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David Puzo
Dudley, MA
About Me: 

I'm 44, have been happily married for 20 years and have 3 wonderful children.
I have no "college degree" to speak of, but have experienced a certain degree of success through hard work. I would like to retire at 50 years young so I can enjoy life pleasures instead of being a slave to life traps. I'm just starting out as a newcomer in November of 2009 and hope to learn quickly to jump start my fortune. I believe I can do anything my heart desires. I enjoy spending time with friends and love to share my life experiences to those who care to listen. I look forward to meeting you.

music, golf, poker, classic movies, playing guitar, darts and watching competitive sports.

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Sales Manager
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Meet and Greet Time

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Dean, Now that you have so cordially introduced yourself please allow me to do the same. My name is Dave, I'm 44 and I live in central New England. Prior to seeing your infomercial I felt a strong desire to find good realestate investments during this forclosure storm. The only problem is...I really have no clue how to capatalize on today's tremendous forclosure opportunities. Needless to say...I was pretty excited once I seen you on Television. I was quick to buy your books along with the foreclosure list service you offer. Hopefully what you teach is as good as what you preach. I am eager to learn and hope to act quickly during this perfect storm. I'm waiting for your book to arrive...but in the meantime I figured I would become familiar with your site. Hopefully along the way I'll be able to talk to you in person about the success I can contribute to your techniques just as countless others seemingly have. Wish me luck!!!!


Welcome Dave too the D.G. family website. Alot of good people out here to help us motivate each other. Time to move forward and lets make the upcomming new year our year.

John Lewis

how to start dean program i

how to start dean program i do not know where to start.

Let the game begin.

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Greetings Dave,

Thanks for the quick reply. I've been wanting a small group of cohorts to keep me focused, and bounce ideas off, and challenge, and...well, you get the idea...lol.

Just got the online course activated and beginning now. I'll catch up with you later.


How to start the Dean's program?

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If your referring to the Success Academy, here's the link:

Happy Easter

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Happy Easter Dave. I hope you are doing well!!
Earl in MI

Hey man how are things?

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I hope all is well. PM me sometime.
Earl in MI