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New here?

Hi Neighbor

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Hi Kathy,
noticed you're from the Bay Area-me too;
maybe we can meet some day.


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Just stopped in to say Hi and good luck'



Hi Valerie,

Thanks for writing to me. I didn't check my profile often and didn't know you have leave me a message.
Yes, maybe we can meet up some time. Where are you from?

best regards,


Hi Randy,

Thank you for stopping by and welcome me. I'm admire you that are willing to spend a weekend to help fellow DG family members.


your history in real state was inspiration to me!!

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Hello, I am Luz Forero, I would like to ask you some questions I am staring I have 3 weeks from buy the Dean's Book and I am excited bu nervous and I don't know what I need to do first. I saw properties here in San Francisco, call some of them, I put some classifeds in the websites Dean say and some answers but I don't know how can I do next, really I don't know anything baout real state, and I don't have credit yet, and I am from colombia so I don't speak so fluent english so I don't know how start. or waht really I need, because I see differents stratefies and I don't understand so much. Any help from you or any thing I will appreciate.

Or if you think is better do this in other city. ok, I would liket o havefriendship with all your family!! thank you.

I am in San Francisco

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Hello I am Luz I live i san francisco and I just start in this program, I would like to knw what do you think about his here and how I can start because I just read the book and I don't know where o how can I do it.

Thank you.