "what was" so that we can share more of whatever time she has left.

So you see Dean, I am just running a couple of weeks ahead of your request in this week's wisdom. I don't want to have the regrets either. It creates a toxic environment that's tough to live in. Not a pleasant way to live a life.
As Jen said above " No regrets! Live Full...Die Empty."

I'm glad to hear that your story at least had a happy ending.

So until next week... Eye-wink

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member

Prayers for your step father Dean and victims of Sandy !

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Sorry to hear about your step father and all that the family endured. He's right about you, you know. I remember my dad telling me about his regrets and telling me that he didn't feel he contributed enough to the world, but I made sure to tell him that to me, he was my world. I still remember that conversation like it was yesterday. It was one of the last real conversations I had with my dad. (BTW, I found the talisman of his a few weeks ago and I carry it with me now everywhere. Don't know why, but your message made me think of this.)

Prayers to your step father for a speedy and full recovery so he can spend a lot more time with you and for the victims of Sandy. I would love to be able to donate time to go out and help some families there, especially with my older kids so they can learn hands on the devastation people have to overcome and teach them about compassion and empathy. Thank you for all you do and the monetary donations. So glad you worked to put yourself in a position to be able to charge that credit card without having to ever worry about it! Godspeed,


Wow, A touching weekly wisdom

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So glad that your stepfather is on the mend and that like others said you had the means to secure his surgery in a foreign country.

It is also great that you can instantly help many that are in great need, due to mother nature. Great advice about having no regrets either. Thanks for sharing. Tammy

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Dean.I have made some action steps waiting to hear what happens,I have 2 cash buyers so far, One agent who is willing to work with me and I found 30 listing I asked him to make 50% off the asking price well see what comes of it they are bank owned and pending.Thank you for everything.God Bless


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I pray that everything goes well with your stepfathers recovery. I am happy to hear about the relief efforts we are helping with through you for the storm victims.

I have several regrets in my life that can not be changed and several I am already working on. I hope I can accomplish these tasks before it is too late. I will not worry about them because that will not do any good. I will just keep plugging away towards the solution of fixing them. I have for several years done my best to not regret what I do but to do what I can when I can.

Great stuff

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Great stuff Dean. I have family and friends in the area where the storm hit. THANKFULLY my family did not lose anything, just went without power for a week or so. They have been helping others and will continue to do so, JERSEY STRONG! If you need contacts up there, don't hesitate to let me know. My brother is a New Jersey State Trooper and has been involved with all kinds of cleanup efforts.

Glad to hear your Lennie is doing better and pray he makes a full recovery!

Thank you for always being real

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Tears and prayers and thanksgiving.
I'll call my old best friend, I heard you. . .

Another Good Message

It's easy to forget what really matters in life.
Thank you for all that you do for everyone.

Great advice!

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Thanks Dean for another great inspirational post this week. I hope your step-father is recovering well and is doing fine.
I will sit down this week and really think about my "what-if" list and see what I can do to limit the number of regrets I have at the end of my life.
Best wishes to you and your family and also to all those still suffering in the wake of the two bad weather systems in the NE.


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I have come to expect nothing less of you from your huge heart. Uping the donation to the Sandy victims is just another reason why Jeremy and I call you our friend.This is a GREAT THING you are doing. Our prayers go out to your mom and step dad. Hope his recovery is fast and complete.
Our best to you...Jan and Jeremy

Family :)

Hi! Dean. I'm glad your Step Dad survived the surgery. I like your idea of helping individual families that are in need in the east coast. God Bless You!!!

TY for sharing Dean!!

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Wow. What a week for your family [proper]. Thank you for helping the east coast. Glad to hear that your stepday Lenny made it through his surgery. And big smiles for Brianna being able to swim with the dolphins.
Thank you for sharing your stories with the DG family.

Time is so PRECIOUS!

Dean, your video was so moving it made me realize a bit about myself (the past) and where I am today. My heart and prayers go out to your step-father and your whole family. I tell my grand-daughter things happen for a reason--life is no accident! Accidents may occur because of choices in our lives but I do believe life is no accident. Sometimes in our life we all experience endings are just NEW beginnings. In this instance it worked out well for all. Hope you have a wonderful "Thanksgiving"!!! May God Bless you for your generiosity and thoughtfulness. You are truly a deacon for those that wish to receive you.

Thanks for your giving spirit!


It's so great to hear about you helping us help Sandy victims. God bless you for that.

About regrets...I'm a widow and can tell you that there's nothing like regrets to keep you in the past and from moving forward! There are really "future stealers."

Dean's Family

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Hi Dean:

My thoughts are with you and family for a quick recovery regarding your step dad. Life can be cut short in an instant. One must live fully each and every day.
Thanks as usual for your words of inspiration!
All the best,

What a tragedy

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Sandy was a big tragedy over here on the east coast and my mom died that day and i had to deal with that it was even harder for me this past Saturday that i had to deal with her death when i went to her funeral and i'm still having a hard time dealing with it. You have alot to think about when someone dies who's really close to you i had alot of my family there for support that came from all over the world and it was something i had to deal with and i told my mom right before she died that i'm going to make you proud i'm going to do it and i'm not giving up in real estate investing.Yes i had alot of bad deals and sellers who just didn't understand,but i'm going to keep at it.

Continue Prayers

Thanks Dean for caring, shearing and giving not only for yourself or of yourself but for the DG and IE family - which includes not only our Nation (USA) but the World. How about Dean Graziosi for President of the USA next presidential election? You've got my VOTE!

Our continue prayers for yor step father, the victims of Hurricane Sandy and our nation.

You're so right!

Thanks Dean! A great exercise, let's not all lose out on what we truly want to do in life and get out of life.


Dean its amazes me how you appear to be that angel in my life at unawares that speaks and it confirms things in my mind and life. Sorry to hear about your step-dad and may he have a speedy recovery. I say this all the time through actions to a person that is close to me that I care for deeply. Do today what you may not get a chance to do tomorrow and you won't have to worry about the should've, could've, would'ves. Even if I feel fear I do what I can with what I can. Thanks again Dean.Smiling


I am sorry for what you and your family have gone through this week. I am sure that your mother was grateful to have you there during this tragedy. I am grateful to be part of the DG family which I call the Dean Graziosi's realm of positive thinking.. You just give soo much! Each and every week I look forward to what you are going to enrich each and everyone of our lives with. You do not seize to amaze me. You make it very clear how important family is to you. You give so much to us such as free books, advice, and help us gain confidence and hope. Whether it is material or advice the meaning is the same you have inspired all of us! I want to thank you for the books Totally Fulfilled, Profit from Real Estate, 30 Days to Real Estate Cash and for sharing the Insider Elite with us. The Insider Elite was an awesome experience. Everything you ever wanted to know about Real Estate and some was at the tip of your hands. You have my ultimate admiration and respect along with Steve Jobs. I cannot wait it hear how you are going to help the families who were hit by Hurricane Sandy. Thank you for all you do for so many of us.

Timely message

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Dean, it is uncanny how many times I watch the WW and find that your message is somehow playing out in my own life. Looking and working toward a better future usually brings up fear. loss, and regrets. It can get in the way of hope and action, too. I am feeling that right now, and every time I struggle with it, I try to think of it as my rocket fuel. If I utilize it as a resource and burn it efficiently, it will propel me to where I want to go faster ... and probably farther than I can imagine. Time to let the forces out there dream a bigger better life for me than I can. I am grateful to do it in the company of this group.

Your stepfather has my wishes for a full recovery, and your mom has my prayers for remaining strong with your help.


Great blog Dean! Continued prayers for Sandy victims, your dad, and the rest of your family. Cannot forget all of the DG family. While I dont know any of you guys personally, I want to go on record as saying I love you guys. I love your spirit, I love your fear, I love your courage. Maybe DG was your first foray into making a better life for yourselves, maybe it isn't. Wherever you are with real estate and life,please know there is at least one person that is hoping and praying for you to succeed.

Thank you for you support

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Thank you for you support with the hurricane! My brother is allowed to go to his home in Seaside Heights for the first time today by bus. It will only be for a few hours to turn off the electric box and to gather a couple of suitcases of belongings. It will be several months before anyone can live there again. We are glad he is able to stay here with us. There are still so many people in shelters with not anywhere to go. Many people on the main land are still without power. It is gradually getting restored though. Some received their power but, then it went out again after the nor'easter. Many still didn't get it back at all. My cousin has been out for 14 days. The people without power have had a hard time but, still are ok because their hearts go out to the people who's homes and belongings are lost from the flooding. Thanks again. We will take your advice and reflect on what we want in our lives now. Our prayers go out to your step dad.


I'm glad to see you are trying to help people who aren't receiving help from agencies. I have heard so many stories and have friends there. Living without regret is a great goal - thank you for the reminder! God bless!

Blessings Dean and Family

Jen is so right. I also caught you saying, if you didn't have that credit card things would have turned out differently. It's all about the money in this world. That is the only thing to make change. Thank you Dean!


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