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I am a 22 year old college student who HATES the way corporate America is ran. I don't want to have to revolve my life around my work schedule so I am determined to reach financial independence and real estate is one of the ways i'm hoping to do so.

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Hey Michael

I'm also from the Boston area (Burlington, to be specific) so I just wanted to say hey and see how far you've gotten in REI. I'm a newbie. I just read the books in the last couple weeks and I'm waiting to receive "The Edge" program from Dean. Good luck with everything and keep us posted on what you're up to. Maybe we could even get something together someday.

I'm basically in the same

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I'm basically in the same spot as you but i'm going to be moving to North Carolina in a couple of weeks for school so my first deal will most likely be from there but I will definitely keep you guys posted on all my progress and I hope you do the same, Good Luck!


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I just wanted to stop by your guest page and wish you good luck with real estate investing and Craigslist/eBay. A college education is a great investment that will give you more options and being an entreprenuer is a way to control your destiny. Good luck with all yoru future deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Thanks Joe, your comments are always appreciated

Best Wishes!

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Hey Michael, read your journal and think it's so awesome how far you've come. Makes me want to hurry up and find that money so that I, too, can attend the Success University.

But for now, I'm keeping my eyes and ears open and trying to absorb as much information as I can.

Can't wait to hear about the rest of your journey!

Good Luck!!

P.s. what field will you be getting into for school?

Get with it or get without.....

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I have been investing in re for about 5 years. If you need help with a deal and need someone to quide you through, we can split the deal 50/50. Hey i'll even take 40 and you 60. Let me know if I can be of help. Let's get started. I know you have it in you!!! Talk to you soon....

I am in OHIO but ......

how is it going over the in NC. I can use some of these out of state buyers you say you have access to.

you have a list?

do I need to provide the information on the houses I am selling first?

would like some details!

hey Michael

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Just dropping by to say hey and good luck in your investing career!

Hi Michael

Do you have a email address or cell number I can call you at I have homes for sale do you still have the buyers maybe we can hook up and become partners


Hi I am looking for a cash buyer for a Georgia property = Killer deal - handyman special - seller wants to sell quickly - $20,000 buy as is but the numbers work. More details when needed. Oh I forgot to say its a singe family home with new plumbing and electrical work.

I will split if you can help - 40/60

Cash Buyer?

Hi Michael - hows it going? I have a Georgia property sngle fam house - $20,000 killer deal - the numbers work, land alone is appraised at 30K and house 40K. Will split the deal 40/60. Let me know

I have properties in CA.

Hi Michael,

I have bulk REO's in CA.
I'm looking for buyers.
If you know someone just let me know.
I'm also new in the business.

Just getting started...

Hi Michael, I am also in the Boston area / South Shore, I am trying to build my buyers list and work with someone who has buyers...let me know if you still have buyers or are still working at this...I could use some guidence and support...

Need Buyers

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Hi Michael

My situation is just the opposite, I have properties and looking for buyers,, I wouldn't mind partnering, If the offer still stand please contact me..