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Hector Torres
Orlando, FL
About Me: 

I'm 28 years old and a proud father of two adorable little girls. I currently work at a food distribution center (warehouse) and my wife works at a optometric office. I'm just about finished reading "Be a Real Estate Millionaire." I am so excited to get the ball rolling in REI. Matter of fact, I have an appointment tonight with someone for the Success Academy!!

Going back a couple years....
After graduating high school in '01, I decided I wanted to be a web designer and so I went to school in Ft. Lauderdale to pursue that career. After wasting 20k there and 3 years of my life being foolish-I decided to quit and just get a normal job.
Long story short, although I've always had an interest in RE, I always ignored it until 2005. In 2005 I decided I would be a real estate agent and completed the school courses successfully. Before I could take the state exam, the housing market decided it wanted to take a dive for the worst and so I took it as a sign that real estate wasn't meant for me. Last year in 2009, I decided I really needed a career in my life to provide a better life for my family so I took up Therapeutic Massage. The program set me back a couple grand and took me a year to complete and it was very fun and relaxing to say the least Smiling. I successfully completed the program and I am currently waiting to graduate in March 2010. Unfortunately I don't feel the calling to do massage therapy. In early January 2010, I saw Dean's infomercial for the first time. I put it off for later although it did spark my interest in real estate. After watching the infomercial again two more times, I decided to order the books with money I really shouldn't had been using-but I was gung-ho on ordering it and so I did.
Now I'm just a few pages shy of finishing the "Be a Real Estate Millionaire" book (I read "Profit from Real Estate RIGHT NOW" first...looking back I think I should've read that one after Be a Real Estate Millionaire) and I am so excited in getting started! I truely feel a calling to the Real Estate industry but I don't know where or how to start so God willingly-I'll be signing up for the Success Academy tonight if all goes well.

My immediate goals are:
--Create a Buyers List
--Locate Assignments
--Pay off our debt!!!
--Repair credit score in the process

Long Term Goals:
--Go fulltime so wifey and I can quit our dreadful jobs
--Find the home of our dreams on the Eastcoast
--Send the girls to private school
--Retire as a successful Real Estate Investor

My interests are Real Estate investing (obviously), fishing, and having fun with my family. :)

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I just got off the phone with the guys over at the Success Academy and I am now the newest member of the academy!! YAY! I'm really fired up and can't wait to finally meet my coach tomorrow morning! Lookout world-I'm takin' over! Smiling

Step Two-Get CRACKIN'!

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So it's been about 2 day since I joined the academy and I am hooked. The video lessons are just FULL of information. I write about 3 pages of notes per video and I'm only on the third lesson! I'm gonna be running out of paper here at this rate.
Anyway, so I'm currently working on my marketing tools such as biz cards, and the pre-recorded voicemail that I'm about to setup. I'm also going to be posting ads in the free online classifieds within the next day or two. I'm expecting (not hoping) these tools to bring in buyers for my buyers list as well as some sellers.
Well that's what I'm working on now. Wish me luck folks. Smiling And good luck to you too in your pursuit as well. Smiling

Hey man nice of you to join!

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I kind of started out in REI as well. This site is full of inspirational, motivational people that help you become successful as you also keep learning new things. All I have to say is congratulations in taking action and tell me how the RE success Academy goes. I think they give you a refund after you have done 5 deals or something like that. So that's something to be happy about right! I have also been reading your new post that you put up here and your member profile. All I have to say is I am with you man, I want be financially free by 2011 hopefully, SO i won't ever have to work for anybody ever again, but myself. So I can relate to the way you feel about financial freedom and making a better life for our families. So it was nice talking to you, I have to shovel some snow today here in queens, NYC. Take care and hope to hear from you Hector. And add me on Facebook if you have one!

-Andrew Smetak

Hey Andrew

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So I hear you New Yorkers have a bit of a snow problem. My best friend lives up there in the Bronx.
Yeah this site is full of motivational postings and inspiration. I also like watching the testimonial videos on www.deansmedia.com. They get me hyped up everytime.
As for the Academy, it's going great. I'm just about to watch the lesson about Assignment contracts which I'm excited about. I recommend you join if you can. So how are you coming along in your REI pursuit?

Hey Hector

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Hey Hector,

I just joined the Success Academy a couple of weeks ago. I have learned so much since then between the lessons and this site. Have you been to any of the meetings for the Central Fl. group?


Hi, Bobby

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I've been to a couple meetings held by CFRI (local reia group) and even a 3 day investors event on I-Drive, which was great. How about you? Do you live in Central FL?