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David J Rodriguez
Yonkers, NY
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My wife and I are motivated investors based out of the Westchester, NY area. I'm a former Marine and she's a wonderful stay at home mom, overcoming RA. I've personally been studying RE since 17 but have only gotten serious about it since being introduced to DG's system. Our goals in life revolve around consistently reaching higher levels so that we, in turn, can help pull others up. WIN-WIN is the Rodriguez motto!

Christ Jesus, My beautiful family, Real Estate, Sports

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jw player

hard to watch videos because of downloasd time. i have the highest grade satellite system tha hughes net offers. there is no problem listing to audieo broadcasts but the other is very depressing because of catchup time

Hi David

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Just replied to your email and just read your bio. I used to live in Westchester county prior to moving South. I've done a lot of business in YO! I have partners in NY, so if you want to partner up I'm willing. My personal email is tmdhomes @ gmail. Cell (803)979-4891.

Here's to your success!