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In the past few years we have learned so much about real estate and we have been able to mentor and teach so many other students along the way.


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Believe and Achieve! - Joe

Carpe Diem! - Stacey

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DG Superstar / Real Estate Investors / Mentor / Success Coach / Author / CPA / Motivational Speaker
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I have $14,000 what???

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Hey Joe & Stacey!

I'm 3 months experienced, lol but I have a finance and accounting background so I'm PHENOMENAL with numbers and making great deals out of no deal. I've accrued $14,000 and would like a turn-key or rented property from BuyPD by partnering with insider financing but am not sure where to find no seasoning refi banks (where to look or what to ask) I'm in Philadelphia, PA but will buy property anywhere there's a deal and a no seasoning refi resource, lol. My credit is great and I was wondering If you knew any resources for this kind of situation?

Thanks in advance!!!!

Eddie Morgan


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on last nites IE chat you mentioned this journal. do one thing a day. called escrow agent and was told my contract was cancelled. I did not wait to get the info. I was in action. waiting now to hear back. buy any who, how do we do this daily journal thing is this the right step? chris and Cheryl aka chricher

Hey Chris and Cheryl,

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Thanks for stopping by my guestpage. Here is as link for the journal that I started for making every day count that I discussed on Dean's IE Website!

Make everyday count! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

note i left when Dean and Mat were on the 14th

Joe, I left a comment about the 25 offers per week after listening to Mat talk about the fix and flip. All the things you must do to get to the offer stage. How are you able to do all those things for each house to then be able to make an offer? If you have a chance maybe you could read what i wrote and understand what i was trying to get at; anyhow thank Regards Fran Austin.

Finding Cash Buyers for bulk inventory

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I have been with Dean since 2008 and I have finally got myself back up and taking action for good and forever.I talked with a friend who is a mortgage banker.He said he had a company of his own that could supply bulk REOs at wholesale prices to qualified cash buyers.I expressed to him that I was just getting back into the real estate investing arena doing assignments. He expressed to me that I could refer cash buyers to him and his company and make just as much money. Well found three csah buyers and now they have submitted their criteria to my friend. My question is where can I find a copy of a "Broker Agreement Form" so I can put this together so I will get compensated for bringing these deals to the table? Also should my friend"s company compensate me for facilitating bringing him the deals? This is all new to me.Could please me on this?

Thanks for the motivation

P.H.G. LLC.'s picture

Please add me to your buyers and sellers list asap I would also like partnership with you coach.

God bless

Can you help me?

I am wondering if you could help me out. I have read several of Dean's books, went to a live event with Ryan Oliver, watched the live event on 2-4-2014. I am trying to get going with being a real estate investing. What I am wondering about is can you help me, I am an older person and the owner of the house I have been in for years has decided to sell and I would really like to buy it, I do not have any money and not sure how to buy it. I hope that you can help me out.


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Be sure to add us to your list to receive your new book. Chris and Cheryl

help your neighbor joe

hi joe my name is brandon i live in lisle and just started i have found some pretty killer deals because of my prior construction background i would love it if i had more buyers looking in the burbs please help i haven't even made my first deal yet i signed up in october as platinum member

any help would be great brandon

Insurance help question

I need a questions answered on insurance for theft for a house I just purchased. I've done 8 houses in the last year and this is the first house that I am unable to get a builder's risk policy for. Maybe I'm getting the wrong insurance? What type of insurance coverage do you use if you buy, fix & flip?

Please Help Me

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Hello I attended a Success in Real Estate workshop back in August I still have access to the Consultant Line but I am having a hard time finding the number.

I am in the process of getting connected with some sellers & buyers & need to make sure i am taking the proper steps towards getting a property assigned to a buyer.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience via email or Phone


Cash Buyers

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Hi we are fairly new to this website and to real estate investing in a whole. We just recently began putting a team together such as(real estate broker, lawyer and contractor) to assist us with wholesaling and flips. However starting out we are running into a lot of road bumps. The main one being finding cash buyers for some of the properties we have found. Our question is what are some good sources and strategies to use?


Anthony Robbins event

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Hi Joe!

I'd like to join the group that is going to Anthony Robbins. Do you know how I would find other ladies to share a room with? I'm coming alone. Also I'd like to meet up with the DG group for sure. Please keep me on the list!

Brenda Boyd
425 275-2830

BOG/Buying Summit

Hi Joe!

We just went to the Buying Summit in Las Vegas. It was awesome. We bought some land in Florida, met a bunch of new people and came home raring to go!! Just wanted to say thanks again.

Steve & Jackie (Winnipeg)


just want to wish you the best in 2015 !!


I really appreciate it alot. have a great '15



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This is monica. Im a student of REI from million mind. We haven't met, but I watched your class video of boots on the ground. and you already familiar to me through your video teaching. And I have been making my effort doing my deals now.
I came across REO ( Bank owned) property. And wondered what I should do at this moment? will I be able to control this property? cause I haven't find my buyer yet.
I went on this website, and try to find the article you were mentioned about in your video class. You were suggesting us to find "REO GEM" on this site. somehow, I couldn't find it. Is that an article you wrote here? will you have the link for it?