Deal of the Month Video Series, First Installment Online

Since many people wanted to know how to apply the concepts Dean Graziosi teaches in his books in real world real estate situations, Dean went out filmed a new series to show everyone how he used creative thinking to make the very deals happen that led him to wealth. We will continue to post a new deal each month for the extent of the series.

Unlike many other so called real estate investment “pros” or “gurus” selling books or courses, Dean is actually a real estate investor, is still a active investor, and made his money in real estate, not from selling books about it.

You will find many of these other authors and gurus haven’t invested in real estate in decades, or never actually were successful at real estate investing, just selling information about it. Keep these things in mind when you are evaluating who is the “real deal” amongst real estate investment “pros”.

In this first installment Dean goes over one of his first deals, using no money down and using a creative strategy of preselling the lots on a to-be subdivided property to rake in around a million dollars. This deal was done when Dean didn’t have the money himself to do the deal, but was able to make it happen with a couple techniques that seem like no-brainers, but are often overlooked, giving a prime opportunity to the person who can think outside the box.

Dean Graziosi's Video Blog

I just watched it

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It was awesome. I posted a comment on it that it put into perspective what I just what I COULD ACCOMPLISH if I set my mind to it. Dean inspires and I really value the fact that he is an active investor still. It gives value and credence to what he says and does.

This is a great idea to start this series and I look forward to the next deal of the month.

new eyes

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I really liked this story in the book, too. It gave me "new eyes" for viewing land. It's one of the reasons we bought the 10 acres on the river this month. The county still has it assessed at the current value of all the land around here. I know it's worth much more even now, and has great potential for the future. Plus, when it was for sale, everything was frozen, covered with snow, so neither the pictures nor viewing it in person would have shown anyone else the full beauty of it. I already knew what it looked like in the summer, & knew it was a gem.
So, there you go, don't judge a book by it's cover. Look a little further for the treasure.

good to see it after reading about it!

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It is good to see someone actually doing what they "preach"! I like the ability to not only READ about these deals but to see Dean talk about and SHOW what was done. As they say, "The proof is in the pudding!".
Thanks for this extra bonus to the program.

real estate investing

does a person need to get a real estate license first before delving into the business of real estate investing? How does using 'no money' down work? Must I purchase the book to find out these questions? I am still not sure whether Dean is on the level.

How can I accesss this VIDEO?


Please tell how I can get to this video...I would love to see and comment on it!


Hi Frank.

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Just click on the link up above, at the end of the post. It should take you right to it.
Or you can click on this:



Thanks Dean

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Thanks for starting the Deal of the Month series. These deals are all interesting and motivating and give us all new ideas and techniques to consider. It is great to see that any deal whether large or small is still an exciting deal. Good luck with your future deals and I can't wait for the next deal of the month video! Believe and Achieve Smiling

Better Late Than Never

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Incredible !!!
I'm a little late on viewing but seeing it after reading about it really is amazing.

I appreciate these ideas tremendously


How to get first deal

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How does NO MONEY work and BAD CREDIT?

Are these videos

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still available, I just see script coming up? Is it the same information. I don't mind reading myself if this is the case.

Deal of the Month

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To look at the deal of the month videos, please go to

Dean got very busy and stopped doing these videos but whenever the new sites launches, Dean will start these back up Smiling


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